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Best Tyres for Cars in India: Top Car Tyres for Indian Roads

Updated On Oct 15, 2023

Best Tyre for Cars in India

It might be difficult to choose the ideal tyres for your automobile, particularly in nations like India where the quality of the roads varies substantially. It is crucial to spend money on high-quality tyres that can endure problems like potholes, uneven roads, and harsh weather while still enabling safe and enjoyable driving. 

The best car tyres in India brands that are most suited for Indian roads will be discussed in this post. These tyres not only deliver excellent performance but also guarantee dependability and durability over lengthy distances.

Types of car tyres in India

India's varied landscapes and climates require the right tyre choice. Knowing which tyres best fit your driving conditions is essential. Here are popular car tyre types in India. Here are the types of car tyres in India:

Radial tyres

These tyres are designed with multiple layers of steel belts and fabric cords, which run from bead to bead across the tread area. Compared to conventional bias-ply tyres, this novel design offers a smoother ride, greater handling, increased fuel efficiency, and longer tread life. 

The capacity of radial tyres to absorb heat produced during driving is one of its main advantages. Less energy is needed to keep the tyres moving as a result of the decreased rolling resistance. As a result, vehicles equipped with radial tyres consume significantly lesser fuel compared to those with bias-ply tyres.

Tubeless tyres

Due to their many benefits, tubeless tyres have become quite popular in recent years. They are less prone to punctures and leaks since they don't need an inner tube filled with air like conventional tyres do. This is because the air pressure is contained within the best tyre for car itself, eliminating the need for a separate tube. This also implies that there is no chance of becoming trapped on the road as a result of a tyre's unexpected deflation.

Additionally, tubeless tyres have a bigger contact area with the road surface, which improves handling and stability. This results in improved traction and grip, allowing for safer driving even on wet or slippery roads.

Bias ply tyres

Bias ply tyres have been a commonly used type of best tyre for car for many years, due to their affordability and overall durability. Similar to how a fabric is made, these types of tyres include numerous layers of rubberized plies that cross over one another in opposing directions. Compared to radial tyres, this design enables the tyre to have a stronger sidewall and make higher weights. 

One key advantage of using bias ply tyres is their ability to handle rough road conditions. In India, where roads can vary greatly in quality, these types of tyres provide better stability and traction on uneven surfaces.

Best Tyres for Cars in India: Top Car Tyres for Indian Roads

What are the best car tyres in India?

Let’s take a look at these best car tyres in India:

Sr. No.



Bridgestone Tyre


Michelin Tyre


Continental Tyre


Yokahama Tyre


JK Tyre

Bridgestone Tyre

Bridgestone Tyres stands out as India's best tyre for car choice due to its safety and durability. Designed for all road challenges, it offers longevity, potentially lasting over 1 lakh kilometers with proper care. Its fuel-efficiency is a bonus, and its top-notch warranty coupled with quick claim settlements ensures a smooth experience for users.

In short, Bridgestone Tyres are ideal for Indian roads, combining safety, durability, and efficiency. While they come at a premium price compared to other brands, their superior performance offers genuine value. If you're seeking the best tyre for car brand in India, Bridgestone Tyres is a confident choice.


  • Long durability
  • Excellent grip when braking
  • Improves mileage
  • Great warranty service
  • Nice comfort and low noise


  • Expensive when compared to other models

Michelin Tyre

Michelin tyres excel on well-paved roads and highways, ideal for city drives and high-speed adventures. They offer top-notch comfort, minimal noise, and impressive braking. Their soft rubber compound ensures stability at high speeds. However, for rough or uneven terrains, they might not be the best choice due to lesser durability. 

Globally, Michelin is a renowned and the best tyre for car, but post-June 2020, they've been banned in India due to import restrictions. Only a select few luxury premium tyres from Michelin are imported, so it's wise to explore other available options in India.


  • Excellent performance
  • Excellent comfort
  • Least noise of the tyres
  • Great grip when braking


  • Low durability in rough conditions
  • Costlier when compared to other brands
  • Prone to flat tyres on rough surfaces

Continental Tyre

Continental tyres stand out for their comfort and smooth driving experience, minimizing road noise and ensuring a relaxed journey. Especially suited for long trips, they help decrease driver exhaustion and ensure good traction in both wet and dry conditions. 

Yet, they might not be the best for rough terrains, given their reduced durability and shorter lifespan compared to other best car tyres for Indian roads brand. If a comfy and secure ride is your top concern, then Continental tyres are among the best in India. Just be cautious on poorly maintained roads.


  • Excellent comfort
  • Least noise
  • Great grip
  • Low fatigue for drivers


  • Low life in rough conditions
  • Low durability

Yokohama Tyre

Yokohama Tyres are budget-friendly high-performers, ranking them among the top choices for cars. Their distinct tread design not only looks great but ensures excellent handling and grip at high speeds. They're adept in both wet and dry conditions, ensuring safety.

However, they lag in durability and comfort compared to other best car tyres for Indian roads brands and can easily suffer damage on rough roads. If you drive occasionally and value an engaging ride, Yokohama is a solid pick.


  • Great performance
  • Top-speed stability
  • Great grip
  • Fantastic braking
  • Attractive design


  • Low life of the tyres
  • Low comfort
  • Less durability

JK Tyre

JK Tyres stands out as a top Indian tyre brand, especially for those mindful of their budget. These affordable tyres boast impressive durability, apt for India's challenging roads. While they may not match premium brands in comfort, they ensure safety with good grip and stability in various conditions. With commendable warranty support, JK Tyres strikes a good balance between cost and performance, making them a reliable choice for budget-focused drivers.


  • Fantastic durability
  • Great braking capability
  • Maintains proper mileage
  • Great warranty service


  • Low comfort

Factors to consider when choosing tyres

Here are some factors to consider when choosing tyres:

  1. Vehicle type: Considering the type of vehicle you drive is crucial when selecting tyres. Due to their differing sizes and weight distributions, cars, SUVs, lorries, and motorbikes all require various types of tyres.
  2. Driving circumstances: You should also take into account the typical driving conditions you may experience. For particular terrains like snow, rain, or off-road, different tire treads are created. It's essential to select the proper sort of tyre for your vehicle if you reside in an location with severe weather conditions for your safety.
  3. Robustness: Because tires may be rather expensive, it's crucial to pick ones that offer strong resilience and lifespan. You should take into account the tyres' estimated mileage lifespan as well as their durability.
  4. Fuel efficiency: The type of tire you select might have an impact on how fuel-efficient your car is. Because they minimize friction between the road surface and the tyre and improve fuel efficiency, low rolling resistance tires are growing in popularity.
  5. Size and compatibility: Selecting the proper size tire is crucial for safe driving since mismatched sizes can have a detrimental influence on handling, stability, and stopping distance. Before buying new tires, it's critical to review the manufacturer's recommendations for your vehicle.

Impact of having good tyres on car repairs

In order to maintain a automobile operating safely and efficiently on the road, good tyres are a critical component of general automotive maintenance. Many people downplay the significance of having decent tires, yet they may significantly affect your driving experience as well as the price of auto maintenance.

First and foremost, having high-quality tires means that your automobile has enough traction and grip to prevent skidding or slipping while you're driving. With proper tread depth and inflation level, good tyres provide better control over the vehicle even in wet or slippery road conditions. This significantly reduces the risk of accidents, thus avoiding costly repairs caused by collisions.

Additionally, well cared for tires can increase fuel economy by lowering rolling resistance. Because of this, your automobile moves ahead with less energy, using less gasoline overall and eventually costing you less at the pump.  

Impact of having good tyres while buying car insurance

Having good tyres not only ensures a safe and smooth driving experience but also has a significant impact on car insurance. With the right set of tyres, you can avoid unnecessary expenses such as purchasing additional tyre replacement cover from your insurance provider. This can save you money in the long run and make your overall car insurance cost more affordable.

Moreover, having good tyres can also affect the claim amount in case of an accident. Insurance companies consider various factors when determining the claim amount, including the condition of your vehicle's tires. Due to the heightened risk, if they are worn out or damaged, the claim amount may increase. 

Furthermore, buying a pair of high-quality tires for your automobile may eliminate the need for any additional coverage on top of your standard auto insurance plan. These add-ons frequently offer third-party property damage coverage or personal injury insurance, both of which are strongly correlated with the state of your tyres. 

By having good-quality tyres that meet safety standards and have adequate tread depth, you may be able to skip some add-ons and save on premium costs.


In conclusion, selecting the finest tyres for your vehicle is crucial to ensuring a secure and comfortable ride on Indian roads. When selecting a choice, it's crucial to take into account elements including tread designs, grip levels, durability, and price. After thorough research and analysis, we have narrowed down the top picks for car tyres in India.


  • Which tyre manufacturers are regarded as the finest for Indian roads?

The best tyre brands for Indian roads are Bridgestone, Michelin, Continental, Yokohama, and JK Tyres.

  • Why are durable tyres vital in India?

Potholes, rough areas, and uneven topography are common on Indian highways. These situations may be handled by tough tyres, extending their lifespan and improving safety.

  • How can I decide between high-end and low-cost tyre brands?

High-end products frequently provide improved comfort, performance, and durability. Budget-friendly products like JK Tyres offer reasonable performance at a good price. Consider your driving habits, frequency of use, and spending capacity.

  • Are foreign tyre brands prohibited in India?

Not every brand of imported tyres is prohibited. However, from June 2020, many tyre companies, including Michelin, experienced constraints because of import quotas set by the Indian government, particularly for non-premium sectors.

  • What impact do weather conditions have on tyre selection in India?

India has a variety of weather patterns. For the monsoon and summer, tyres with good wet and dry traction are crucial. Additionally, certain areas might need tyres designed for colder climates.

  • How often should I replace the tyres on my automobile in India?

Car tyres should typically be inspected every 40,000–50,000 kilometers and changed if they exhibit severe wear or damage. However, factors such as road conditions, driving style, and tyre quality affect how long it will take.

  • Can my automobile have tyres from various brands?

Mixing tyre brands or kinds is typically not advised as it might influence the car's handling, performance, and safety. Before making any adjustments, always seek the advice of a tyre professional.


This article is issued in the general public interest and meant for general information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as conclusive in nature and should research further or consult an expert in this regard.

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