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Get Your E-bike Covered Under Two-Wheeler Insurance

Updated On Aug 16, 2021

Read this article to find out how you can get your Electric bike covered under two wheeler insurance.

A two-wheeler insurance policy is a financial instrument that protects your vehicle from damage, theft, and third-party liability, among other things. As a result, obtaining two-wheeler insurance that covers a variety of damages and losses is a wise option for any sort of two-wheeler, whether electric or using traditional gasoline. Our country has reached unprecedented heights thanks to the industrial revolution and technical breakthroughs. This, however, has come at a price. The cost is a rise in pollution levels, which is becoming a major danger. Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru, for example, are great instances of this.

The Indian government has lately set the goal of becoming "all-electric" in order to combat the country's growing pollution levels. As a result, the marketing of electric bikes, often known as e-bikes, has become increasingly significant in recent years. The e-bike industry offers up a significant percentage of the market, as well as limitless profit opportunities. The big companies in the industry, including Honda, Yamaha, and TVS, have already begun developing several e-bike models and expect to release them shortly. There are also some new players that have entered the market to produce e-bikes that can match the performance of a gasoline-powered bike.

Get Your E-bike Covered Under Two-Wheeler Insurance

Two Wheeler Insurance For Electric Bikes

Due to the fact that an e-bike has a speed restriction, two-wheeler insurance for e-bikes is not very expensive. A two-wheeler insurance policy's main benefit is that it protects you against nearly any circumstance that might result in damage or harm. As a result, you must pay for any expenditures incurred as a result of accidents or other covered events out of your own money. When you are planning to purchase bike insurance for your electric bike, there are mainly two types of policies that you should be aware of -

  • Third Party Liability Cover

In India, third-party liability insurance is the most basic type of two-wheeler insurance. This form of insurance primarily protects the policyholder from financial and legal obligations stemming from the third-party property or person damages.

  • Comprehensive Two-Wheeler Insurance

A comprehensive two-wheeler insurance coverage protects you from a wide range of natural and man-made disasters. A bike insurance coverage might come in handy if an unexpected incident occurs that results in damages or losses to a third party, you, or your vehicle. Every year, a two-wheeler insurance policy must be renewed. Long-term insurance plans, on the other hand, are available from some insurance providers for three to five years.

Importance of Insuring Your Electric Bike 

While riding an electric bike may reduce emissions and risks of pollution, you must also take note to keep yourself financially safe. The following are the reasons why it is very important to insure your Electric bike -

  • E-Bikes Are Expensive

Despite the Indian government's efforts to promote electric vehicles in the country, demand has been minimal. The main reason for this is that electric two-wheelers are out of reach for most people. The sophisticated mechanical, electrical, and computer-driven technologies are prone to break down and damage, despite the fact that they are environmentally benign and cost-effective to use. Electric motorcycles, like any other motorbike, carry a certain level of risk. 

  • Coverage In India

Because e-bikes have yet to gain widespread usage, they must be insured in the same way as conventional motorised two-wheelers. In India, where electric bikes are still gaining popularity, the majority of current e-bikes have a top speed of 60 kilometres per hour. This makes them suitable for city commutes where you may not need to travel quickly owing to traffic congestion. E-bike insurance should be less expensive than fuel-consuming bike insurance due to the decreased risk. You may also tailor your two-wheeler insurance coverage using add-ons to meet your unique needs.

Take Away

No matter the type of vehicle that you own, insuring it is your duty as a law-abiding citizen. If you want to avoid expensive repair bills, the best way of remaining financially safe is by investing in bike insurance for your electric bike and riding safely.

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Disclaimer: This article is issued in the general public interest and meant for general information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as conclusive in nature and should research further or consult an expert in this regard.

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