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Tips To Maintain Your Electric Two-Wheeler


Written by Saad Ahmad

Updated Feb 12, 2022

As more individuals want to lessen their carbon impact, electric two-wheelers are becoming increasingly popular. Let's have a look at how to keep them in good shape.

Due to the sheer good impact it has on the environment by significantly lowering pollution, an increasing number of individuals around the country are opting for an electric two-wheeler instead of a regular petrol or diesel two-wheeler. If you're one of those folks, decreasing your carbon footprint is a great way to be a good citizen. In addition to having a lower environmental effect, electric two-wheelers require extremely less maintenance compared to their gasoline or diesel equivalents. Even these bikes, however, require some regular maintenance to stay in peak form. Let's have a look at the fundamental maintenance that electric two-wheelers require in order to avoid costly repairs in the future.

 Tips To Maintain Your Electric Two-Wheeler

Maintenance Tips For Your Electric Two-Wheeler

The following are the actions to take to keep your electric two-wheeler in excellent working order:

  • Regularly clean it

To keep dirt, dust, and debris out of the engine, it has to be cleaned on a regular basis. If any debris enters the engine and causes it to malfunction, it will cause trouble when riding. To avoid the electrical systems from becoming wet and malfunctioning, the bike should be cleaned using a low-pressure spray of water or a moist towel.

  • Lubrication

The moving parts of your electric two-wheeler will need to be lubricated on a regular basis to guarantee that they are functioning properly. Its mobility will be hampered by dried-up lubrication, which may necessitate expensive repairs.

  • Bolts and Screws Inspection

Check the bike's bolts, nuts, screws, and other loose parts on a regular basis to ensure they are not coming free. If you don't tighten them as quickly as you can, you'll be more prone to mishaps when riding.

  • Tyre Pressure Checking

Like any other two-wheeler, your bike's tire pressure must be monitored. It's one of the most crucial things to do before taking a trip on it. Check the sidewalls of the tires to see if the pressure is sufficient or if the tires need to be filled. You can check the tire pressure on the bike with a pressure gauge. It's never a good idea to ride your bike with the wrong tire pressure since it might cause you to slide and tumble.

  • Pads for the Brakes

Every few weeks, inspect the brake pads on your electric two-wheeler. You would be in danger of being involved in a major accident if your brakes were not efficient and working. If your brake pads need to be replaced, do it as soon as possible.

  • Battery Maintenance

This is the bike's most important component. Make sure you charge it according to the manufacturer's recommendations. If it is not charged according to the directions, it will wear out sooner. Because battery replacements may be expensive, it's in your best interest to ensure the battery's longevity.

  • When the Bike isn't in use, Turn off the Power

Your electric bike is powered by a battery. The battery will be depleted if the engine is left running, resulting in diminished performance. When you are not riding your electric bike, turn off the engine to save battery charge and utilize it when needed. In this manner, you're not only ensuring your bike's efficiency, but you're also conserving energy.

Take Away

Bikes are a valued possession for any owner, regardless of the fuel source. Electric bikes are simple to maintain and need little work to keep them running. However, just as with any other vehicle, obtaining bike insurance for your electric bike is required. As a result, make sure you have bike insurance and ride carefully.

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Disclaimer: This article is issued in the general public interest and meant for general information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as conclusive in nature and should research further or consult an expert in this regard.


Written by Saad Ahmad

Saad is a marketing guru and has some exciting knowledge to share about the motor and related industry. Read More

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