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Know About Some Maintenance Tips For Sports Bike

Published On Feb 09, 2022 11:00 AM By InsuranceDekho

We have mentioned some tips that can help you ensure regular maintenance of your sports bike.

Periodic maintenance is critical for keeping your bike in good working condition. Maintaining your bike on a regular basis allows it to work at its best, allowing you to ride safely and without problems. Unless you're a skilled bike technician, keeping your bicycle in good working order may be a struggle - especially if you're new to riding. Maintaining a sports bike isn't difficult if you know what to do; it simply requires a bit more time and effort.

Know About Some Maintenance Tips For Sports Bike

Some Sports Bike Maintenance Tips

Many of the fundamental bike maintenance activities are straightforward enough that we may accomplish them at home without assistance. In addition to the advice listed below for maintaining our two-wheelers in excellent shape, it's a good idea to get them insured with online bike insurance. This is because, in the case of a traffic accident, a bike insurance policy will protect you and your two-wheeler. Here Are Some Maintenance tips for your bike:

  • Regularly Change Engine Oil and Clean Oil Filter

The engine oil of your motorcycle should be replaced on a regular basis. Remove the sump's drain stopper and let the old oil flow into the drain tray provided. Don't forget to check the washer on the drain plug. Replace the drain stopper if it is in excellent working condition. Replace the old oil filter with a new one after removing the old one. Remove the old oil filter and throw it away.

  • Examine the Air Filter

On two-wheelers, the air filter is either foam or paper-based. If the element is composed of paper, dust may be readily removed by tapping it. Before being dried and reoiled, foam components should be rinsed in a solvent. You can, however, replace the piece if it is damaged or too unclean.

  • Pivots, Livers, and Cable Oiling

Because pivots, livers, and cables are exposed components, they should be greased on a regular basis to ensure smooth functioning. To do the same, spray a few drops of aerosol lubricant or light oil to the exposed ends of the cable, the brake pedal, the liver pivots of the handlebar, the stand pivots, and the gear change lever pivots

  • Plugs for Ignition

The spark plugs start to show indications of wear and tear when the spacing between the electrodes falls out of alignment. Measure the gaps in the spark plug with a feeler scale and then bend the electrodes on the side to try to modify the distance. There would be a build-up of deposits on the firing ends as a result of the combustion process. You might need to fix the pluses if they're highly rusted or unclean.

  • Adjustment of the Clutch

For smooth gear changes and to minimise clutch slip or drag, the clutch must be properly adjusted. The majority of clutches are cable-driven, with a thread and locknut adjustment on either end for adjusting the free-play. When the engine is completely warmed up, make sure the idles are running at the proper pace. On the carburetor's side, most carburetors contain a knob for altering the idle speed.

Take Away

Even if you follow the following recommendations, your bike will eventually wear down and you will be unable to control the rate at which it ages. However, if you have new bike insurance coverage from one of the finest bike insurance providers, you will be able to file a claim for the replacement of any damaged parts. So, to keep your two-wheeler happy, keep the following tips in mind and do periodic maintenance on it.

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