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Difference Between Fuel Injection and Carburetor in Bikes

Published On Feb 21, 2021, Updated On Mar 20, 2021

Since the beginning of the millennium, carburetor bikes are ruling the market, until now, when fuel injection bikes are taking over. And every premium bike available in the market today has a FI System because no matter what the traditional bikers believe about serviceability, reliability, and tune-ability of carburetor bikes, modern bikers think otherwise. The modern age biker believes the fuel injection bikes are better in every aspect than their predecessor.

A carburetor is a device responsible for controlling the ratio of the air-fuel mixture entering the engine. A fuel injection system also performs the same job, but then where is the difference if both have the same functioning?

Difference Between Fuel Injection and Carburetor in Bikes

Difference Between Fuel Injection and Carburetor in Bikes

  • The Carburetor: In layman’s terms, in the carburetor, its primary work is to mix the air and fuel in a particular ratio and feed the air-fuel mixture into the combustion chamber. The carburetor engine is like a tube feeding air-fuel mixture from one end of a tube to another, with an air filter attached. In the middle of the tube, the area through where the air passes is restricted so that the velocity of the air passing through the same increases. The carburetor is a tube that regulates the fuel delivery to increase the velocity of the air. And as there is an increase in the velocity of the air, there rises the facility of drawing fuel from a jet, located near a venture, due to the low pressure created.
  • Fuel Injection Engine: Fuel Injection or the FI System comprises a series of complex electronic mechanics, components, and sensors. The critical calculations of parameters include engine temperature and load, throttle position, and engine speed, amongst a few others.

The system is dependent on a fuel pump for controlling the flow of the fuel into the combustion chamber. In the fuel tank of the bike is this fuel pump. And through an Electric Control Unit or ECU, the supply of fuel to the combustion chamber is enabled. The nozzle of the injection fuel goes straight, directly into the chamber where the cylinder is. The ECU is the electric brain of the bike and is constantly monitoring and making the most complex calculation to deliver the best mixture of air and fuel ever possible.

Which is Better?

While comparing both the engine system, one might be confused about which is the better one? Comparing both the engines in the following terms:

  • Maintenance: Carburetors are easily repairable or replaceable and do not require much professional help, whereas FI systems require professional help leading to higher costs.
  • Performance: For the best performance of the engine, the ECU is constantly at work, working on the complexities. Carburetors struggle with the simple change in fuel temperature and air pressure.
  • Mileage: Because of an accurate measurement of fuel and air, FI Systems work better, leading to better performance, fuel management, and mileage.
  • Versatility: Better mileage, fuel management, and performance automatically leads to an environmentally friendly engine and is less polluting than a carburetor engine. The FI system also offers better throttle response.

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Now, it is up to the riders to decide whether they go by the new age bike which comes equipped with the FI system, or are enthusiastic about playing around with the traditional age-old carburetor engine to achieve their desired results.

Disclaimer: This article is issued in the general public interest and meant for general information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as conclusive in nature and should research further or consult an expert in this regard.

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