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About Mahindra

Mahindra & Mahindra is an Indian automotive manufacturing company which has its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Formerly named Muhammad & Mahindra the company was established in 1945 and was later renamed to its current title. It is one of the top automobile manufacturers in India and the largest tractor manufacturer in the world. The automobile company is part of a larger conglomerate of Mahindra that participates in a variety of other industries. Mahindra offers an extensive variety of SUVs, MUVs and CUVs in the Indian market currently.

Mahindra Car Insurance

When purchasing a Mahindra car make sure to purchase insurance for it. Car insurance provides a protective layer for the vehicle and its owner-driver. With the insurance, the policyholder will have greater peace of mind knowing that he/she will receive compensation for any damages to their car and hence, will also be financially stable in times of crisis. Cars have become an integral part of our everyday lives and are also an expensive purchase. Hence making sure that they are safeguarded is of utmost importance. With an own-damage insurance cover, your Mahindra car can be protected from uncertainties of the road including accidents, vandalism, natural and man-made calamities

Additionally, having third party insurance for your Mahindra car is compulsory. Without it you can be fined Rs. 2,000 and/or be imprisoned for up to three months. The insurance cover will take care of third party liabilities including bodily injuries, death and property damage. The insurance premium amount of your Mahindra car insurance is determined largely by the Insured Declared Value of the car. This is calculated by deducting the depreciation rate of the car according to its age from the manufacturer’s selling price. The IDV is the maximum compensation the insurance provider will give the policyholder in case of a mishap.

Add-on covers can also be purchased to further strengthen your Mahindra car insurance. These are optional in nature and provide the insurance policies with the flexibility to be shaped for individual needs. Here are some useful add-on covers that may be a good addition to your Mahindra Car Insurance:

  • Zero Depreciation Cover: This cover negates the depreciation rate of the car at the time of claim settlement. This makes the insurance claim amount significantly higher. However, this is only available for cars that are less than five years old and can be used a limited number of times in a year.
  • Roadside Assistance Cover: In case your Mahindra car has a breakdown the add-on cover will take care of transportation costs, on-site repairs etc.
  • Passenger Assistance Cover: In case of a mishap this add-on will take off the costs of medical care, transportation and hospital fee.

Car Insurance Renewal Process for Mahindra Cars

Mahindra car insurance renewal is a quick, easy & hassle-free process when it is done online. To continue to enjoy the coverage of a car insurance policy, every Mahindra car owner should renew its car insurance plan before the due date of expiry every year without fail. Hence, it is highly recommended to remember the expiry date of your plan and renew your cover before it lapses to keep your Mahindra car insured and secured. Follow the below-given steps to renew your car insurance plan online:

Step 1: Visit the official website of the InsuranceDekho. Click on the ‘Car’ section.

Step 2: Fill up the Registration Number of your Mahindra car and click on the ‘Proceed’ button. Choose the variant and fuel type of your Mahindra car to continue. In case you do not know the registration number of your Mahindra car then you must choose ‘Don't know your car number?’ option and select your car’s brand, model, variant, fuel type, registration city, registration year, etc., to continue ahead.

Step 3: Fill up the date of expiry of your last car insurance plan and the name of your insurance company. In addition to this, you will also have to share that if you have raised any claim under your car insurance during the previous policy year and click on the ‘Continue’ tab to continue.

Step 4: Fill up your personal details which include your name, mobile number and the term for which you wish to buy a car insurance policy and click on ‘Submit and Get Quotes’ link.

Step 5: Different car insurance policy premium quotes offered by several car insurance firms will appear before you. Choose a car insurance plan quote after making a comparison on the basis of your needs and budget. You can also add some add-on covers of your choice at this step.

Step 6: Check all the details entered by you and then click on the ‘Buy Now’ button to initiate the payment process to renew your car insurance plan for Mahindra car. You can make the renewal payment using debit or credit card, digital wallets and net banking options. After the successful completion of the payment for the renewal of a car insurance, its policy document will be directly sent to the Email ID registered by you.

Claim Cashless Car Insurance For Mahindra Cars

The cashless car insurance policy is an option which allows you to get the repairment of your Mahindra car at the authorised or network garage of your insurance firm without making any payment as under this facility the insurer is entitled to pay for the car repair bill on your behalf after analysing and checking the repair invoice and relevant documents. To utilise this cashless car insurance option, you have to intimate your insurance company immediately about the mishap or an accident to start the process.

The cashless car insurance liberates the policyholders from making a sudden repair payment for your car after getting involved in a mishap or an accident. The cashless car insurance procedure needs fewer documents to be submitted and lesser formalities to go through compared to the reimbursement claim procedure. Cashless car insurance is also a faster process as under it the insurer sends a surveyor immediately to the spot or garage after a mishap that expedites the process as the insurance company settles the claim based on the surveyor's report. Also, the cashless insurance option makes you get your car repaired at the best services centres as only the best workshops are authorised by the insurance companies as their network garages.

Renew Expired Policy for Mahindra Cars

In India, it is compulsory to own a car insurance policy by every car owner while driving a car, hence, renewing your car insurance on time is crucial to always keep it active. But, if your car insurance policy has expired, the insurer’s promise to cover it stands nullified and you cannot raise a claim. In such a case, insurers offer a grace period to renew their car insurance which is generally around 90 days during which you can insure your Mahindra car without facing consequences such as an increase in premium and without going through a car inspection.

With the expiration of your car insurance policy you lose coverage for your car, no claim bonus benefit gets nullified, and you may also get into legal trouble. Therefore, it is recommended to reach out to your insurance company, avoid driving your car, keep necessary documents handy on getting your car insurance plan expired. However, it is suggested to renew your car insurance plan online, which hosts numerous benefits. To renew the car insurance policy online you should visit the website of the insurance company, enter necessary details, choose a suitable car insurance policy, and make the payment.

Car Insurance Premium for Mahindra Car Variants

The following table shows the complete list of Mahindra car variants with their insurance premium rates.
Car ModelVariant of the CarIDV*Zero Depreciation Price* (INR)Premium* (INR)
Mahindra ScorpioS4 Plus 9S 813998 4477 22384
Mahindra XUV500W6 2WD 1129908 5085 23441
Mahindra XUV300W4 568800 3128 12781
Mahindra TUV 300T4 Plus 636586 2865 13159
Mahindra MarazzoM8 803200 5221 17429
Mahindra JeepCommander 650 DI 333458 NA 20263
Mahindra Alturas G44X2 AT 1940400 10284 43500
Mahindra LoganDiesel 1.5 DLE 444971 0 15399
Mahindra QuantoC2 552000 2208 13957
Mahindra TUV 300 PlusP4 756800 3027 23422
Mahindra Verito Vibe1.5 dCi D2 509778 2294 12096
Mahindra NuvoSportN8 619375 0 15739
Mahindra SuproLX 8 Str BSIII 363200 1816 8876
Mahindra MarshalDX Royale 319906 NA 18784
Mahindra ArmadaAC 247223 NA 18799
Mahindra Bolero Power PlusSLX 608670 2435 14927
Mahindra E VeritoD2 987924 4446 25537
Mahindra WillysLow Bonet 215064 1290 13542
Mahindra e2oT0 450576 2253 8726
The above-mentioned Mahindra Car Insurance Premiums are suggestive and may change basis the car's MMV, RTO location, claims history, policy type, etc.

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Mahindra Car Insurance User Reviews

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Mahindra Car Insurance FAQ's

  • How long does it take to renew a Mahindra car insurance?

    You can get your Mahindra car insurance renewed in just 5 minutes with InsuranceDekho.

  • Which all insurance add-ons should be bought with Mahindra cars

    For Mahindra Insurance, The popular car insurance add-ons opted with Mahindra cars include zero depreciation add-on, engine cover, NCB (No Claim Bonus) cover and RSA (Road Side Assistance) cover among others.

  • From where can I purchase insurance for my Mahindra car

    You can visit our website, compare all available premium quotes for Mahindra cars and select the one which best suits your requirements. With InsuranceDekho, get policy issued instantly.

  • Which insurer has the best claim settlement ratio for Mahindra cars?

    Acko General Insurance, Bharti AXA General Insurance and ICICI Lombard General Insurance are among the car insurers who have registered impressive claim settlement ratio for Mahindra cars.

  • Which is better – comprehensive or third party car insurance cover?

    If you think that the repairs of your car will not cause a dent in your pocket, then the third-party liability cover suits best for you. Also, buying third party car insurance is mandatory, which means that you have to choose this cover before opting for any other plan. However, if you wish to secure yourself against possible future expenses due to damage by accident or theft, then consider paying extra premiums to avail the comprehensive car insurance cover.
  • How does opting for Zero Depreciation Cover help?

    This is an add-on cover, the benefits of which one may avail after paying additional premiums. Having this cover ensures that policyholders can seek complete cover for their vehicle sans the effect of depreciation.
  • How do I avail No Claim Bonus Benefit (NCB) on my car insurance?

    Insurance companies reward their customers who have made no claims during a particular year. The benefits can be availed as discounts on premiums payable during policy renewal. Insurers typically include this incentive to discourage their customers from making small claims during the policy period.
  • What happens to my NCB benefit when I am renewing my car insurance policy?

    The benefits pursuant to NCB are valid for a period of 90 days from the date of expiry of the policy. However, if you have missed getting your policy renewed within that period, then you will not receive NCB benefits on your renewed policy.
  • How do I register a claim on my car insurance policy?

    It is asimple process. Log on to your insurance company’s website and click on the tab indicating claim settlement. Alternatively, you may also call on the toll-free number of your insurance company and register your claim.
  • How can I renew my Mahindra car insurance online?

    InsuranceDekho makes renewal of your Mahindra Insurance even more convenient. We have a safe and quick online Mahindra insurance policy renewal facility. Please pay online at
  • Is it compulsory to purchase a car insurance policy for Mahindra cars?

    Yes, as per the Indian Motor Tariff, it is compulsory for every car owner to hold at least a third party car insurance policy. As the basic car insurance plan offers limited coverage for policyholders where it covers the damages sustained by the third party only, therefore, you can opt for an own-damage car insurance cover or a comprehensive car insurance plan for overall protection of your Mahindra car.

  • What is the premium cost of a third party car insurance plan for Mahindra cars?

    The amount of premium for the third party car insurance is fixed by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) which is the same at all the insurance companies. However, the premium of third party car insurance is affected by the cubic capacity of the car, therefore, you can get the third party car insurance by stating the engine cubic capacity of your Mahindra car.

  • If my Mahindra car gets stolen, can I make a claim for the loss?

    Yes, if your Mahindra car is covered under an own-damage car insurance plan or a comprehensive car insurance policy, then you can raise a claim to get the claim amount for your loss which you incurred due to the car theft.

  • Can I get my NCB benefit from my previous car insurance plan transferred to the new car insurance policy for my Mahindra car?

    Yes, you can get your NCB benefit transferred from your last car insurance policy to your new car insurance cover for your Mahindra car as the No Claim Bonus is awarded for the responsible driving of the car owner or policyholder and not to the car.

  • From where can I buy a standalone own-damage car insurance plan online for my Mahindra car?

    You can buy a standalone own-damage car insurance policy online for your Mahindra car either from a general insurance company or from InsuranceDekho portal. By purchasing from InsuranceDekho, you will get complete guidance and exceptional insurance solutions.

  • Can I add zero depreciation add-on cover in my car insurance plan for Mahindra cars?

    Yes, you can include a zero depreciation add-on cover in your car insurance policy which you purchased for your Mahindra car by paying an additional premium amount. But, it will be applicable only if you hold an own-damage car insurance plan or comprehensive car insurance policy as it could not be availed with the third party car insurance cover.

  • Where can I find the best premium calculator to compute the premium for a car insurance plan for my Mahindra car?

    You can get the best premium calculator to reckon the premium and IDV for a car insurance policy offered by different insurance companies in the market at the InsuranceDekho. It holds the most reliable calculator on which you get to find the best policies at the best prices.

  • How can I get in touch with the best customer care team to seek advice about car insurance for my Mahindra car?

    To seek any advice, suggestion or assistance regarding the car insurance policy of your Mahindra car, you can connect with the support staff of InsuranceDekho company by either calling them at 755-1196-989 between 10 am and 7 pm from Monday to Sunday or by writing them an email stating your concern at

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