7 Simple Tips For Easy Car Maintenance

Car insurance companies charge different car insurance premium rates to different car owners depending upon the condition and state of their car. Thus, if you keep your car in a good working condition you can reap the benefits of paying low premiums while also reducing the risk of incurring damages for your car.

7 Simple Tips For Easy Car Maintenance

Following are some simple checks and procedures which along with periodic servicing can ensure your car to be in good working condition throughout its life:

  1. Check for oil spillage: Oil spills are a major cause of car damage which can force you to stop your car suddenly while driving. Common causes of oil spills include condensed fuel, condensed water from combustion and coolant leak. You can keep a check on the level of oil with the help of dipstick reading. To get an accurate dipstick reading you must park your car at ground level.
  2. Check air pressure in car tyres: You must check the air pressure in your car’s tyres, including the spare once, at least once a month or before travelling for a long trip. Remember to check the tyres when they are cold or when the car has not been driven around much. While checking the air pressure in each tire, remember to inspect each of them for abnormal cuts or signs of any wear and tear or any bulges on the sidewall.
  3. Clean engine air filter is a must: Another way by which you can ensure a long life for your car is by regularly cleaning the air filter of your car’s engine. You can check if the filter is clean or not by holding it up against a strong white light. If you can see light through it, then it is clean; otherwise, you need to change it.
  4. Change Windshield Wipers: Windshield wipers are an often ignored part of a car. The wipers must be replaced if they start leaving streaks across the windshield. Poorly functioning wipers also pose a safety risk as they can result in unclear vision which can lead to collisions or accidents.
  5. Inspect the brakes: Servicing of brakes is a must for avoidance of sudden and unfortunate accidents. You should always get the brakes inspected at a service centre rather than trying to fix them yourself as any mistake with brakes can lead to mishaps.
  6. Brush through your radiator: A radiator is a heat exchanger of a car. A clogged radiator can cause overheating of your car to. Overheating of the radiator can be prevented by removing the dust and dirt with the help of a brush. You can also wash the exterior of the radiator with a mild soap or detergent to clean it.
  7. Regular car wash and car waxing: You should wash your car daily or at least weekly to prevent dust and debris from accumulating on its body. Clean the undercarriage well to get rid of the dirt and slush accumulated during driving. You can wax the finish for better results.

Disclaimer: This article is issued in general public interest and meant for general information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as conclusive in nature and should research further or consult an expert in this regard.

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