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How to Check Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate Status Online?


Written by Udit Varshney

Updated Jun 03, 2024

PUC Certificate Status Check: Know the complete Process to Check Vehicle Pollution Certificate Validity Online

A Pollution Under Control Certificate or PUC Certificate is a document that states that the pollution levels of your vehicle are within the legally compliant limits. It is a step taken by the government to ensure that the pollution levels of various vehicles are within a limit that is acceptable in order to minimise emissions.

It is an important step in reducing the country’s carbon footprint. As an environmentally conscious citizen and a law abiding citizen, it is necessary that you avail of a PUC Certificate and that you have it with you at all times when riding your bike on Indian roads. Read on to find out how you may check the status of your PUC Certificate online. 

How to Check Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate Status Online?

How to Check the Status of Your Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate Online?

The process to check the status of your two-wheeler’s Pollution Under Control Certificate online is simple. Take the following steps in order to check the status of your PUC Certificate online and get all the information related to it:

  • STEP 1: Navigate to the VAHAN website at 
  • STEP 2: Select the section titled PUC Certificate. 
  • STEP 3: You will be asked to enter your registration number, as well as the last 5 characters of your two-wheeler chassis number. Enter the required details. 
  • STEP 4: Fill in the captcha code as required. 

  • STEP 5: You will be able to see if your PUC Certificate is active, as well as its validity and readings. 

By following these simple steps you will be able to get all the relevant information about your vehicle’s PUC Certificate. You will be able to get information regarding its validity and readings, as well as tell if it is active. 


How to Perform a PUC Check?

Ensuring that your vehicle meets emission standards is crucial for protecting the environment and complying with regulations. A Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate verifies that your vehicle's emissions are within permissible limits. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to perform a PUC check:

1. Locate a PUC Centre:

   - PUC centres are commonly found at petrol pumps.

   - Authorized independent testing centres are also available.

2. Carry Necessary Documents:

   - Carry your vehicle’s registration certificate (RC).

   - It’s advisable to carry your driving licence as well.

3. Initiate the Test:

   - The operator will set up the equipment to test the vehicle’s emissions.

   - The vehicle’s exhaust pipe is connected to the testing device.

4. Undergo the Testing Process:

   - For petrol vehicles, the engine is revved, and emissions are measured.

   - For diesel vehicles, the measurement is taken at idle speed.

5. Obtain the Results:

   - The PUC certificate is issued if your vehicle’s emissions are within permissible limits.

   - The certificate includes details like the vehicle’s registration number, test result, and the certificate’s validity period.

6. Understanding the PUC Certificate:

   - Validity: A new vehicle’s PUC certificate is valid for one year. Subsequent certificates are valid for six months.

   - Fees: The fees vary based on the vehicle type and are generally quite nominal.

7. In Case of Failure:

   - If your vehicle fails the test, necessary repairs or adjustments should be made.

   - After the repairs, the vehicle should be retested at the PUC centre.

8. Digital Availability:

   - In some places, PUC certificates are available digitally, and you can show them via your mobile device if needed.

9. Regular Checks:

   - Regular PUC checks, even before the expiry of the certificate, ensure that the vehicle is always within emission norms.

10. Legal Requirement:

   - Carrying a valid PUC certificate is a legal requirement, and failure to do so can result in fines.


Conducting a PUC check is an essential part of vehicle maintenance that ensures your vehicle is eco-friendly and compliant with legal norms. Make it a part of your routine vehicle checks to contribute towards a cleaner environment and to avoid legal hassles.

Importance of Performing a Regular Pollution Check

Navigating through the avenues of responsible vehicle ownership comes with a series of tasks that aren’t just limited to maintenance and insurance. A crucial, yet sometimes overlooked aspect, is ensuring that your vehicle complies with environmental regulations. Here’s a delve into the significance of performing regular pollution checks:

1. Legal Compliance:

   - Mandatory Requirement: Many regions mandate regular pollution checks to ensure that vehicles comply with emission standards.

   - Legal Consequences: Failing to adhere to these laws might result in fines or other penalties, including the possible confiscation of your vehicle.

2. Environmentally Responsible:

   - Reduces Pollution: Regular pollution checks help in identifying vehicles that emit pollutants above permissible limits, thus helping in controlling air pollution.

   - Promotes Sustainability: By ensuring that your vehicle doesn’t excessively pollute the environment, you contribute towards sustainable and responsible vehicle usage.

3. Vehicle Health:

   - Ensures Optimal Functioning: Pollution checks can help in identifying if your vehicle’s engine and exhaust systems are working optimally.

   - Early Detection: Regular checks allow for the early detection of issues, preventing potential costly repairs or damages.

4. Economic Considerations:

   - Fuel Efficiency: A vehicle that meets emission standards often runs more efficiently, possibly saving costs on fuel.

   - Prevents Future Expenses: Regular checks can help in avoiding potential fines or expenses related to non-compliance with emission norms.

5. Social Responsibility:

   - Community Health: By ensuring your vehicle complies with pollution norms, you contribute towards the overall health and well-being of the community.

   - Setting a Precedent: Being diligent about pollution checks sets a positive example for others to follow, encouraging a culture of responsibility.

6. Ease of Documentation:

   - Facilitates Renewals: Having updated pollution check certificates can often facilitate smoother processes when it comes to vehicle insurance renewals or other documentation.

   - Resale Value: A well-maintained vehicle, compliant with pollution norms, is likely to have a higher resale value.

Performing regular pollution checks is not just a legal necessity but also a multifaceted responsibility towards your vehicle, community, and the environment. Recognising its significance and diligently ensuring compliance is an essential aspect of conscientious vehicle ownership. By doing so, you navigate a path that balances personal convenience with societal well-being and environmental sustainability.

Consequences of Not having a PUC Certificate

Not having a PUC Certificate leads to various penalties and fines. Some of the disadvantages are:

  • Fine on Vehicle owner
  • Seizure of Rc of vehicle
  • Extra charges at the time of RC renewal
  • Air Pollution


1. How can I check the status of my Vehicle Pollution Certificate (PUC Certificate) online?

You can check the status of your PUC Certificate online by visiting the appropriate website or online portal and following the steps provided for checking the certificate status.

2. What information do I need to check the PUC Certificate status online?

To check the PUC Certificate status online, you will typically need to provide the Vehicle Registration Number of your vehicle. This number can usually be found on your vehicle's registration documents.

3. Which website or online portal should I visit to check the Vehicle Pollution Certificate status?

The website or online portal for checking the Vehicle Pollution Certificate (PUC Certificate) status may vary depending on your location. It is best to check with the local transportation department or pollution control authority of your region to find the official website or portal.

4. Is it mandatory to have the Vehicle Registration Number to check the PUC Certificate status online?

Yes, having the Vehicle Registration Number is usually mandatory to check the PUC Certificate status online. It helps in identifying the specific vehicle and retrieving the relevant information about the certificate.

5. What should I do if the online portal does not show my PUC Certificate status or if there is an error in the displayed information?

If the online portal does not show your PUC Certificate status or if there is an error in the displayed information, you should contact the appropriate authorities or customer support team of the website or portal. They will assist you in resolving the issue, providing the necessary guidance, or updating the information if required.


A PUC Certificate is an important document that you must have with you at all times when riding your bike on Indian roads. It signifies the emission levels of your vehicle and states that they are compliant with legal limits. Not only does it help you be environmentally conscious but also enables you to be a law-abiding citizen. You can check its status online easily by visiting and entering the required details. 


Written by Udit Varshney

Udit has built B2C segments across various industries and has had significant contributions to the insurance sector. Read More


This article is issued in the general public interest and meant for general information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as conclusive in nature and should research further or consult an expert in this regard.

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