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Tips To Maintain Correct Posture During Long Bike Trips


Written by Sharad Bajaj

Updated Apr 01, 2021

A long journey on your bike can be extremely pleasant, but the aftermath may not be so. This can happen if you do not have correct posture while riding your bike. Learn about the ways to maintain correct posture and prevent aches and pains in your body.

A long journey on your bike or two wheeler can be extremely blissful. However, if you do not take care to maintain the correct posture during it, then the aftermath can be agonising. Why is that? It is because your body would have a painful reaction to bad posture during a long bike ride, giving you aches and pains and deteriorating your comfort. This is especially true for backaches. Thus, to avoid this, it is best to take care about the posture that you have while riding a bike, especially on long journeys. Let’s read all about how to do this.

Tips to Maintain Correct Posture on Long Bike Trips

Take the following steps to make sure you have good posture and that your body is protected from pains after your long journey on your two wheeler:

1. Avoid Slouching

It is almost a reflex for our bodies to slouch unconsciously, especially when we are seated in one place for a long time. Therefore we are increasingly susceptible to it on long bike journeys. While it may be tempting and feel comfortable in the short run, you should make a conscious effort to avoid it, as it will help prevent back ache in the future.

2. Balance Your Body Weight

It is common for you to lose your balance while riding a bike, and body weight often shifts towards the hands, with the body bending forward. The hands gripping the handles then support your body weight and can lead to pain in the forearms and wrists due to the increased pressure. To prevent this and to have correct posture you should find the right balance and manage your body weight while riding your bike.

3. Smooth Switching and Breaking

When riding a bike, you would constantly deal with the clutch, brakes, and gears. It takes a lot of concentration as well as instinct and engages all your limbs, which can be tiring, especially as it is required for everything to remain in sync. If the clutch, gear, and brakes are tight then it can cause pain in the limbs due to the additional effort they will require. Therefore, maintain your bike well to avoid this and to enable smooth functioning.

4. Take Breaks

The most important thing in long journeys is to take breaks and stretch. You can perform easy neck and shoulder exercise to stretch your muscles. Refueling your bike gives you a good opportunity to do so. Every time you get back up on your bike, make sure you are refreshed and keep the tips about correct posture in mind.

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Maintaining correct posture is extremely important when riding your bike, and of extra significance when you are on a long journey on your bike or two wheeler. Follow these steps to prevent any aches and pains in your body and to ensure a smooth ride.

Disclaimer: This article is issued in the general public interest and meant for general information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as conclusive in nature and should research further or consult an expert in this regard.


Written by Sharad Bajaj

Sharad is an insurance industry veteran who has managed motor insurance products for over a decade. Read More

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