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How To Take Care of Your Bike’s Tire Pressure?

Published On Jun 07, 2021 11:00 AM By InsuranceDekho

Read this article to get the best tips to take care of your bike’s tire pressure.

Your bike is your most prized belonging. Taking care of it and maintaining it could be more work than you imagined it to be. Taking care of your bike is very important to make sure that it runs on its best efficiency. The tires of your bike play a major role in ensuring primal performance of your bike. Read this article on how you can take care of your bike’s tires to get the best out of your bike. 

How To Take Care of Your Bike’s Tire Pressure?

Why Should You Take Care of Your Bike’s Tires? 

Your bike’s tire pressure plays an important role in ensuring your bike’s effective performance. Maintaining the specified tire pressure makes sure that the bike moves swiftly on the road as it carries the entire weight of the bike along with controlling traction and acceleration. Having proper tire pressure allows smooth steering of the bike and absorbs any shock from the road bumps thus offering a comfortable ride. 

How To Maintain Your Bike’s Tire Pressure?

Maintaining your bike’s tire pressure is simple. It does not involve much mechanical work at all. You can monitor your bike’s tire pressure without much hassle. Follow these tips to take care of your bike’s tire pressure- 

  • Inspect Your Bike’s Tire Pressure Regularly 

This is the primary step you should take to maintain the specified tire pressure in your bike. Checking it regularly will help you to identify any problem with your tire and rectify it at the earliest. You can do this by lightly applying pressure on your bike’s tires or by moving your bike forward and backward to check the alignment. If the tires seem to be deflated, you can take it to the nearest refuelling station and check the tire pressure and fill the tires with the specified pressure of compressed air. 

  • Check Your Bike’s Tire Pressure 

If you feel your bike’s tires have deflated, you should stop your bike and immediately check for any sharp objects that might have pierced the tires while riding. These sharp objects could be glass pieces, nails, or any sharp wires that could have caused the tire to get punctured. The puncture caused by any damage to the tires could release it’s air pressure. Thus it is best to be cautious of your bike’s tires while riding it on uneven roads. 

  • Add Or Release Tire Pressure As Per Requirement 

Your tire pressure should be at the level specified in the user’s manual provided by the bike’s manufacturer at the time of purchase. Treat this manual like the bible for the bike. Having tire pressure lower than the specified level can result in loss of traction and shock absorption ability. Similarly, having a level higher than the specified point can result in loss of control and difficulty in steering the bike. If you notice that the bike’s tires feel harder than usual, it may be because of higher than recommended tire pressure. You can rectify this by allowing little air to escape the tire by loosening the point. 

  • The Simplest Way

The simplest way to take care of your tire is to take your bike to the nearest refuelling station and check the tire pressure in the air station. This is cost efficient and also provides an accurate reading. The professional can then adjust your bike’s tire pressure by either adding more compressed air or by removing the extra pressure from the tires. Doing this regularly will help you to keep your bike tires at its optimal pressure and productivity. 

Take Away

Taking care of your bike in all aspects is very important to keep it at its best efficiency. Since maintaining your bike is so expensive, you can invest in bike insurance to keep yourself financially safe. Bike insurance is not only mandatory, but helps you to overcome financial liabilities in case of any unforeseen misfortune. Thus, make sure to invest in bike insurance and ride safely! 

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Disclaimer: This article is issued in the general public interest and meant for general information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as conclusive in nature and should research further or consult an expert in this regard.

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