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Third-Party vs Comprehensive Bike Insurance: Which One Do You Need?

Published On Jul 20, 2023, Updated On Aug 23, 2023

Third-Party vs Comprehensive Bike Insurance: Which One Do You Need?

Choosing the right insurance for your bike is essential to ensure you are adequately protected in case of any unfortunate incidents. Two popular options in the market are Third-Party Bike Insurance and Comprehensive Bike Insurance. In this blog, we will explore the differences between the two, their benefits and help you make an informed decision about which type of insurance suits your needs best.

Third-Party Vs Comprehensive Two-Wheeler Insurance

The primary distinction between comprehensive and third-party two-wheeler insurance lies in the extent of coverage they provide. Third-party insurance specifically covers liabilities related to third parties, whereas comprehensive insurance offers broader coverage, encompassing third-party liabilities as well as any damage to your own bike. Additionally, comprehensive insurance provides various add-on benefits that can result in significant cost savings in case of an accident.

Third-Party vs Comprehensive Bike Insurance: Which One Do You Need?

Comparing the Specifications of Third-Party and Comprehensive Two-Wheeler Insurance

The table below will give you a comprehensive overview to help you determine which insurance option, comprehensive or third party, is most suitable for your bike.

Third-Party Bike Insurance

Comprehensive Bike Insurance

Covers damages caused to a third-party vehicle.

Provides own-damage cover and third-party liabilities.

Limited coverage, only damages caused to the third-party vehicle.

Extensive coverage, includes own-damage, damage to your bike, theft, and covers damages to both parties involved in an accident.

Limited add-ons available.

Offers multiple add-ons such as return to invoice, zero-depreciation, and roadside assistance.

Generally lower premium cost.

Premium cost is higher compared to third-party insurance due to wider coverage and additional benefits.

Suitable for old bikes with infrequent use.

Highly recommended for new bikes and regular commuters who spend a significant amount of time riding their bikes.

Which Policy Should You Opt For: Comprehensive or Third-Party?

When deciding between third-party bike insurance and comprehensive bike insurance coverage, consider the level of coverage and protection required for your bike.

If you own an infrequently used or old bike that you plan to sell or scrap soon, a third-party bike insurance cover is suitable. This basic and mandatory cover provides adequate protection for a bike that sees minimal road exposure, safeguarding you from financial and legal liabilities in case of accidents involving your insured bike.

However, a comprehensive insurance policy is a better choice for a new bike that is regularly used and exposed to traffic and potential damages. The comprehensive coverage includes both third-party insurance and an own damage cover, ensuring complete protection for your two-wheeler.

With the convenience of our online bike insurance calculator, you can select an Insured Declared Value (IDV) that provides sufficient coverage while maintaining affordable premiums. The IDV is a crucial factor as it ensures you receive the full value of your bike in case of a total loss, so it is essential not to opt for a very low IDV that could compromise your bike's safety.


Choosing between Third-Party and Comprehensive bike insurance renewal depends on your individual needs, the value of your bike, and how frequently you ride. While Third-Party motor Insurance fulfils the legal requirement, Comprehensive Insurance offers more extensive coverage and benefits, making it a wiser choice for many bike owners. Evaluate your requirements, consider the pros and cons of both options and make an informed decision to ensure your bike is adequately protected on the road.


  1. Does comprehensive insurance include cashless repair services?

The availability of cashless repair services depends on the insurance company you choose. However, it's worth noting that many insurers do provide cashless options as part of their comprehensive insurance policy.

  1. What circumstances could invalidate my insurance policy?

Your insurance policy will not provide compensation if the following conditions are present: riding under the influence of alcohol, riding without a valid licence, or damages caused by your own negligence. In such cases, your policy may be voided.

  1. Does Third-Party Insurance cover regular wear and tear?

No, Third-Party Bike Insurance does not cover regular wear and tear of your bike. It only provides coverage for damages caused to third-party vehicles or individuals due to an accident.

  1. Can I customise the Insured Declared Value (IDV) in Comprehensive Insurance?

Yes, Comprehensive Bike Insurance allows you to customise the Insured Declared Value (IDV) based on the current market value of your bike. This flexibility ensures that you get adequate compensation in case of total loss or theft.

  1. Which insurance option is more expensive?

Comprehensive Bike Insurance generally comes at a higher premium cost compared to Third-Party Insurance. However, the additional coverage and benefits make it a more valuable investment for bike owners.

  1. Which insurance should I choose for an old bike with infrequent use?

For an older bike that you rarely use, Third-Party Bike Insurance might be sufficient to meet the legal requirement. It helps protect you from any hefty fines for not having bike insurance.


This article is issued in the general public interest and meant for general information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as conclusive in nature and should research further or consult an expert in this regard.

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