Only 30% Women in Hyderabad Got Screened for Breast Cancer

Published On 07 Nov 2019 By Sakshi Aggarwal

Even after around 85% of women in Hyderabad being well aware of Breast Cancer, 62% of them were convinced that they were the ones at risk for the disease. Unfortunately, even after having knowledge of the disease, the percentage of women who turned up for the screening is low. 

According to the results of Breast Cancer Awareness Survey (incidentally, October being the Breast Cancer month), 28% respondents believed that they don’t need screening while 40% of them stated that they were not informed about if any such screening tests exist for Breast Cancer. 

Moreover, 25% also confessed that they were very lazy or even young to go through a screening test for the disease.  

It was Future Generali India Life insurance Company Pvt Ltd and Momspresso’s (a portal for mothers) national survey that was able to bring out these insights.   

The study also revealed that around 9% of respondents in Hyderabad themselves were or had been suffering from the deadly disease. Of the breast cancer fighters, most of them noticed the top three common symptoms being ignored are like pain in the breasts, variation in shape or size of breasts, and lumps and thickenings.   

The survey was conducted with the aim of motivating communication among women on the topic of underlying breast cancer symptoms and increasing awareness on the same.

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