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What Happens When You Leave Your Two Wheeler Outside In The Sunlight?

Published On Nov 19, 2020, Updated On Oct 20, 2022

A bike requires constant care and maintenance, and one of the things it needs protection from is continued exposure to the sun. Read all about the negative consequences of leaving your two wheeler out in the sunlight and why it should be avoided.

Sunlight is enriched in Vitamin D and is thought to be the most crucial mineral for the human body. However, excess sunlight may lead to various skin diseases. Isn’t it? In the same way, sunlight impacts the two-wheelers negatively if they are kept outside for a longer period of time. The sunlight may cause severe damage to your bike and burn a hole in your pocket. In this article, we’ll help you understand all the consequences of keeping your motorcycle in the sunlight. Continue reading to find out more! 

The Effects of Leaving Your Bike in the Sun

  • Colour Degradation:

If kept in sunlight for a longer period of time, the colour of your bike will degrade. If you have a bike colour that is different from the standard colours like black, silver, white, grey, and others, it is more likely to fade faster. It is advisable to avoid parking the bike outside in the sun to keep the colour of your bike the same. 

  • Fuel Evaporation:

An excessive amount of sunlight will lead to an increase in temperature inside the gas tank. As a result, it will turn into a gaseous state and slowly and steadily rise, enabling it to leak from the fuel tank lid. This is not only dangerous but will also lead to wastage of fuel whose prices are currently at their peak. 

  • Fuel Degradation:

This is a phenomenon that will influence the fuel in your bike's pipes and hoses as it travels to the engine. Even after the bike is stopped, there will remain fuel leftovers in certain areas of your bike. The heat from the sun can induce breakdown in the rubber, resulting in contaminants in the fuel. This can cause complete degradation of the fuel in your bike over time and should be avoided at all costs.

  • Damage To Bike Accessories:

The majority of bike accessories are composed of synthetic leather, rubber, or plastic. Prolonged sunshine exposure will harden these materials. This will cause them to become brittle and perhaps form cracks, thus making them sustain damage due to sunlight. Since accessories are often a costly investment, it is best to avoid leaving your bike in the sun.

  • Tyre Damage:

It is true that bikes’ tyres are made from a stable material, vulcanised rubber. However, even they are not immune from the damage that can be caused by sunlight. The heat from the sun causes the air inside tyres to expand and put pressure on the rubber tyres, frequently resulting in punctures, cracks, and other damages, and in rare circumstances, tyre bursts, which can be dangerous.

Tips To Keep Your Motorbike Safe From Sun

If you are also an owner of a motorbike then you should know about a few tips that can help you in guarding your motorbike against the harmful effects of sunlight. 

  • Watch for a parking area that is mostly covered with shade to protect your bike from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. 
  • If your bike is parked in the sun regularly for a long time, then clean it on a weekly basis with a leather conditioner. 
  • Always keep your bike covered. This will not only protect your bike from UV rays but will also keep your bike safe and clean from other dust particles. 


Like all other assets, bikes also require care and maintenance, especially during the summers. The sunlight can harm your two-wheeler and may lead to a big buck loss for you. Hence, you should always follow the above-mentioned tips in order to keep your bike safe from any kind of damage.

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