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Raghav was suffering from toothache so he rushed to the nearest dental clinic. It was then he realised that his tooth had become dugout and he might need surgery. He looked at his health insurance plan and realised that his insurance policy does not cover dental treatment.

This happened because Raghav (at the time of buying his policy) was unaware of the fact that not all health insurance plans offer coverage for dental expenses. And he missed checking this feature while purchasing one. As a result, he had to pay the hospital bill from his saving. Sadly, the surgery was so expensive that it dug a deep hole in his pocket.

Precisely speaking, not all, but a few health insurance plans offer coverage for oral health or dental care. To avoid getting caught in a similar situation like Raghav’s, you must take up health insurance plans that cover dental expenses as well. Some insurers who have structured their health insurance plans to cover oral care include Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance, Apollo Munich Health Insurance, and Bharti AXA.

You can go for the following policies to enjoy dental treatment coverage benefits:

Benefits of Dental Insurance Plans in India

Dental insurance plans take care of your oral health. These plans bring along many benefits. Some of them are listed below-

  • They cover all oral treatments, including critical illness or surgery

  • Many of them cover primitive care like medical check-ups (name of the plans)

  • Some plans also offer a free consultation to the patient

There are many general insurance plans that come with dental treatment coverage feature in India.

1. Individual health insurance plans-

Individual health insurance plans cover dental insurance in additional benefits. Some may even include it in basic coverage features.

2. Critical illness plans-

Critical illness plans cover some specified critical illnesses. But many of these plans offer coverage for dental procedures as well.

3. Family floater health insurance plans-

Not many, but a few family floater health insurance plans offer coverage for dental procedures for the insured family members.

4. Preventive healthcare plans-

Sometimes health insurance plans that cover preventive healthcare plans like consultation cost or regular health check-ups also offer cover for dental procedures.

5. Personal accident cover-

Sometimes a personal accident insurance policy also covers dental expenses on the treatment required due to accident. 

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Over to You!

A better way out is to get dental cover benefits, either by choosing a plan that has it as a permanent inclusion or as an add-on benefit instead where you can pay a little extra premium and enjoy the dental cover.

Get in touch with InsuranceDekho for the best health insurance plans online or customise your health insurance plan to add dental care benefits.

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