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Long Term Two-Wheeler Insurance: Everything You Need To Know About

Updated On Sep 07, 2022

Long Term Two-Wheeler Insurance: Everything You Need To Know About

It might be quite difficult to successfully renew a long-term two-wheeler motor insurance policy year after year. It is against the law to operate a car without third-party liability insurance, therefore even a day's delay in renewing a coverage might cause problems. Choosing a long-term vehicle insurance coverage is a simple and practical answer to this issue. To know more about long term two-wheeler insurance, read on.

 Long Term Two-Wheeler Insurance: Everything You Need To Know About

What Are The Advantages Of Having A Long Term Two-Wheeler Vehicle Insurance?

Following are the advantages of having a long term two-wheeler vehicle insurance -

  1. Discounts - Discounts on two-wheeler long-term vehicle insurance are available to policyholders. Long-term plans enable insurers to reduce administrative expenses, enabling them to offer clients a range of discounts and incentives. This is in addition to the no-claim incentive and the underwriting benefits offered. Own damage insurance is not required by law when it comes to automobile insurance, but third party liability insurance is. Ahead of time savings for own damage insurance are also being provided by insurers like New India Assurance with their three-year third-party insurance plans.
  2. Renewals - If one has many policies, having to renew them every year is significantly less convenient than having to do it every two or three years. When a policy is up for renewal, the policyholder must undergo a drawn-out procedure. The policyholder cannot file a claim if an accident occurs after the renewal date has passed. Before renewing the coverage or providing a new policy, the insurer could also demand that the vehicle be examined. Additionally, if a long period has gone since your insurance expired, you could have problems finding an insurer who would cover your automobile. The likelihood of these issues developing is significantly reduced if you have long-term two-wheeler insurance coverage.
  3. Premiums - The cost of third-party insurance premiums has been rising yearly. Every year, IRDAI raises the cost of third-party liability insurance by 20%. In the first three years of a policy, a person's premiums would not vary if they had to acquire long-term auto insurance.

Why Should Someone Buy A Long Term Two-Wheeler Insurance?

For long-term bike insurance, insurance providers are now prepared to provide reductions on the Own Damage (OD) portion of the policy rate. Long-term plans allow insurers to lower administrative and policy-issuing expenses. The clients receive a discount as a result of these cost reductions.

Third-party insurance is required by Indian motor vehicle legislation because it protects against a driver's obligation to a third party in the event of an accident. The market-available two-wheeler insurance policies shield you from any financial losses brought on by unanticipated accidents and medical bills. You'll feel more at ease in the future if you're financially prepared, even for the worst-case situation.

A bike insurance policy is a must since it provides protection against a variety of costs that you could have to pay in the event of an unforeseen circumstance. In India, it is illegal to ride a two-wheeler without a current two-wheeler insurance coverage. You may decide whether to get a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy or a third-party liability insurance policy based on your demands because the latter provides policyholders with greater coverage. When you quit using your bike is the one time it doesn't require insurance. However, if you are still riding your bike, never risk injury by choosing a two-wheeler instead.


When compared to regular insurance, it is clear why investing for the long term is preferable. Live stress-free without having to deal with the difficulties of yearly renewal by taking advantage of a long-term two-wheeler insurance coverage. Knowing the advantages and characteristics of long-term two-wheeler insurance can help you evaluate options and pick the best plan for your bike.

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This article is issued in the general public interest and meant for general information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as conclusive in nature and should research further or consult an expert in this regard.
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