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Fancy Number Plate: How to Get Fancy Registration Number for Your Bike?

Updated On Oct 13, 2023

How to Get Fancy Registration Number for Your Bike?

In the exciting realm of automobiles, every aspect and component of a vehicle can be a canvas for expression and style, including number plates. Many vehicle enthusiasts in India appreciate the aesthetic and uniqueness that fancy number plates bring to their bikes and cars, making them stand out on the road.

What is a Fancy Number for a Bike?

A "fancy number" refers to a unique and easily memorable number allocated to a vehicle's number plate. It often holds significance for the owner, sometimes reflecting important dates, anniversaries, or numbers considered lucky. In India, people often prefer numbers like 0001, 1111, 786, 1000, or any other number that holds personal or general significance.

In the realm of fancy numbers, vehicle owners have the opportunity to select a number that resonates with them, often willing to pay an extra amount to secure these coveted digits. The process is entirely legal, with the Regional Transport Office (RTO) conducting auctions for these special numbers.

Not only does a fancy number plate add a personalised touch to your bike, but it also gives it a distinctive identity, making it easily recognisable among a sea of vehicles. These numbers often become a statement, reflecting the owner's personality, beliefs, or preferences, and in some cases, they can even act as a status symbol.

Fancy Number Plate: How to Get Fancy Registration Number for Your Bike?

How to Get a Fancy Registration Number for Your Bike in India?

Securing a fancy registration number for your bike in India involves a transparent, although competitive, process. Follow these steps to get your desired fancy number from the RTO:

1. Select Your Number:

   - First, decide on the fancy number you wish to secure for your bike. This number should have personal significance or be easy to remember and unique.

2. Check Availability:

   - Visit the official website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways or the respective RTO’s website in your state to check the availability of your chosen number.

3. Participate in the Auction:

   - The RTO periodically auctions fancy numbers. The auction dates are announced on their official websites. Register yourself for the auction, pay a nominal participation fee, and bid for your desired number.

4. Winning the Bid:

   - The highest bidder wins the fancy number. In case of multiple interests on a single number, the RTO might conduct a live auction.

5. Payment:

   - Once you win the bid, pay the final amount within the stipulated time frame. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of your allotment.

Fees and Registration Charges for Bike Fancy Number

The fees for fancy numbers vary significantly from state to state in India. Generally, the charges are segmented into categories based on the perceived value of numbers. Here’s a general breakdown of what you can expect when looking through an RTO fancy numbers price list:

1. Super Premium Numbers (e.g., 0001):

   - These numbers are often the most sought after and hence, attract the highest fees, ranging from INR 50,000 to INR 1,00,000.

2. Premium Numbers (e.g., 0011, 0022, etc.):

   - Such numbers are considered premium and may cost between INR 30,000 to INR 50,000.

3. Fancy Numbers (e.g., 0786, 1000):

   - These are other numbers considered fancy, and the charges for these may range from INR 10,000 to INR 30,000.

4. Other Attractive Numbers:

   - For numbers that are considered attractive but not as premium, the fees may be lower, ranging from INR 5,000 to INR 10,000.

The exact cost would depend on the specific RTO rules and the demand for the number you are interested in. It's crucial to check and confirm the fees from the official RTO website or office in your region. These funds generated through the auction process are usually utilised for road safety and improvement initiatives.

Before you invest in a fancy number, be sure to understand the associated costs and procedures involved. Each fancy number brings with it a unique flair, ensuring that your bike not only rides smoothly but does so with unmistakable style and identity.

Fancy Numbers Availability Online

Before investing time and money into obtaining a fancy registration number, it’s pivotal to check its availability. This can be conveniently done online. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) of India has digitised many of its services to facilitate ease of access for the public.

- RTO Website:

  - Regional Transport Office (RTO) websites provide a dedicated section where you can check the availability of fancy numbers. The site has an RTO fancy number list showing the numbers that are available, upcoming for auction, or already taken.

- MoRTH’s VAHAN Portal:

  - VAHAN is a highly beneficial portal where vehicle owners can access a wide range of services, including checking fancy number availability. You can select your state, and RTO, and view the list of numbers available for auction, reserved numbers, and more.

E-Auction of Fancy Registration Numbers

E-auction is a transparent process that ensures fairness and equal opportunity for all interested participants. Below are the general steps involved in the e-auction process for fancy registration numbers:

1. Registration:

   - Interested participants must first register on the official RTO or VAHAN portal. There may be a nominal registration fee involved.

2. Selection of Numbers:

   - After registration, participants can select the fancy number they are interested in. These numbers are usually categorised as Super Premium, Premium, Fancy, and others.

3. Bidding Process:

   - Participants can start bidding on their selected numbers. The highest bidder at the end of the auction process is usually allotted the number.

4. Payment:

   - Upon winning, the payment needs to be made within a stipulated time frame. Online payment options are typically available for the convenience of the participants.

5. Confirmation:

   - After successful payment, a confirmation and allotment letter is generated which can be used for further vehicle registration processes.

Remember to read through the e-auction guidelines and instructions carefully as these may vary from state to state. Knowing the rules of the e-auction can greatly enhance your chances of securing your desired fancy registration number without any hassle.

Being well-informed and following the procedures diligently ensures a smooth process in acquiring the fancy number that adds that extra sparkle to your vehicle, making it uniquely yours on the roads of India.

How to Select a VIP Registration Number for Bikes?

VIP Registration Numbers, often regarded as fancy or premium numbers, can be selected through a straightforward process. Here's how you can select a VIP registration number:

1. Online Research:

   - Begin with researching available numbers on the official RTO or VAHAN portal, where you can find a list of upcoming VIP numbers for auction.

2. Preferred Numbers List:

   - Make a list of the numbers you prefer. Ensure you have multiple options, as there's always a possibility of someone else aiming for the same number.

3. Auction Participation:

   - Participate in the online auction process. During the auction, bid for your preferred number. You'd need to competitively bid to secure your desired number.

4. Bid Wisely:

   - Monitor the bidding process closely, increasing your bid incrementally to stay in the competition. Be prepared to go over your initial budget for highly sought-after numbers.

What is the Processing Time?

The processing time for obtaining a VIP registration number varies:

- Auction Closing:

  - Once the auction closes, the highest bidder is announced. Immediate payment is often required to secure the number.

- Payment and Verification:

  - After payment, the RTO verifies the details. This process might take a few days, and once verification is done, an allotment letter is issued to the winner.

- Final Allotment:

  - The entire process, from bidding to final allotment, can take anywhere from a week to a month, depending on the RTO's schedule and the verification process's complexity.


Selecting a VIP registration number for your car or bike not only adds a unique identity to your vehicle but also reflects your style and personality. While the process might seem daunting initially, understanding the steps and being prepared can make the procedure seamless and enjoyable. Engage in the process wisely, with patience and a clear understanding of the associated costs and timelines, and soon enough, you’ll have a vehicle that stands out distinctly on the road with its VIP number.


1. How can I bid on fancy numbers in the auction?

To enter the auction, register online using the VAHAN or official RTO portal, pick your desired number from the list of available numbers, and submit your offer.

2. For fancy registration numbers, is there a minimum bid amount?

The base price, or minimum bid amount, varies depending on the fancy number. The transport department of the relevant state determines the base price.

3. Is it possible to select a fancy number offline?

Although online auctions are more popular, offline bidding may also be permitted by certain RTOs. For further information, speak with the RTO in your area.

4. When I buy a new car, can I keep my VIP number?

If the RTO follows the proper procedures, it might be feasible to keep your VIP number when you buy a new car. Usually, it entails giving up the previous registration and using the new one on the car.

5. What paperwork is required in order to receive a fancy number?

A copy of your vehicle's registration, identification, proof of address, and the vehicle's purchase paperwork are usually required.

6. What is the duration required for the allocation of a fancy number?

From the end of the auction until the final allocation, the complete process may take one week to one month.

7. What occurs if I place the winning bid but don't receive the money in a timely manner?

The allotment may be cancelled and the number may be relisted for auction if payments are not made on time.

8.  Is it permissible to use fancy numbers?

The RTO's fancy numbers that are up for auction are legitimate. Nonetheless, the licence plate must adhere to the legal requirements for standard type and style.

9. I want to buy a used car; can I have a fancy number?

If you take part in the auction and finish the required procedures, you can indeed change the registration number of a used car to a fancy number.

10. What limits apply to placing a bid on fancy numbers?

States and RTOs may have different restrictions. Bidders can typically be individuals, businesses, or auto dealers; however, they must not be involved in any active traffic fines or vehicle-related legal actions.


This article is issued in the general public interest and meant for general information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as conclusive in nature and should research further or consult an expert in this regard.
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