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Top 5 Deadliest Diseases In India

Published On Feb 25, 2021 5:30 AM By KANIKA WADHWA

In India, the healthcare system has eradicated many fatal diseases like smallpox, polio and leprosy, but there are still some deadly diseases that affect 60% of its population annually. These include but are not restricted to cancer, cardiovascular disorders, pulmonary disorders, tuberculosis, malignant tumors and digestive disorders. Recovering from such illnesses is also difficult in a developing country like India, because the diagnosis and hospitalization costs lie outside the affordability of common Indians. Several health insurance policies have been designed to financially aid the masses, but a general awareness about these diseases and its coverage is low. In this article, we are going to talk about the top 5 deadliest diseases in India that are covered under most health and life insurance policies.

Top 5 Deadliest Diseases In India

Top 5 Deadliest Diseases In India

The following is a list of the top 5 deadliest diseases in India -

  • Tuberculosis (TB) 

The leading cause of death in India is tuberculosis. It is a highly infectious disease that affects a person's lungs. Its deadliness arises from the fact that someone might be infected by the TB bacteria but remain asymptomatic. TB includes many symptoms, the most common one being coughing up blood or phlegm that can last for several weeks and become painful, especially while normal breathing. Several critical health insurance policies offer financial coverage for the hospitalization expenses of tuberculosis and you should remember that it is not completely incurable with the right intervention and access to health care.

  • Stroke 

Second in line for claiming lives after tuberculosis in India, is a stroke. It is a cardiovascular disorder where the blood flow to your brain via an artery or a vein is blocked. It leads to oxygen deprivation in the brain cells and can lead to death within minutes. A person suffering from a stroke can feel a sudden numbness and disorientation, leading to trouble in walking and seeing. Undiagnosed strokes can also lead to long term disability. But most health and life insurance policies cover the financial liability of treating strokes and it is an inbuilt coverage option in most insurance plans. Disability induced by stroke is also protected by a regular income and pay out options and you only need to be aware of the pointers to ensure a financially secure future in case you or any of your loved ones suffers from this disease.

  • Respiratory Disorders 

Respiratory diseases include collective diseases and it is not possible to list each one separately. These are long term and progressive illnesses that make breathing difficult. Symptoms may include breathlessness, wheezing and tight feeling in your chest. If left untreated for long, it can lead to lung failure and eventually, death. While there is still no established cure, the best way to prevent respiratory diseases is to reduce smoking and get diagnosed as early as possible. You can be assured of a monetary reimbursement of your costs towards the treatment of such diseases, as it is included in the list of critical illnesses and you can easily purchase or invest in a health insurance policy that will provide you with the financial cover.

  • Cancer

Cancer is a broad term and refers to the uncontrollable division of cells in any part of your body. This can lead to malignant tumors, damage your immune system and cause other fatal impairments. It is considered to be deadly because the disease does not show any kind of symptom of manifestation until its critical stage. Doctors often employ more than one method of treatment to maximize effectiveness but cancer treatment costs are sky high. The high percentage of death due to cancer in India is due to the people’s inability to afford such medication costs. Many reputed health insurance providers, both private and state, offer health insurance plans designed specially to financially assist the treatment of cancer.

  • Alzheimer’s Disease 

Alzheimer’s Disease is an irreversible, progressive brain disorder that gradually erodes a person’s memory, thinking skills and their ability to carry out simple tasks. It is a disease that affects people during their 60s and an early onset during the 30s is very rare. Resulting in the loss of connection between the neurons and the different muscles and organs in the body, it shrinks the person’s brain tissues. The Government of India has recently sanctioned an order to incorporate mental diseases as part of the coverage option for several health insurance policies and there are many options that cover this illness. Since it affects people in their post-retirement age when their susceptibility to other illnesses increases, having a health insurance policy against this disease is advisable.

Take Away

These are the top 5 deadliest diseases in India. While a complete cure is difficult to find, one can always delay the progression of the disease with access to proper healthcare and medical facilities. Furthermore, the plethora of health insurance policies that offer financial coverage against each of the diseases mentioned above makes the battle comparatively easier by reducing your lod of having to amass funds for medical treatment. You should take the terms and conditions of different health insurance providers to ensure that you and your loved ones are effectively cushioned against the monetary claims of such deadly diseases.

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