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During The Smog Season, Here Are Some Suggestions For Lowering Car Pollution Levels.


Written by Saad Ahmad

Updated Oct 18, 2023

During the smog season, be aware of these strategies for reducing automobile pollution. Continue reading to know more about it.

The increasing number of vehicles on Indian roads, which pollute the environment, has become a major contributor to the deadly pollution. As a result, major cities including Delhi and Mumbai have been placed on high alert. The situation in the capital has reached a breaking point. The government has been forced to take emergency measures, such as closing schools, reinstituting the odd-even rule, and banning vehicles from entering the city, due to the lethal pollution.

During The Smog Season, Here Are Some Suggestions For Lowering Car Pollution Levels.

How Can Car Pollution Be Reduced During Smog Season?

It's not going to help to rely on such band-aid remedies. It may yield some results for the time being. However, it would not lessen the pollution that our autos produce on a regular basis. So, while we still have time, it's past time to take drastic measures to put an end to this inconvenience. Follow these suggestions to reduce the pollution created by your vehicle. We can handle the growing pollution if we all work together and take the following steps:

  1. Warm-up your car because it takes longer to start in the cold early in the morning. The starting time may be greater if the automobile is a few years old or the fuel type is diesel. Simply arrive at your destination a few minutes early and warm up the car for a few minutes before departing. This helps to reduce fuel consumption.
  2. Maintain correct tire inflation pressure according to your vehicle's tire, manufacturer, and model. This simple strategy will improve the performance of your vehicle while also saving you money on petrol.
  3. Turn off the air conditioning as much as possible, especially during red lights. When we switch on the air conditioning in our automobile, we are indirectly increasing the engine's workload, causing it to consume more gasoline. If the weather is nice and pleasant and you're going on the highway, you may totally switch off the air conditioning and roll down the windows to save money on petrol and reduce pollution.
  4. Regular servicing and tune-ups of your valued car at the start of each season can help it last longer. It also reduces emissions, making your car healthier and more ecologically conscious. Oil should be changed on a regular basis, the oil and air filters should be inspected, and the engine should be fine-tuned. As a consequence, fuel economy and savings increase.
  5. Filling up your gas tank at a respected and well-known gas station ensures that you are getting pure, high-quality fuel. Good gasoline keeps your car's engine running smoothly and pollutant levels far below the permissible limit.
  6. You save money by maintaining a fuel-efficient vehicle. It also adds to the ecosystem's preservation. This method also helps you reduce the weight of your car. To make your car lighter, remove any unwanted or superfluous components. If you just drive in the city, you may want to maintain the fuel tank at least 60% full. When climbing a flyover or doing pickups, a lighter gasoline tank will minimize the car's weight and use less fuel.

Take Away

Air quality in major cities has worsened to the point that individuals smoke 50 to 60 cigarettes per day in the current atmosphere. In such situations, restoring the city's green lungs is the most important, practical, and immediate thing to do. To restore fresh air and alleviate the effects of pollution on our ecosystem, we must launch a massive planting effort.

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Written by Saad Ahmad

Saad is a marketing guru and has some exciting knowledge to share about the motor and related industry. Read More


This article is issued in the general public interest and meant for general information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as conclusive in nature and should research further or consult an expert in this regard.

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