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About Volkswagen

The Volkswagen Group entered the Indian market in 2001. At Volkswagen, cars are not just manufactured but engineered. An armor modified and designed to look like a car, Volkswagen cars are made of pure galvanized steel. Gashes and ruptures during accidents do not hamper its performance as these cars come with a six-year anti-perforation warranty. Advanced machinery used explains its long-standing sturdiness and durability. The unique painting and waxing process involved in their making explains these cars’ longevity. Built to rule the road, the five brands introduced by the company including Skoda, Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche and Lamborghini have sparked envy in the minds of its customers, thus, prompting them to revamp their manufacturing processes. With no visible gaps in the frames of these cars, these cars are made to withstand any kind of resistance.

Volkswagen Car Insurance FAQ's

  • Can I pay for my car insurance premium in installments?

    Unlike other financial instruments where you may invest through monthly premium payments, the premium amount towards your car insurance policy needs to be paid in advance. This is as per the guidelines of the Insurance Act 1938 that states how no risk assumed by the insurance company unless the premium is received in advance.
  • How should I get the registration address, or any vehicle information changed in my car insurance policy?

    For any change in the registration address or modification in the vehicular information, you need to raise a request for the same along with a copy of the registration certificate.
  • How do insurance companies determine the IDV of any car or vehicle?

    The IDV is calculated after taking into account the selling price of your car as listed by the manufacturer in addition to the car’s model and accessories fitted to it. The IDV amount is considered by the insurance company while making claim payment for damages incurred during an accident.
  • What is the concept of voluntary deductible?

    The insurance company does not bear the entire amount of claim that you make. In fact, it wants you to bear a percentage of the claim amount that you request. The minimum amount that you declare to bear while making the claim is called a voluntary deductible.
  • Do I have to inform the insurance company about the additional CNG/LPG kit fitted to my car?

    Yes you need to inform the insurance company of any changes made to your vehile.You will have to get the additional CNG/LPG kit insured separately. These accessories must be declared at the time of the policy proposal.

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