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Fuel Efficient High Mileage Bikes in India

Published On Nov 11, 2020, Updated On Apr 14, 2021

Fuel efficiency is quickly becoming a primary concern for Indian drivers when it comes to their bikes and two wheelers. Read on to find out about some of the best bikes that fulfil this concern.

In today’s date, one of the primary concerns for those purchasing a new bike is the mileage and fuel economy of their vehicle. This is largely due to the rising price of petrol and diesel in the country, resulting in a larger number of people being preoccupied with the fuel economy and mileage that their bike can deliver. However, many people do not know which are the best bikes to fulfil this need. Let’s read all about some of the fuel-efficient high mileage bikes which are available in India so you are able to make an informed purchase.

Top 5 Fuel Efficient High Mileage Bikes





TVS Sport



Bajaj Platina 100



Bajaj CT 100



TVS Star City Plus



Honda Dream Yuga


1. TVS Sport

The TVS Sport is an extremely pocket-friendly bike and suitable for daily commuters. It is very reliable and also has been commended by the Asia Book of Records for fuel efficiency. Not only is the mileage extremely high, it also includes a single-cylinder air-cooled engine. It has a maximum power output of 7.4bhp and a torque of 7.3Nm.

2. Bajaj Platina 100

This bike is extremely fuel efficient and caters to those who would like to make a style statement with their bike. Available in two colours, black and red, it provides excellent suspension and comes mated with a 4-speed manual gearbox. It has a power output of 7.9bhp.

3. Bajaj CT 100

The Bajaj CT 100 features an air-cooled engine with a single cylinder. Its maximum power output is 8.1bhp with a torque of 8.05Nm. It is also suitable for those who are attracted to an aesthetic appeal when it comes to their choice of bike, with four colour variants, which are red, blue, red and black, and blue and black, providing a variety of options to suit your wants.

4. TVS Star City Plus

TVS Star City Plus is popular not only because of its excellent fuel economy, but has excellent seating which is long and comfortable, and a powerful engine. The peak power output is an impressive 8.30bhp, which only adds to its appeal.

5. Honda Dream Yuga

The Dream Yuga is extremely suited to Indian roads and also is at the front of the race when it comes to fuel economy. It has a single-cylinder engine and a 4-speed transmission system. Its mileage output is improved by its HET technology, only increasing its attractiveness to those seeking good fuel economy in their vehicle.

Ways to Get Maximum Fuel Efficiency from your Bike

The mileage that a bike delivers depends upon various factors like traffic, surface conditions,etc. Although, not all conditions are in the control of the bike rider yet there are ways in which a bike rider can get maximum mileage from your bike:

Turn off Engine

At the time of waiting for the signal to turn green or train crossing, it is an ideal option to turn off the engine of your bike. Though, it is a fact that idling at the time of standstill consumes lesser fuel in comparison to starting up the engine, however it is true only when the bike is ideal for a minute or less. In the event, when the duration of standstill is longer than a minute, turning off the engine will help in saving fuel.

Maintain Suggested Air Pressure

The air pressure in the tyre of the bike must be checked frequently and should be maintained at the levels as recommended by the manufacturer in order to achieve an optimum fuel economy. If the tyre pressure is low, it will decrease the mileage as rolling resistance is because of the wider contact of tyre on the surface area. On the other hand, a high tyre pressure will lead to an increase in mileage, resulting in reduced contact patch, and decrease in traction.

Ride at Constant Speed

Riding your bike at a controlled and constant speed will help you in obtaining higher mileage. An abrupt acceleration needs the rider to brake equally hard in order to stop. This leads to poor mileage, owing to the fact that hard acceleration consumes a lot of fuel. By maintaining a consistent speed throughout between 45kph to 55kph, with minimum brakes will help in achieving higher mileage.

Good Fuel Quality

It is highly recommended to use good quality fuel for your two-wheeler. Choose a petrol pump that provides good quality fuel and fill your tank with the same fuel type every time. Good petrol quality will help in increasing your fuel economy and will also help in keeping your engine in a good condition. Try to get your tank refilled in the morning as it would receive denser petrol because of less evaporation as compared to getting it filled in afternoon.

Highest Gear

At the time of riding a bike, it is recommended to shift to highest gear as early as possible. This leads to reduced engine speed, while maintaining the same speed on road, henceforth improving your bike mileage.

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These five are the most popular bikes when it comes to fuel economy and mileage. They are best suited to give you the maximum mileage for the minimum fuel usage, making them particularly suitable for Indian roads where fuel prices are continually rising.

Disclaimer: This article is issued in the general public interest and meant for general information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as conclusive in nature and should research further or consult an expert in this regard.

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