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Car Insurance For Learner Drivers in India: All You Need To Know

Updated On Oct 18, 2023

Car Insurance For Learner Drivers in India: All You Need To Know

On the hustling and bustling Indian roads, learning to drive is a challenge. Though we try our best to learn to drive cautiously, sometimes unfavourable situations can lead to mishaps. As a result, learner driver car insurance is a tool that will provide coverage for losses and damages to your vehicle. Continue reading to find out more about learner's insurance in India. 

Car Insurance For Learner Drivers in India: All You Need To Know

What is Learner’s Licence Insurance? 

The terms "learner insurance" and "learner driver insurance" can be ambiguous because they could be interpreted to mean insurance for a person who is just starting to learn how to drive. However, there is no such special insurance package for beginning drivers in India. Learner's insurance refers to a motor insurance policy for the vehicle that the person may use to practice driving. In other terms, "learner’s insurance" is an insurance policy for newly licensed drivers. 

How To Get Learner’s Driver Car Insurance?

Individuals who are learning to drive or have very little driving experience must buy car insurance. According to the Motor Vehicles Act of Insurance, it is mandatory to buy motor insurance in India. It will not only make you a legal binder but also offer various other benefits. In simple terms, a car insurance policy is an agreement between the policyholder (the owner of the vehicle) and the insurer. The benefits of the policy are subject to its terms and conditions. If an accident occurs, the car insurance coverage will provide both a financial and legal safety net. 

The learner’s permit is issued by the RTO with a validity period of 6 months. It acts as a restricted and provisional license. In order to get learner’s insurance, an individual must clear the tests and know all the rules and regulations. Anyone above 16 years of age, can drive on Indian roads and learn to drive under the supervision of permanent driving license holders. Once the learner's permit is issued, you can apply for a car insurance policy from one of the best car insurance companies in India

When To Purchase Car Insurance With Learner’s Licence? 

It is against the law to drive on Indian roads without a valid driving license. Furthermore, both individuals with a learning license and those with a permanent driving license must have third-party liability insurance. Listed below are some situations under which car owners should buy learner's licence insurance. 

  • If the vehicle is a collectable or a vintage car
  • The primary driver is the car owner
  • If the car is purchased for any other individual who will be the primary driver
  • If the car owner hires another primary driver as they couldn’t drive by themselves due to any reason. 

Why You Should Buy Learners Drivers Car Insurance? 

A car insurance policy is a crucial tool that safeguards your vehicle against any loss or damage. The learning journey for car learners can be rough, as they don’t have much expertise in driving. While practising, they will learn to drive and may make mistakes during the course of learning. In addition to this, busy roads and the huge traffic on Indian roads can make new drivers anxious while driving. As a result of which, an accident or third-party damage may occur. Henceforth, you may have to spend a huge amount to cover those damages. A car insurance policy will cover all of the damages to another person's vehicle and will let you learn to drive peacefully. 

Factors To Consider While Purchasing Learner’s Driver Insurance Policy

The factors to consider if you are learning to drive are listed below. 

  • Avoid Minor Damage Claims: 

Car insurance companies provide a no-claim bonus for not filing any claims throughout the policy period. The discount on premiums increases and may go up to 50% if no claims are made for up to five consecutive years. Therefore, in the case of minor damages, it is advantageous not to claim a car insurance policy. 

  • Know the Sum Insured of the Plan: 

At the time of purchasing insurance, read all the terms and conditions mentioned in the document carefully, especially the Insured Declared Value. It is the maximum sum assured that the insurance company has promised to pay to the insured in case of any loss or damage to the vehicle. Therefore, you must know the total amount of claims that you can make in advance to avoid claim rejections. 

  • Know About Car Insurance Type:

The policyholders can choose to buy either comprehensive car insurance or third-party car insurance policies. Third-party insurance is required by law and covers only losses that occur to a third party. However, comprehensive car insurance policies provide coverage for both your vehicle and a third-party vehicle. 

It is recommended to buy comprehensive car insurance as an accident, whether it happens to you or a third party, can burn a hole in your pocket. Therefore, an insurance plan that covers both you and a third party would be an ideal choice. 

  • Claim Process: 

Insurance claims is one of the most important factors that every individual must check while purchasing a car insurance policy. Compare different insurance providers on the basis of their claim settlement processes and choose the one that provides a smooth and hassle-free claim settlement process. 

  • Timely Renewals: 

Insurance companies do not provide coverage for mishaps beginning on the day the policy expires. Therefore, it is crucial to renew insurance plans timely and avoid paying hefty repair bills out of your own pocket. In addition to this, if you fail to renew your car insurance plans on time, the No Claim Bonus earned over the years will be lost. 


In conclusion, car insurance is mandatory to buy in India, even for learner drivers. It is common to make mistakes, including accidents, while learning to drive. If you’re covered under a car insurance policy, you do not need to worry about making mistakes while driving, as your insurer will cover the cost of a mishap. There are numerous motor insurance companies in India, among which you can choose to buy from the best one.

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This article is issued in the general public interest and meant for general information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as conclusive in nature and should research further or consult an expert in this regard.

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