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Does The Colour Of Your Car Affect Your Insurance Rate?


Written by Amit Jain

Updated Oct 18, 2023

Does The Colour Of Your Car Affect Your Insurance Rate?

Does the colour of your automobile have an impact on the cost of insurance? However, not directly. The colour of your car won't factor into how much you'll pay for insurance. However, they will take into account the price of the vehicle as well as the price of any maintenance to that particular make and model. This may have a big influence depending on the car and the availability.

Does The Colour Of Your Car Affect Your Insurance Rate? 
For instance, custom paint jobs will almost surely raise the worth of your vehicle and, as a result, the expense of repairs. As a result, the insurance provider will charge you more to insure your car. In rare cases, coverage may be more costly for red automobiles, but this isn't directly related to the colour of the vehicle. 
One system that depends on many other platforms for its information and performance is your vehicle insurance company. Auto insurance may increase in price in response to price increases brought on by these various mechanisms (such as market demand).

Does Car Colour Affect Car Insurance Rate?

Your car's colour—whether it's black, red, or any other colour doesn't directly affect the cost of your auto insurance. On your car insurance application, the automobile insurers don't even ask you about the colour of your car.
To finish the underwriting procedure, auto insurers inquire about the vehicle identification number of your vehicle. The VIN only provides information to insurance about the manufacturer, trim, and warranty details of your automobile; it does not contain information about  the colour of your car.
Instead of basing premiums on the colour of your automobile, auto insurers employ other rating factors. These elements include the starting price of your car, the engine capacity , typical repair costs, its safety record, and the likelihood of theft.  

When Colour Affects Car Insurance Rate?

We've talked about a few instances when a car's colour can affect insurance costs, so let's look at a few more. While most circumstances will result in an increase in your insurance rates based only on the colour of your car, there is one exception: if the colour of your automobile is one of the least popular to be chosen for theft, your premium may be reduced.
To begin with, the worth of your car will increase if the paint it was painted with was exceptionally expensive to buy or apply. Any rise in value has the potential to raise the price of that vehicle's auto insurance.
Another way that colour might affect your car's value and insurance costs is through custom parts. For some bespoke paint jobs, special parts must be created and manufactured just for that job. This typically entails a considerable expense, which may eventually wind up being somewhat reflected in the insurance premiums for the vehicle.

End Note

Although the colour of the car may end up having an indirect impact on auto insurance rates, the insurer doesn't take this into account. Rather, colour only influences rates after it has already altered the value of the car. Custom equipment and parts, extra work, custom paint jobs, and more labour can all raise a car's insurance costs, though rarely much. Which physical components of your vehicle the auto insurance are interested in will ultimately depend on the market worth and likelihood of occurrences.

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Written by Amit Jain

Amit is an upcoming name in the motor industry be it new cars/ bikes or used ones. Amit in his last stint worked as a consultant for major Fortune 500 companies across the globe.&Read More


This article is issued in the general public interest and meant for general information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as conclusive in nature and should research further or consult an expert in this regard.

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