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About Datsun

Datsun is an automobile brand acquired by Nissan. The original manufacturing process of the company started in 1931. From the year 1958 to 1986, the vehicles that were exported only by Nissan were used to be recognised by Datsun. By the year 1986, Nissan let up the production of Datsun and re-launched it in the year 2013 as the brand for low-cost cars produced for emerging markets. In 1931, Dat Motorcar Firm named its small car division as the “Datson” which signified the smaller sized cars in comparison to its large cars. The name of the Datsun company is internationally renowned for the 510, Fairlady Roadsters, and the Z and ZX Coupes.

Datsun Car Insurance

While purchasing a Datsun car, you should ensure buying a car insurance policy. The insurance plan will provide the car as well as its owner a layer of shield against unfortunate incidents on the road. In case of an accident or a mishap, the insurance company is entitled to compensate you for the loss or damage incurred to your car that provides protection to the car and gives the car owner financial stability during the time of crisis.

Buying a car is a costly affair, so its maintenance. Hence, every car owner wants to see it stay in perfect condition as long as possible. With a standalone own-damage policy, you can protect your Datsun car from a range of situations which includes theft, accidents, vandalism, natural disasters, and manmade calamities. However, you must also buy a third party car insurance policy for your Datsun car as it is a compulsion to be owned by every car owner as per the Indian Motor Tariff.

Third-party car insurance is also known as liability only cover that is designed to cover your liabilities towards third parties for their injuries, death and property damage. Driving a car without holding this basic insurance coverage can get you penalised with Rs. 2,000 and/or be imprisoned for up to 3 months. The premium of Datsun car insurance is determined to a large extent by the Insured Declared Value (IDV), which signifies the maximum amount of compensation your insurer will be liable to provide in case of an accident.

If you want to expand the policy coverage for your Datsun car insurance plan, you can do it by opting for some add-on covers. The add-ons are optional covers that give you additional features and benefits which you can pick on the basis of your needs and budget. Here are a few add-on covers that can be beneficial for your Datsun Car Insurance:

  • Zero Depreciation Cover: This add-on cover allows the insurance company to compute the claim amount without deducting the depreciation cost, which rises with the age of the car, during the claim settlement. The cover helps you get a higher amount of claims after an accident or a mishap. However, this cover is available for cars not more than 5 years old and can be used a limited number of times within a year.
  • Roadside Assistance Cover: If your Datsun car breaks down in the middle of the road, this add-on cover will ensure that the insurance company will have to provide assistance for the car to be towed to the nearest garage, organise transport, arrange a mechanic for on-site repairs, jump start battery, flat tyre, and so on.
  • Engine Protection Cover: It is an add-on cover that provides coverage for any damage or loss sustained by your car’s engine. It gives coverage for the cost of repair and replacement of your car’s engine or its parts. It can be associated with your car insurance policy by paying a little extra premium which enables you to receive financial assistance from your insurer in case the engine or its parts are damaged.

Car Insurance Renewal Process for Datsun Cars

To continue to stay insured under a car insurance policy, every policyholder must renew it every year before the due date without any break. Failing to renew a plan timely can lead you into several troubles due to which it is recommended to remember the expiry date of the car insurance policy so it can be renewed before it expires. To renew your car insurance policy on time is the best option to keep your Datsun car insured and secured from unfortunate and unforeseen events. Below are the steps following which you can renew your policy online:

Step 1: Visit the InsuranceDekho website and click on the ‘Car’ option.

Step 2: Enter your Datsun car’s registration number and select its fuel type and variant to continue. In case you do not know your car’s registration number, you can also select the ‘Don't know your car number?’ option which will allow you to proceed by selecting different choices like car’s make, model, fuel type, registration year, and so on.

Step 3: Enter the expiry date of your last car insurance plan and the name of your last insurance company. Besides this, you must also share whether you raised any car insurance claim during the last car insurance policy year or not and click on the ‘Continue’ tab to proceed.

Step 4: Enter the personal details such as your name, mobile number and the policy term for which you want to purchase a car insurance policy and click on the ‘Submit and Get Quotes’ tab.

Step 5: Several car insurance policy premium quotes will appear on the screen provided by different car insurance companies and will be displayed on your screen. You have to select a car insurance plan quote after making a comparison among the policy quotes based on your requirement and budget. At this step, you can also include add-on covers in your policy to expand its coverage.

Step 6: Confirm all the details entered and click on the ‘Buy Now’ button to begin the renewal payment procedure for Datsun cars. You can make the payment through different payment methods like debit or credit cards, net banking, digital wallets, and so on. After the successful payment is done, the revised car insurance policy will be issued and sent directly to the registered Email ID.

Claim Cashless Car Insurance For Datsun Cars

The cashless claim process is a facility that is designed to provide you with assistance in getting your Datsun car repaired without paying anything in return, apart from any deductibles, if chosen. To avail of this option, you need to take your car to a network garage of your insurer after an accident or a mishap. While you take your car to the network garage, you should inform your insurance company at the earliest about the accident to initiate the cashless claim process.

Cashless car insurance is a swift and simple facility that brings a lot of benefits for policyholders. The first and foremost thing is that it provides free of cost repair service for your Datsun car after an accident or a mishap. It is a seamless process too as it requires very few documents to be submitted and makes you go through very few formalities. Under this claim option, the insurance company sends a surveyor immediately to examine the extent of damage sustained by the insured car and create a report about it and submit it to the insurer. The cashless car insurance facility enables its policyholders to get their Datsun cars repaired at quality service centres as only the best garages get affiliation to be listed as network garages by insurance companies.

Renew Expired Policy for Datsun Cars

A car insurance policy is a legal contract between an insured individual and an insurance company for a specific duration, which is generally a year. In order to keep availing the car insurance for your Datsun car, you are required to renew it before its due date and failing to renew it timely can make you lose out on its benefits. However, insurance companies provide a grace period of 90 days to renew the policy even after the expiry date, but if the policy is not renewed even within this period, then insurance companies will have the absolute right to reject your application for renewal.

Although the expiration of policy may look to be a trivial issue, it can bring various hassles with it. The biggest challenge it may bring is the legal trouble that you could face for driving your car without owning an active insurance plan. Also, policy expiration will terminate the accumulated NCB benefit due to which you will have to pay an increased premium. The policy renewal can be done online as well as offline. You can renew your policy by visiting your insurance company’s website and complete it by entering the required details, making any changes as per your choice, and paying the renewal fee using a credit card, debit card, internet banking, etc. You can opt for a long-term policy too if yearly renewals trouble you.

Car Insurance Premium for Datsun Car Variants

The following table shows the complete list of Datsun car variants with their insurance premium rates.
Car ModelVariant of the CarIDV*Zero Depreciation Price* (INR)Premium* (INR)
Datsun redi-GO1.0 T Option 286266 1574 7260
Datsun GOA EPS 305000 1678 9088
Datsun GO PlusD 307538 1691 9132
The above-mentioned Datsun Car Insurance Premiums are suggestive and may change basis the car's MMV, RTO location, claims history, policy type, etc.

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Datsun Car Insurance FAQs

  • How long does it take to renew a Datsun car insurance?

    You can get your Datsun car insurance renewed in just 5 minutes with InsuranceDekho.

  • Which all insurance add-ons should be bought with Datsun cars

    For Datsun Insurance, The popular car insurance add-ons opted with Datsun cars include zero depreciation add-on, engine cover, NCB (No Claim Bonus) cover and RSA (Road Side Assistance) cover among others.

  • From where can I purchase insurance for my Datsun car

    You can visit our website, compare all available premium quotes for Datsun cars and select the one which best suits your requirements. With InsuranceDekho, get policy issued instantly.

  • Which insurer has the best claim settlement ratio for Datsun cars?

    Acko General Insurance, Bharti AXA General Insurance and ICICI Lombard General Insurance are among the car insurers who have registered impressive claim settlement ratio for Datsun cars.

  • Is it necessary to buy a third party car insurance plan for Datsun cars?

    Yes, it is mandatory for every car owner to hold at least a third party car insurance policy while driving in India, according to the Indian Motor Tariff. Hence, it is applicable as a compulsion for the car owners of Datsun cars as well to carry at least a liability-only policy.

  • Will I have to purchase a standalone own-damage car insurance policy for my Datsun car compulsorily?

    No, it is an option to buy a standalone own-damage car insurance plan and not a compulsion. However, it is suggested that all the car owners should opt for it as the third party plan covers the third party only and offers no coverage for your own damage.

  • Can I transfer my No Claim Bonus (NCB) benefit from my old plan to my new policy for Datsun cars?

    Yes, you are allowed to transfer your No Claim Bonus (NCB) from your previous plan to your new car insurance policy for Datsun cars as the NCB benefit is provided to policyholders and not to the car.

  • Will I have to pay an extra premium to opt for zero depreciation add-on cover?

    Yes, you will have to pay a little extra premium along with the standard car insurance policy premium to add zero depreciation cover to my car insurance plan for your Datsun car. This add-on cover will increase your claim amount by eliminating the default depreciation cost while computing the IDV.

  • What details should I fill up on the premium calculator to compute the premium for my Datsun car?

    To find the accurate and correct premium amount for your car insurance policy for your Datsun car, you should enter various details on the premium calculator which includes make, model, fuel type, variant, RTO location, year of purchase, and so on.

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