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Importance of Wheelbase In Two Wheelers

Published On Jul 07, 2021, Updated On Jul 16, 2021

Read this article to find out what is wheelbase and its significance in two wheelers.

The distance between a bike's two tyres, the front and the rear wheel, is referred to as the wheelbase. If we look closely, we can see that not all two-wheelers have the same wheelbase, and the distance between a bike's two wheels varies depending on the model and type. While riding a two-wheeler, not many people take attention to its mechanics and functioning. However, knowing about the way your two-wheeler works will help you to take better care of it. In this article, you can read about the significance of the wheelbase in two-wheelers.

Importance of Wheelbase In Two Wheelers

Why Is The Wheelbase Important In Two-Wheelers?

The type of wheelbase for your bike is determined by its intended use, as both short and long wheelbases offer advantages. A longer wheelbase allows a bike to maintain greater stability on the road. The following are a few points that explain the importance of the wheelbase in two-wheelers - 

  • Establishes Stability

One of the numerous benefits of a wheelbase is that it determines the steadiness of your bike. Although it is difficult to change directions with a long wheelbase, two-wheelers with a long wheelbase or a greater distance between the front and back wheels have a greater capacity to move in straight lines on the road. Long wheelbase two-wheelers can also operate better at higher speeds, providing you with more agility and stability.

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  • Decides The Agility

A wheelbase is a critical aspect in defining a vehicle's response or capacity to change directions in the same manner that it impacts stability. Two-wheelers with a shorter wheelbase can change directions quickly, but they lack the capacity to travel in straight lines. Thus, you can swiftly shift gears to change directions, but you can't count on your two-wheeler to keep moving forward in a straight line. Two-wheelers with a shorter wheelbase have a higher risk of accidents or incidents.

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  • Ensures Weight Distribution 

In a two-wheeler, its wheelbase is also crucial for weight distribution. Because the weight is concentrated more in the front, two-wheelers with a longer wheelbase are heavier. As a result, they tend to lean forward and keep moving in a straight line. The situation is the polar opposite for bikes with shorter wheelbases. Short-wheelbase two-wheelers are often light and small, allowing them to manoeuvre through turns at high speeds.

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  • Manoeuvrability Factor

The easiest approach to describe how the wheelbase of a two-wheeler affects its performance is to focus on the impact it has on manoeuvrability. This is nothing but the bike’s capacity to be steered or ridden in a certain direction. This usually depends on factors like acceleration, bike dimensions and wheelbase. Since cruiser two-wheelers, such as the Bajaj Avenger, have a longer wheelbase than the Bajaj Pulsar, the former's manoeuvrability is more stable but less nimble than the latter's shorter wheelbase. It goes without saying that the shorter the wheelbase, the more agile the vehicle is, yet the less stable it is.

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Take Away

The wheelbase of a two-wheeler plays a very important role in determining the performance, weight, and stability of the bike. The wheelbase of a two-wheeler, whether long or short, is determined by the manufacturer as well as criteria like the vehicle's purpose, tyre size, design, and ground clearance. While understanding the mechanical aspect of your bike, taking care of the paperwork related to your bike may help you to take better care of it as well. Since taking care of your bike involves expensive bills, investing in bike insurance will help you to be financially stable in case of any traumatic event. While you can do your best to take care of your bike, it is always wise to invest in financial backup to be safe. Thus, make sure to purchase bike insurance and ride safely.

Disclaimer: This article is issued in the general public interest and meant for general information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as conclusive in nature and should research further or consult an expert in this regard.

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