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Tips To Control Your Bike From Skidding

Updated On Jul 28, 2021

Read this article to get tips on controlling your bike from skidding.

Riding your bike may definitely give you an adrenaline rush. But, it nearly pops your heart out when your bike skids during a turn or when you apply brakes. Skidding is a common phenomenon that takes place even when you are riding your bike at the slowest of speed. This could be because of many reasons. Read this article to find out why your bike might have skid and tips on controlling your bike in this stressful situation. 

Tips To Control Your Bike From Skidding

Primary Reasons For Bike Skidding 

Most Indian roads are uneven surfaces with lots of potholes and road bumps. The increase in the number of two-wheelers on the road has increased traffic and the number of accidents owing to skidding on a daily basis. There could be many reasons for your bike to skid. Some of them might be- 

  • A Sudden Change In Direction

It is common to have the need to suddenly change course while riding a two-wheeler. It could be to avoid colliding with another vehicle or pedestrian or any obstacle on the road. This sudden shift in the course can cause a skidding situation. 

  • Excessive Braking 

While riding your bike in India, it is common to come across sudden obstacles from the opposite sides or from the adjoining roads. Such situations may instinctively make you apply the brakes too hard. This may result in locking both the tires or one of them too tightly. This may also cause skidding. 

  • Leaning Too Much At The Corners

While taking turns, the bike needs to be tilted in a certain angle to have a smooth turn. In some cases, this tilt could be overdone. The tilt is usually done when the rider leans on to one side. Leaning too much at the corners during a turn upon approaching a corner may also lead to skidding. 

  • Wet Roads 

Most Indian roads have houses on either sides, or shops and tend to remain wet most of the time. The Indian monsoons and condensation is also one of the reasons that contribute to wet roads. Riding on wet roads sometimes causes your tires to skid when you brake or turn mainly because of the loss of traction between the bike’s tires and the road. This leads to a skidding situation. 

How To Control Skidding While Riding A Bike?

Experiencing slight skidding on your bike while riding puts you in an anxious and heart-racing situation. It becomes very difficult to control your bike when you are panicking. These are some tips to help you gain control on your two-wheeler in case of skidding- 

  • Shifting Your Weight

Your weight is one of the main tools you can use to control the tilt of your vehicle. Try putting more weight on the rear wheel of your bike. This will help you to reduce your skid as it balances your bike. 

  • Do Not Clutch 

Engine braking is a smart technique you can use to decrease the bike’s speed along with the brakes. You can avoid using the clutch and downshift the gear. Your bike will probably jerk but it will reduce your bike’s speed eventually and thus prevent skidding. 

  • Avoid Sharp Turns On Wet Roads

Sharp turns require you to tilt your bike to a certain angle. This may cause skidding if you are riding your bike on wet roads. This is mainly because of the loss of traction. It is always better to avoid sharp turns while riding on such roads. 

Take Away

Skidding can be rather dangerous when you are riding in traffic or on edgy roads. These accidents can cause major to minor damages to your bike. Repairing your bike can be very expensive. Thus, it is important to purchase bike insurance if you want to save yourself from these burdening expenses. Make sure to ride at a controllable speed and ride safely. 

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Disclaimer: This article is issued in the general public interest and meant for general information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as conclusive in nature and should research further or consult an expert in this regard.    

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