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Tips To Gain Maximum Fuel Efficiency For Bikes

Published On May 10, 2021, Updated On Jul 23, 2021

To get maximum fuel efficiency from your bike, ride it at a constant speed, maintain appropriate air pressure, always go for good quality fuel, etc. Read on to know about these effective tips in detail.

Two-wheelers are the handiest vehicles in India. Apart from being cost-friendly, they are easy to drive and are very useful when it comes to escaping traffic. Although, maintaining a bike is slowly becoming an expensive business. With the spike in fuel rates, it has become imperative to get the maximum mileage. This article will offer some effective and easy tips that will help you get the maximum fuel efficiency of your bike. 

Tips To Gain Maximum Fuel Efficiency For Bikes

Tips To Gain Maximum Fuel Efficiency For Bikes

Following are some easy tips that can help you get the maximum fuel efficiency for your bike - 

1. Maintain A Constant Driving Speed

Riding at a constant speed is a gateway to getting maximum mileage. Abrupt acceleration and braking results in high fuel consumption which brings down the efficiency of the engine. It is advised to maintain a constant average speed of 40kmph to 50kmph with minimal braking to get the best of your ride.

2. Maintain Appropriate Air Pressure

Air pressure in bike tires plays an important role when you're riding. Low air pressure in the bike tire will increase the rolling resistance due to wider contact of the tire with the surface area. Higher than recommended air pressure can increase the mileage but, it will decrease the traction. Always ensure to check the air pressure of your bike tires and maintain the manufacturer-recommended level of pressure to get maximum fuel efficiency. 

3. Shifting To Highest Gear

While riding, shifting to the highest gear will reduce the engine speed paving the way to its long life. It also helps you ride with the same road speed thus improving the mileage of your bike.

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4. Good Quality Fuel

Ensuring that you fill the fuel tank with high-quality fuel. Petrol and diesel are usually mixed with ethanol at many gas bunks. Selecting a fuel station that provides a higher concentration of fuel with minimal ethanol will ensure proper combustion. Good quality fuel will increase fuel efficiency and also keeps the engine healthy.

5. Keep Your Bike Well Maintained

Owning a bike entails maintaining it. Giving it for service regularly will ensure the bike’s proper functioning and a long life span. It is advised to give the bike to service at your insurance company’s network garage. The service centers have modern technology and trained professionals who provide more efficient service. Also at these network garages you are not vulnerable to the risk of getting fake bike parts or any kind of mishandling of your bike due to the assurance of your insurance provider.

6. Turn Off Engine When Idle

One of the most evident ways of saving fuel is by switching off the engine when you are not riding it. Idling at standstill has proven to consume less fuel than an engine start-up, only when the bike is idle for less than a minute. Turning off the engine if you are idle for longer than a minute will save fuel and help you enjoy a  good mileage.

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 Take Away

Getting the maximum possible efficiency from your bike is simple. All that is required for getting a better fuel economy is that you take scrupulous care of your bike and service it at regular intervals. Little things like avoiding traffic, parking in the shade, and maintaining a clean engine ensure the proper functioning of the bike thus returning you the maximum mileage from your two-wheeler.

Apart from these simple steps, it is advised to take insurance for your bike. Insurance will offer you peace of mind by taking off the financial strain that comes along with owning a bike. It is definitely a must-have for every bike owner if you want to avoid heavy repair bills among others. Insure your bike and enjoy riding!

Disclaimer: This article is issued in the general public interest and meant for general information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as conclusive in nature and should research further or consult an expert in this regard.

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