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Safety Tips To Ride Two-Wheeler With A Pillion Rider

Updated On Aug 24, 2021

When you ride your two-wheeler with a pillion rider then safety becomes a bigger concern. This article will share some tips following which you can ride safely with a pillion rider.

Many people know to ride a two-wheeler alone but becomes less confident while riding with a pillion rider. It becomes a matter of safety to drive with another person. To cope up with any unforeseen circumstance, you should own a two-wheeler insurance policy, but to ensure a safe drive with a pillion rider below are some steps to follow.

Safety Tips To Ride Two-Wheeler With A Pillion Rider

Check The Weight Capacity of Your Bike

Before taking a pillion rider on a drive on your bike, you need to be confident with your riding skills as well as the capacity of your bike to bear the weight. When you are about to ride with a person in the backseat, the extra weight affects the braking, acceleration, and suspension of your bike. If the acceleration goes out of control due to excess weight, your bike brakes should function correctly to handle the two-wheeler.

Make Your Pillion Aware of Basic Riding Rules

Every bike rider should make his co-passengers aware of basic bike riding rules. The basic thing pillion should avoid is leaning backwards as when anyone does so, the weight is shifted backwards which makes it difficult for the rider to turn at sharp corners and failing to sit in a proper manner can also lead to an accident. You should also tell your pillion rider to not try to dismount from the bike or scooter unless it stops completely and both feet is on the ground.

Getting On The Two-Wheeler

It looks like trivial advice but holds utmost importance as your pillion rider should get on the bike only when you are ready to ride. The pillion rider should mount from the non-muffler side only when you have taken control of the bike and keep it in an upright position. In addition to this, you should make your pillion rider familiar with the location of the hot exhaust. Sometimes, the trip gets spoiled due to burning injuries suffered by the pillion rider by putting the foot on the exhaust.

Hold The Rider Tightly

Ask your co-passenger to hold you tight, otherwise, he or she might fall or dash you if the bike stops suddenly. Many people have the fear of falling off while the bike is picking up and they hold the driver’s cloth to counter that fear that makes it more uncomfortable for the rider. The pillion’s slightest movements can affect the bike’s ride on the turns, etc., and can create an imbalance if they lean on the opposite side of the direction in which your two-wheeler is turning. Hence, it is important to tell your pillion the fundamentals of sitting on the bike.

Getting Off the Two-Wheeler

To keep your bike in balance, tell your pillion rider to never take off their feet from the footpegs until the bike stops. The two-wheeler can get imbalanced if the driver and pillion both put their feet down. Once the ride is completed and the bike has stopped then you can ask your pillion to get down from the non-muffler side in a similar fashion as he or she got onto it. Also, during the ride, it might be difficult for the rider and pillion to hear each other due to the noise of the engine and wind, so you can connect with each other via Bluetooth headset etc., to convey any discomfort, danger, acceleration, or a brake.


It is a crucial thing for every bike rider to be cautious while driving a two-wheeler, but you should be extra careful when driving with a pillion rider on your backseat. Any improper approach to sit or drive can lead to accidents and can reduce the fun of your ride. Hence, you should try to ensure the safety of your pillion by sharing some safety tips with him or her. In this article, we have mentioned some tips to help you and your co-passenger safe during the ride. Go through the points and make your ride safer.

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Disclaimer: This article is issued in the general public interest and meant for general information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as conclusive in nature and should research further or consult an expert in this regard.

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