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MCWG Full Form in Driving Licence - Check Eligibility & Apply Online

Updated On Sep 28, 2023

MCWG in Driving Licence: Motorcycle With Gear

India has its own set of laws and regulations pertaining to driving. MCWG is one of these categories that frequently appear on driver's licences. For "Motorcycle With Gear," it stands for. In short, having this endorsement on your driver's licence basically gives you permission to ride a motorbike that has gears. There is a separate licence category for motorcycles without gears, which is very different from this one.

MCWG Full Form 

The acronym MCWG represents "Motorcycle With Gear." Based on this category on the driver's licence, the licence holder can ride any kind of motorcycle. 

What is MCWG?

In the framework of Indian traffic laws, motorcycles fall into two general categories:

Motorbike With Gear (MCWG): These are regular street-legal motorbikes that need the user to shift gears by hand. All motorcycles fall into this category, regardless of engine size.

Motorcycle Without Gear: Also known as scooters or mopeds, this category comprises two-wheelers that don't require manual gear shifting.

Even while these two bikes might not look alike to someone who doesn't drive, they actually function very differently. Thus, distinct classifications and licensing are required. In simple terms, what MCWG means in a driving licence is that the bike you have has manual gears. 

MCWG Full Form in Driving Licence - Check Eligibility & Apply Online

Qualifications for an MCWG Driver's Licence

Knowing the requirements is essential for anyone wishing to obtain an MCWG in driving licence in India. This is an explanation:

  1. Age: The candidate must be at least eighteen years old. In contrast to the 16-year-old minimum age requirement for motorcycle licence without gears, an adult must be the rider of a motorcycle with gears.
  2. Learner's Licence: Prior to submitting an application for a permanent MCWG licence, a learner's licence must be obtained. This temporary permit is granted following a basic knowledge exam on traffic laws and signs. The learner's permit is good for a full year.
  3. Instruction: Enrolling in a reputable driving school for formal instruction is strongly advised. While it is possible to learn from any experienced driver, attending a driving school could facilitate the process, particularly with regard to the driving exam.
  4. Medical Fitness: Candidates ought to be in good health, particularly if they are older than 50. The ability to drive may be verified by a certified physician's certificate, if applicable.
  5. Application Form: To obtain a permanent driving licence, an applicant must complete all applicable paperwork, including Form 4.
  6. Driving Test: The candidate may take the driving test within 30 days (or 180 days) following the learner's permit being issued. They receive the MCWG driver's licence if they pass the exam.
  7. Getting the Licence: Obtaining an MCWG licence is a methodical procedure that guarantees the operator is aware of the subtleties involved in operating a geared motorbike. Since riding safely on the road is so important, it's critical that motorcyclists understand their vehicles and the traffic laws.

How to Apply for an MCWG Driver's Licence Online?

As we enter the digital era, the Indian government has also made efforts to simplify and expedite a number of procedures, one of which is the driving licence application. Listed below is a comprehensive how-to guide for applying online for an MCWG driving licence:

1. Head to the official website

Start by going to, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways' official website. This website serves as India's main gateway for all transportation- and driver's licence-related services.

2.  Go to the section on driving licences

There's a section on the gateway homepage labelled 'Driving Licence.' Give it a click. This will take you to a page that covers everything about driver's licence.

3. Complete the application.

Choose 'New Driving Licence' from the dropdown menu after finding the 'Apply Online' option here. You will be asked to enter certain information, such as your name, address, and date of birth. Make sure you fill out these details completely to prevent any later inconsistencies.

4. Include Files

A paperless approach is required for most processes in Digital India. To apply for a driving licence, you must supply scanned copies of the required paperwork. These usually consist of:

  • Documentation of age (birth certificate, PAN card, or school certificate)
  • A proof of address, such as a utility bill, passport, or Adhaar card
  • Learner's Licence Pictures the size of a passport

5. Send in the Application

Paying a little application fee is the next step after uploading your documents. The sum may differ slightly based on your state or area. Generally, there are a number of ways to make payments, including digital wallets, credit/debit cards, and net banking.

6. Select a Test Slo

You will be asked to select a time for your driving test after making the payment. This timetable cuts down on waiting times and guarantees that tests are administered in a systematic manner. Select a time and date that works for you.

7. Schedule the Test 

After selecting a time, make sure it works and schedule your exam. It's critical that you keep in mind this day and time because failing to do so may result in you having to reapply or pay additional fees.

8. Show up to the Test

Make sure you arrive at the Regional Transport Office (RTO) well in advance of the designated hour on the selected date. Bring your original paperwork so that it may be verified. Your driving licence will be sent to the address you supplied during the application procedure once you pass the test.

In addition to streamlining the application procedure, applying online for an MCWG driving licence also saves a tonne of time. It is an example of how India is embracing the digital era and enabling its people to have easier access to basic services.

How to Apply for an MCWG Driver's Licence Offline?

Even though the online application process is becoming more popular, many people still like the old-fashioned offline approach when applying for an MCWG driving licence. While more labour-intensive, the offline method doesn't involve any travel to the RTO. This is a summary of the steps you can take to do it:

1. Get hold of the application

Visit the Regional Transport Office (RTO) that is closest to you. Form 4, the application for a driving licence to operate a motor vehicle, can be obtained and requested. Forms are readily available at most RTOs at a counter specifically designated for them.

2. Complete the form

Using a pen, carefully complete the form. Verify that every detail, including your name and address, is correct. Any inconsistency in the information may cause the application to be delayed or rejected.

3. Compile Records

To apply for a driving licence, you must have certain documents, same like with the online process:

  • Documentation of age (birth certificate, PAN card, or school certificate)
  • A proof of address, such as a utility bill, passport, or Adhaar card
  • A student's licence
  • pictures the size of passports
  • Make sure you have a set of photocopies and all the original paperwork.

4. Send in the paperwork and the form

After filling out the form and organising your files, return to the RTO. A dedicated counter will be designated for the submission of applications for driver's licences. Give your application and the required paperwork to the person. In addition to verifying your information, the desk officer may pose a few clarifying questions.

5. Cover the Cost

Following the verification and acceptance of your documents, you will be brought to the payment counter. The application fee for your MCWG driving licence must be paid here. Remember to gather and preserve the receipt as evidence of your payment.

6. Book a test time

You will be required to select a time for your driving test after making payment. Although it may appear like you're booking slots online, you'll actually be able to check the available slots in person or on a board by using a register. Select a convenient time and day.

7. Go to the Test

Make sure to bring all of your original documentation to the RTO when the time and date are scheduled. You will be required to take the driving test following verification. This test must be passed. The RTO will process your MCWG driving licence if you pass the exam, and it will eventually be sent to your home.

Even if the offline method appears more time-consuming than the online one, it is a tried-and-true strategy. Since they are accustomed to it or don't have access to internet resources, many people still favour taking the more conventional path. Regardless of the approach you take, make sure you drive sensibly and consistently follow traffic safety regulations.

Advantages of having the MCWG Driving License

An MCWG driving licence is more than just a permission to operate a motorbike with gears; it confers various benefits to the bearer. Here are a few advantages:

  1. Versatility: Riders can operate a broad variety of motorbikes with an MCWG Driving Licence, regardless of the motorcycles' engine capacity. You are allowed to ride any kind of motorbike, be it a powerful sports bike or a commuter bike, as long as you have this licence.
  2. Safety: Getting an MCWG licence guarantees that riders are knowledgeable about traffic laws and regulations and have received proper training. The focus on safety in this training programme may result in fewer traffic accidents.
  3. Legal Requirement: In India, it is legally necessary to possess a valid driver's licence, including an MCWG. Riding without one can result in severe fines or, in certain cases, jail time.
  4. Identification: A driver's licence serves as a legitimate document of identification and age in a number of contexts, such as domestic travel or financial transactions, in addition to its primary function.
  5. Possibilities: Possessing an MCWG licence might lead to a number of employment options for individuals thinking about a career in logistics or delivery services.

Documents needed to obtain a licence

Readying the required documents is essential for a seamless application procedure, online or off. This is a comprehensive list:

  • The application for a motor vehicle driving licence is Form 4.
  • Your passport, PAN card, birth certificate, or school leaver certificate can all serve as proof of age.
  • Aadhaar cards, voter ID cards, passports, utility bills (such as phone or power bills), and rental agreements for a home can all be used as proof of address.
  • Valid Learner's Licence: A licence that has been obtained for at least 30 days.
  • A passport's size Pictures: Usually, two to three photos are needed.
  • The medical certificate is especially crucial for applicants who are applying for commercial categories or who are over 50.
  • Certificate of Training: This can sometimes speed up the procedure if it is obtained from an accredited driving school.

Final Thoughts

Riding a motorbike with gears on the road demands responsibility, ability, and knowledge. The MCWG Driving Licence guarantees that drivers are qualified for the job and adequately equipped. The goal is the same whether you choose to apply online or offline: encouraging responsible riding and safer roads. India requires proficient riders who not only understand their vehicle but also respect other drivers and the road, especially given its busy streets and varied traffic circumstances. Getting an MCWG licence guarantees you can ride with competence and confidence, which is a step towards that aim.


  1. What does a driving licence's MCWG stand for?

MCWG is an acronym for "Motorcycle With Gear." It shows that the owner of the licence is permitted to ride motorbikes with manual gearboxes.

  1. What distinguishes Motorcycle Without Gear from MCWG?

The term "MCWG" describes motorcycles that need to be manually shifted through gears. Motorcycle Without Gear, on the other hand, usually refers to scooters or mopeds that don't require a manual gear shift.

  1. When may I submit an application to get an MCWG driver's licence?

In India, you need to be at least eighteen years old to apply for an MCWG driver's licence. In contrast, the minimum age requirement for a gearless motorbike licence is 16.

  1. Do I have to take a driving test in order to obtain an MCWG licence?

You will need to show up for a driving test after applying and booking a time. The MCWG driving licence will only be granted upon completing this exam.

  1. What is the validity period of the MCWG driver's licence?

The normal validity period of an MCWG driver's licence is 20 years from the date of issuance or until the bearer is 50, whichever comes first. It must then be renewed every five years after that.


This article is issued in the general public interest and meant for general information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as conclusive in nature and should research further or consult an expert in this regard.
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