Guide To Maintain Your Two Wheeler's Paint

Published On Nov 20, 2020 6:00 PM By InsuranceDekho

Your two wheeler’s external appearance is extremely important. Worn out and faded paint, or paint with scratches on it, would reduce the visual appeal of your bike over time. Let’s find out some simple maintenance tips to prevent that.

Owning a bike or two wheeler is not just a matter of great excitement and pride, it is also a responsibility. Part of owning such a fashionable vehicle is its maintenance. Aside from regularly having your two wheeler serviced for its mechanics, its external features and looks must also be taken care of. One of the most important parts of this is maintaining the paint on your bike to ensure that it lasts long and looks its best. Let’s read all about how to do this.

Tips to Maintain Bike Paint

Take the following steps to maintain the paint on your bike.

  1. Keeping Your Bike Clean
    When riding, your bike gets exposed to the elements and a lot of dirt and grime will accumulate on its surface. If you fail to give it a thorough clean after a long ride outside, these impurities can harden on the surface and easily scratch the paint on your bike. Thus it is of utmost importance to keep your bike clean regularly to ensure that no such build up occurs and scratches the paint on your bike.
  2. Wax Polish
    After cleaning, the best thing to do for your bike is give it a good polish with wax. A good layer of wax on your bike will result in good protection from the elements and shelter it from any such above mentioned debris accumulating on its surface. It will prevent dust and dirt from clinging to the paint of your bike and avoid scratching, ensuring that any impurities simply fall off and cannot collect on your bike’s surface. It will also give your bike a good shine.

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  3. Dealing With Scratches
    No matter how careful you are, some small scratches or other marks are often inevitable as part of the journey as a bike owner. It is important to deal with them as they come up. Most scratch removers would work well to remove small scrapes and scratches. For deeper scratches, rubbing compounds will have to be used.
  4. Keeping Your Bike Covered
    Leaving your bike uncovered would not only further expose it to the elements, it would also lead to the paint lightening and fading over time. Sunlight would cause the paint on your bike to go a few shades lighter over time, which would cause it to look less and less attractive, and more worn out.


Maintaining your bike’s paint is an important part of two wheeler maintenance. Keeping your bike clean and covered and ensuring that you polish it regularly will shelter it from damage to the paint and give it a good external look. Make sure you look after every aspect of your bike, the internal mechanics as well as the external looks. Maintaining your bike’s paint is the first step to doing so.

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