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Mercedes Benz Car Insurance

  • Brand Value
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  • World Class Performance
  • High Tech Safety Features
  • Top Notch Customer Service
  • Unmatchable Design for Luxury

Top Car Insurance Plans

Third Party
Own Damage
Starting From 82898
Key Features:
  • Right Green Tick Maximum Cashless Garages
  • Right Green Tick Over Night Vehicle Repairs
  • Right Green Tick 24x7 Roadside Assistance
  • Right Green Tick Quick Claim Settlement
Starting From 12652
Key Features:
  • Right Green Tick Towing Assistance (For Accidents)
  • Right Green Tick Coverage Outside India
  • Right Green Tick PSU Provider
  • Right Green Tick Quick Claim Settlement
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Car Insurance Premium for Mercedes Benz Car Variants

The following table shows the complete list of Mercedes Benz car variants with their insurance premium rates.
Car ModelVariant of the CarComprehensive Car InsuranceThird Party Car InsuranceOwn Damage Car Insurance
Mercedes-Benz GLA Class


₹ 38365

₹ 7897

₹ 24736

Mercedes-Benz A Class

A180 Sport

₹ 37132

₹ 7897

₹ 22522

Mercedes-Benz M-Class

ML 250 CDI

₹ 50347

₹ 7897

₹ 32695

Mercedes-Benz GL-Class

350 CDI Blue Efficiency

₹ 64512

₹ 7897

₹ 37306

Mercedes-Benz CLA

200 CDI Style

₹ 38951

₹ 7897

₹ 15082

Mercedes-Benz B Class

B180 Sport

₹ 38219

₹ 7897

₹ 24474

Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class

SLK 320

₹ 17589

₹ 2094

₹ 2982

Mercedes-Benz E-Class All-Terrain

E 220 d

₹ 59556

₹ 7897

₹ 34998

Mercedes-Benz R-Class

R350 4Matic Long

₹ 51677

₹ 7897

₹ 37537

Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class

250 CDI

₹ 57876

₹ 7897

₹ 36825

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT


₹ 122273

₹ 7897

₹ 55144

Mercedes-Benz G

55 AMG Grand Edition

₹ 72116

₹ 7897

₹ 81352

Mercedes-Benz GLS

₹ 2094

₹ 2094

₹ 8031

Mercedes-Benz V-Class


₹ 12652

₹ 3416

₹ 3616

Mercedes-Benz Viano

2.0 CDI

₹ 20112

₹ 2094

₹ 3661

Mercedes-Benz GLB

₹ 2094

₹ 2094

₹ 2094

Mercedes-Benz CLK Class

320 Cabriolet

₹ 62828

₹ 7897

₹ 30273

Mercedes-Benz C-Class

₹ 68804

₹ 7897

₹ 22280

Mercedes-Benz A-Class Limousine

A 200d

₹ 2094

₹ 2094

₹ 41697

Mercedes-Benz AMG A 35


₹ 120071

₹ 7897

₹ 54633

Mercedes-Benz AMG A 45 S


₹ 2094

₹ 2094

₹ 25777

Mercedes-Benz AMG E 53


₹ 130016

₹ 7897

₹ 54429

Mercedes-Benz AMG E 53 Cabriolet


₹ 2094

₹ 7897

₹ 54429

Mercedes-Benz AMG E 63


₹ 173776

₹ 7897

₹ 77022

Mercedes-Benz AMG G 63

4MATIC 2018-2023

₹ 2094

₹ 2094

₹ 176124

Mercedes-Benz AMG GLA 35


₹ 124842

₹ 7897

₹ 57363

Mercedes-Benz AMG GLC 43

4MATIC Coupe

₹ 112587

₹ 7897

₹ 39751

Mercedes-Benz AMG GLE 53

₹ 2094

₹ 2094

₹ 3405

Mercedes-Benz AMG GLE 63 S

4MATIC Plus Coupe

₹ 2094

₹ 7897

₹ 112078

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT 4 Door Coupe

63 S E Performance

₹ 268292

₹ 7897

₹ 8031

Mercedes-Benz CL-Class


₹ 97443

₹ 7897

₹ 55493

Mercedes-Benz E-Class

AMG E 53 4MATIC Plus

₹ 2094

₹ 2094

₹ 2189

Mercedes-Benz EQB

300 4Matic

₹ 2094

₹ 2094

₹ 8031

Mercedes-Benz EQC

₹ 137092

₹ 6712

₹ 57362

Mercedes-Benz EQS

580 4Matic

₹ 2094

₹ 2094

₹ 8031

Mercedes-Benz G-Class

400d AMG Line

₹ 2094

₹ 2094

₹ 8031

Mercedes-Benz GLA

₹ 2094

₹ 2094

₹ 8031

Mercedes-Benz GLA

AMG 35 4M

₹ 2094

₹ 2094

₹ 26452

Mercedes-Benz GLC


₹ 48468

₹ 7897

₹ 24901

Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe

300 4MATIC

₹ 52971

₹ 7897

₹ 30183

Mercedes-Benz GLE


₹ 57951

₹ 7897

₹ 35477

Mercedes-Benz GLS

₹ 215673

₹ 2094

₹ 94338

Mercedes-Benz MB-Class

MB 100 D2.5

₹ 54217

₹ 7897

₹ 37761

Mercedes-Benz Maybach GLS

₹ 2094

₹ 2094

₹ 3443

Mercedes-Benz S-Class


₹ 2094

₹ 2094

₹ 2503

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabriolet

S 500

₹ 277406

₹ 7897

₹ 111456

Mercedes-Benz SL-Class

65 AMG Roadster

₹ 2094

₹ 7897

₹ 2792

Mercedes-Benz SLC

43 AMG

₹ 61795

₹ 7897

₹ 40358

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG


₹ 115108

₹ 7897

₹ 162603

The above-mentioned Mercedes Benz Car Insurance Premiums are suggestive and may change basis the car's MMV, RTO location, claims history, policy type, etc.

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About Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz is a German automotive marque and a subsidiary as Mercedes-Benz AG – of Daimler AG. The company has its headquarters in Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg and is renowned for producing luxury and commercial vehicles. In 2018, Mercedes-Benz was the largest seller of premium vehicles in the world, having sold 2.31 million passenger cars. The renowned automotive brand has its slogan as "the best or nothing".

Mercedes-Benz India Pvt Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the German Daimler AG founded in 1994, with headquarters in Pune, Maharashtra, India. The company’s plant is spread over 100 acres at Chakan, Maharashtra, which was set up in 2015. It is rated as the fastest developed green-field operations and considered one of the top-most CKD plants of Mercedes-Benz globally. Mercedes-Benz offers more than 12 models in India and recorded retail sales of 15,538 units in the year 2018.

Car Insurance Renewal Process for Mercedes-Benz Cars

To renew your car insurance policy, every policyholder needs to pay the premium for the next policy year before its expiry date to keep the policy active and to continue to avail its benefits. Hence, timely renewal of car insurance policy is quite essential to keep your car insured. Given below are the steps to get your Mercedes-Benz car renewed online:

Step 1: Visit the website of InsuranceDekho and choose the ‘Car’ tab.

Step 2: Enter the registration number of your Mercedes-Benz Car and also choose the variant and fuel type of your car. If you do not know about the registration number of your car, in such a case, select the ‘Don’t know your car number?’ option and select options such as car brand, car model, car fuel type, car variant, and so on, to continue.

Step 3: Enter the name of your last insurance company and your previous car insurance policy’s expiry date. Apart from the above, you are also required to enter your car insurance claim status and in case there are any claims made by you in the last policy tenure. Afterwards, click on ‘Continue’ to move ahead.

Step 4: You are then required to mention your personal information like name, contact number, and the tenure for which you need to insure your car. After entering the details, click on the ‘Submit and Get quotes’ option.

Step 5: Many premium car insurance policy quotes which are offered by various insurance companies will get displayed on your screen. Based on your requirement and budget, you can select the most optimum insurance plan after a thorough comparison of the same. Also, in order to enhance your coverage, you can also opt for a few add-on covers.

Step 6: To initiate the payment process for the renewal of your car insurance plan, click on ‘Buy Now’ link after confirming all the details entered by you. The payment can be done through various gateway channels including debit card, credit card, net banking, etc. Once the payment is made, the car insurance plan will get issued to you instantly and mailed at your registered email ID.

Claim Cashless Car Insurance For Mercedes-Benz Cars

During the time of an unfortunate incident like an accident or a mishap, a cashless car insurance claim process is very important for policyholders. In order to enjoy the benefits of cashless car insurance, you should immediately inform the insurance company regarding the incident and take your Mercedes-Benz cars for the purpose of repair to a nearby network garage. The cashless car insurance facility lets you get your car repaired at a high-quality garage without needing to pay for it as it would get settled by your respective car insurance company.

A cashless car insurance claim saves you from making any payment for car repair after an accident or a mishap. The cashless claim option requires lesser formalities and no paperwork, which you are required to face during the reimbursement claim process. Moreover, a surveyor is sent by the insurer to investigate the damage caused to your car which brings transparency to the entire process. Some of the best garages are authorized by the insurance company which allows you to get your Mercedes-Benz car repaired at the best repair services without paying anything.

Documents Required for Mercedes-Benz Claim Process

Following are the documents required for filing Mercedes-Benz Car Insurance Claim:

  • Car Insurance Policy Document
  • Claim Form
  • Copy of Registration Certificate
  • Copy of Driver’s Licence
  • Copy of Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUC)
  • Copy of FIR
  • PAN Card- for claim higher than Rs. 1 Lakh
  • Satisfaction Voucher

Steps to File Mercedes-Benz Car Insurance Claim

You can follow these steps to file a claim for your Mercedes-Benz car:

Step 1: In case of theft, a road accident or vandalism file an FIR at the nearest police station. A copy of the FIR will be required for the claim process. In case of a natural or man-made calamity, try to take pictures or a video of the car, clearly showing the damage if possible.

Step 2: Inform the insurance provider as soon as possible. Tell them about the situation and make sure to confirm the list of documents you are required to submit. The basic list of documents is mentioned above.

Step 3: Submit the required documents along with the claim form duly filled.

Step 4: If your car needs repairs the insurance provider will send a surveyor to assess the damage of the vehicle. After they check the car a report will be filed and the claim will go through a verification process.

Step 5: If the claim is approved you can take your car to a network garage and get the necessary repairs done. After this is completed, sign the satisfaction voucher and the insurance provider will settle the bill in a cashless manner. If however, you choose to go to a non-network garage you will have to pay for the repairs and the insurance company will reimburse the cost later, taking into account the IDV of the car.

If your car was stolen or it was a case of a total loss, the car insurance company will reimburse the IDV of the car after you hand in the keys, documents and any other items related to the car.

Mercedes Benz Car Insurance User Reviews

What users are saying

    It provided me best comparison and well-explained experience, well referred. Please do consider one time. May you will be blessed with new experiences.

    Reliance car Insurance
    Mercedes-Benz A Class 2013-2015 New Delhi
    On: 11th March, 2022
  • Hassle-free claim settlement

    I filed a claim since I was insured for my Mercedes Benz with ACKO that I bought from the InsuranceDekho website. My claim was settled easily and in very little time with the proper guidance of their team. I am happy with the service.

    Acko car Insurance
    By Sahil Aggarwal
    On: 3rd February, 2022
  • Reminder feature

    The InsuranceDekho website holds a reminder feature which is very helpful. A month ago, I bought the Universal Sompo car insurance plan for my Mercedes Benz from their website, which is a very helpful plan and covers all my requirements. This reminder feature keeps on reminding me to renew my policy from time to time.

    Universal Sompo car Insurance
    By Lucky Kumar
    On: 2nd February, 2022
  • Easy price comparison

    When I wanted to buy a policy for my Mercedes Benz C class, I checked, It was so easy to compare plans there. I purchased an ACKO car insurance policy which is the best according to my preferences.

    Acko car Insurance
    By Pranav Tandon
    On: 20th January, 2022
  • Various and safe payment optio...

    I liked that the insurancedekho website has various payment options. And all the payments are safe and encrypted. I purchased an Edelweiss car insurance policy for my Mercedes Benz E Class from

    Edelweiss car Insurance
    By Gyan Sardesai
    On: 12th January, 2022
  • Quote generating factors

    I got to know about quotes generating factors from InsuranceDekho like the type of the plan, fuel type and MMV of my car, credit score and car’s safety score. This information helped me when I was issuing Edelweiss car insurance policy for Mercedes-Benz GL-Class.

    Edelweiss car Insurance
    By Sahana Maitra
    On: 22nd June, 2021
  • Easy purchase of add-ons

    I issued a Universal Sompo car insurance policy for my Mercedes-Benz GL- Class from InsuranceDekho. I contacted the support team to learn how to extend the policy coverage and got introduced to add-on covers. I read the details and purchased two add-ons.

    Universal Sompo car Insurance
    By Maitraee Jana
    On: 4th May, 2021
  • Profound details

    I got to know profound information on various types of car insurance policies under the platform of InsuranceDekho. This convinced me to issue Future Generali car insurance policy for my Mercedes-Bens GLS here.

    Future Generali car Insurance
    By Sreemoyi Thakurta
    On: 26th April, 2021
  • Easy on the budget

    It was crucial to get the best coverage for my Mercedes-Benz CLA without exceeding my budget. I am glad to come across InsuranceDekho. Post quote generation, I found a number of policies within a wide budget range. I selected Bharti AXA car insurance policy.

    Bharti Axa car Insurance
    By Poushalee Sen
    On: 19th April, 2021
  • Conversational chatbox

    I used the chatbox of InsuranceDekho to learn the impact of a car’s age on policy premiums. I got an immediate response and based on the reply, I bought a Zero Depreciation cover under Bharti AXA car insurance policy for my Mercedes-Benz CLA.

    Bharti Axa car Insurance
    By Viraag Basu
    On: 25th March, 2021

Mercedes-Benz Car Insurance FAQs

  • How long does it take to renew a Mercedes Benz car insurance?

    You can get your Mercedes Benz car insurance renewed in just 5 minutes with InsuranceDekho.

  • Which all insurance add-ons should be bought with Mercedes Benz cars

    For Mercedes Benz Insurance, The popular car insurance add-ons opted with Mercedes Benz cars include zero depreciation add-on, engine cover, NCB (No Claim Bonus) cover and RSA (Road Side Assistance) cover among others.

  • From where can I purchase insurance for my Mercedes Benz car

    You can visit our website, compare all available premium quotes for Mercedes Benz cars and select the one which best suits your requirements. With InsuranceDekho, get policy issued instantly.

  • Which insurer has the best claim settlement ratio for Mercedes Benz cars?

    Acko General Insurance, Bharti AXA General Insurance and ICICI Lombard General Insurance are among the car insurers who have registered impressive claim settlement ratio for Mercedes Benz cars.

  • Is it compulsory to purchase a car insurance policy for Mercedes-Benz cars?

    Yes, according to the Indian Motor Tariff, it is mandatory for every car owner including a Mercedes-Benz car to hold at least a third party car insurance policy.

  • What is the premium cost of a third party car insurance plan for Mercedes-Benz cars?

    The premium cost of third party car insurance is fixed by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI), therefore, it is available at the same price at all the insurance companies. However, the premium of third party car insurance is affected by the cubic capacity of the car.

  • Can I make a claim if my Mercedes-Benz car gets stolen?

    Yes, if your Mercedes-Benz car is covered under an own-damage car insurance policy or a comprehensive car insurance policy, then you can raise a claim to get the claim amount for your loss which you incurred due to the car theft.

  • From where can I buy a own-damage car insurance policy for my Mercedes-Benz car?

    You can purchase a standalone own-damage car insurance policy online for your Mercedes-Benz car either from a general insurance company or from the InsuranceDekho portal. By buying from InsuranceDekho, you will get complete guidance and exceptional insurance solutions.

  • Can I include zero depreciation cover in my car insurance policy for Mercedes-Benz cars?

    Yes, you can include a zero depreciation add-on cover in your car insurance policy which you purchased for your Mercedes-Benz car by paying an additional premium amount. As it is an add-on cover, therefore, it can be added only if you have an own-damage or comprehensive car insurance policy and not with the third party car insurance cover.

  • Where can I get the best premium calculator to calculate the premium for my car insurance policy?

    You can get the best premium calculator to calculate the premium and IDV for a car insurance policy provided by different insurance companies at the InsuranceDekho platform. It is considered the most reliable calculator on which you get to find the best policies at the best prices.

  • In how much time can I raise a car insurance claim for my Mercedes-Benz car?

    You can make a claim for the damages or losses incurred by your Mercedes-Benz car within 7 days of the accident or any mishap. However, this duration may vary from insurer to insurer, hence, you must check your policy document to confirm it.

  • How can I get in touch with the best customer care team to seek advice about car insurance for my Mercedes-Benz car?

    To seek any assistance about the car insurance plan for your Mercedes-Benz car, you can get in touch with the customer care team of InsuranceDekho company by calling at 755-1196-989 or by mailing them at

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