How to Check Vehicle Owner Details By Registration Number?

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There are many scenarios in which you may want to find out about the owner of a vehicle when you have access to the registration number or the plate number. The method of doing this is through the government database VAHAN. Let’s find out about the process.

There are some scenarios in which you may want to find out about the details of a vehicle’s owner. For example, in a hit and run accident scenario you may have the details of the vehicle, such as the plate number, but would still want to find out about who owns the vehicle. Further, in a situation where you are buying a used bike or two wheeler, you may want to know about the owner of the vehicle to find out as many details about it as possible. To find out about the vehicle’s owner, what you need is a registration number. Let’s read on to find out how to check vehicle owner details with the registration number.

How to Check Vehicle Owner Details By Registration Number?

The central government, through the ministry of Road Transport and Highways, has made this process easy through the database VAHAN, which has centralised important data such as registration details of over 28 crore vehicles. The national registry VAHAN allows us to access the vehicle details of these 28 crore database entries and is thus extremely useful. It can be used to access the vehicle owner details of a bike or two wheeler, or even a car, if you have the plate number or registration number. Let’s read the steps on how to do this.

STEP 1: The first step is visiting the official VAHAN website.

STEP 2: Click on “Know Your Vehicle Details” at the top navigation menu on the website.

STEP 3: Enter the Vehicle Registration Number, or the plate number of the bike for which you may want to find out information.

STEP 4: Complete the captcha verification and select “Search Vehicle”.

STEP 5: You will be presented with the name of the owner and other details of the vehicle whose registration number you have entered.


Now if you are ever caught in a scenario such as a hit and run or other situation where you need to find out the details of a vehicle owner, such as buying a used two wheeler, you know all about how to carry out the steps to achieve this. The website of VAHAN is easy to access and you will be able to get all the details related to a vehicle if you have the number plate.

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