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Bike Insurance Check: How to Check Bike Insurance Online?

Updated On Sep 28, 2023

Check Bike Insurance Expiration Date/Status Online

In India, having a current bike insurance policy serves as a safety net against unforeseen expenses that may occur from theft, damage, or accidents in addition to being a matter of legal compliance. As a result, it becomes crucial to frequently verify the state and expiration date of your motorcycle insurance. 

Thankfully, there are several approaches to this. In fact, checking your bike insurance is now simpler than ever thanks to the use of digital tools. Keep reading this article to find out how to check the status and expiration date of your bike insurance online using a variety of ways.

Bike Insurance Check: How to Check Bike Insurance Online?

6 Ways for Checking the Bike Insurance Expiration Date/Status Online

The act of checking the status or expiration date of your bike insurance has become simple thanks to significant technical improvements. Here are six well-liked methods along with a step-by-step guide to checking bike insurance for each: 

1. How to verify the expiration date of your two-wheeler insurance policy online with your insurer?

Step 1: Seek information on your insurance provider's official website.

Step 2: Access the 'Policyholder Login' or 'Customer Login' area.

Step 3: Enter your password and registered email address or mobile number.

Step 4: After logging in, select 'My Policies' from the menu.

Step 5: The specifics of your bicycle insurance policy, including its expiration date, are available here. 

This is the easiest way for a quick online bike insurance check.

2. How to use the Insurance Information Bureau (IIB) to verify the status of a bike insurance policy online?

Step 1: Go to the IIB's official website.

Step 2: Select the 'V-Seva' hyperlink that is presented on the home page.

Step 3: Input the necessary information, like the policy number or the vehicle registration number.

Step 4: Select 'Search' to obtain the details of your insurance policy.

3. How to Check Bike Insurance online? (VAHAN)

Step 1: Go to the VAHAN official website.

Step 2: You have the opportunity to enter your car registration number on the main page.

Step 3: Once your registration number has been entered, select 'Know your vehicle details'.

Step 4: This will give you information on your car, such as its insurance status and expiration date.

4. How to use email to check the status of your bike insurance policy and its expiration date:

Step 1: Write an email to your insurance company.

Step 2: Bring up your policy number and any other pertinent information.

Step 3: Kindly ask to see your bike insurance policy details, paying particular attention to the expiration date.

In most cases, insurance companies answer right away and give you the information you need.

5. How to use the Regional Transport Office (RTO) to check your bike insurance policy online?

Step 1: Go to the RTO's official website in your state.

Step 2: Open the 'Vehicle Information' part.

Step 3: Put the registration number of your car here.

Step 4: You will receive information about your car, including its insurance status, after submitting.

6. How to use the state transportation department website to verify the status and expiration date of your bike insurance policy?

Step 1: Visit the transport department's official webpage in your state.

Step 2: Look for a feature that lets you verify the insurance status or the details of the car.

Step 3: Put the registration number of your car here.

Step 4: After entering, you ought to receive a thorough list of your car's information, including its insurance status and expiration date.

Riders may make sure they always know the status of their bike insurance by utilising any of these bike insurance verification methods. In addition to ensuring legal conformity, this also ensures that companies are protected against unanticipated events.

How to renew an online policy for two-wheelers once it has expired?

It's important to renew your bike insurance after it expires. In addition to breaking the law, riding without a valid insurance policy exposes you to serious financial risks in the event of an accident or property damage. Following its expiration, follow these steps to renew your two-wheeler insurance online:

  1. Go to the Official Website of Your Insurer: Visit the official website of your insurance company first.
  2. Enter Your Account Login: To log in, use your policy number, email address, or registered cellphone number. You may need to register if you haven't already made an account.
  3. Find the Renewal Option: Go to the 'Renew Policy' section after logging in. It is likely that you will receive a notification asking you to renew your policy if it has expired.
  4. Add Policy Information: Details like your policy number and other pertinent data will need to be entered.
  5. Examine Policy Details: Go over the policy in its entirety before moving forward. The policy length, premium amount, add-ons, and total insured are all included in this.
  6. Pay: After you're happy with the information, move forward with the payment. When it comes to payment methods, the majority of insurers provide credit/debit cards, net banking, UPI, and others.
  7. Receive the Policy Document: A digital copy of your renewed policy will be emailed to you as soon as the payment is successful, and you will receive a confirmation. This can be downloaded and printed for your documentation.

Alternatively, you can also visit, and renew your Bike Insurance policy - 

  1. Visit and select ‘Bike Insurance’ icon present on the Homepage
  2. Enter your Bike’s Registration Number
  3. Confirm your Bike’s details
  4. Confirm some details about your bike and the last policy such as 
    1. No Claim Bonus (NCB) - What was the NCB in the last year policy
    2. Claim Taken Status - Whether claim was taken last year or not
    3. Confirm your previous policy expiry date
  5. Select Add-ons that you want to add to your policy such as Zero Depreciation, Consumables, Key Cover, Engine Cover, Roadside Assistance etc. Please note these add-ons will increase your net premium but provide you extensive coverage
  6. Select your preferred company’s plan from a list of plans provided to renew your policy
  7. Confirm some existing policy and add-on details, and then proceed to filling the proposal form
  8. Fill the proposal form to confirm/ re-confirm your personal details such as Name, Address; car details such as Engine number, Chassis number, previous year policy number; perform KYC (simple 30 second process - KYC has been mandatory for Govt. of India starting January 1, 2023)
  9. Confirm all details in the summary view and click on ‘Pay Securely’
  10. Make a payment using your preferred mode of option such as UPI, Credit Card, Debit Card etc.
  11. Once the payment is completed, your policy will be issued immediately

How to obtain a copy of your duplicate bike insurance online?

It can be concerning to misplace your bike insurance document, but it's not too difficult to get a duplicate copy online. Here's how to obtain an online duplicate copy of your motorbike insurance:

  1. Visit the Website of Your Insurer: Visit your bike insurance provider's official website.
  2. Enter Your Account Login: Enter your login credentials to log in. You may need to create an account if you haven't already.
  3. Proceed to the Policy Section: After logging in, select 'My Policies' or a similar section.
  4. Choose Your Insurance: Select the policy that you require a duplicate copy of from the list.
  5. Download Policy Paper: You ought to have the choice to either view or download your policy paper. You'll receive a digital copy of your insurance when you click on it.
  6. Request Duplicate Copy: You may be able to ask for a duplicate copy of the policy if you are unable to download it directly for whatever reason. Complete the required fields and send in the request. A further copy will thereafter be emailed to you by the insurance.
  7. Print the Document: Download and print the digital copy for your records as soon as you receive it through email.

Remember that it is legally required in India to always have a copy of your bike insurance while you ride. In the event of an incident or accident, it can potentially be used as evidence.

Why is it important to check your bike insurance policy?

It is imperative that you review your bike insurance policy on a regular basis. Here are some justifications for why it is crucial:

  1. Legal Compliance: Every owner of a two-wheeler in India is required by the Motor Vehicles Act to carry at least third-party liability insurance. Riding without a current insurance policy may result in severe fines or, in extreme circumstances, jail time.
  2. Financial Security: In the event of mishaps, thefts, or damage, valid insurance coverage serves as a financial buffer. You might have to pay a large amount of money out of pocket without it.
  3. Preventing Policy Lapses: Should your policy lapse, you may forfeit your accrued No Claim Bonus (NCB) in addition to losing coverage. You can make sure you renew your policy on time by checking frequently.
  4. Updates and Modifications: By examining your policy on a regular basis, you can keep up with any changes or additions that might be advantageous. For example, you may wish to add extra protection or raise the amount covered.
  5. Comfort: Having insurance on your bike gives you comfort by guaranteeing that you are shielded from unanticipated mishaps and monetary obligations.

Extra Tips to Keep in Mind

  1. Digital Storage: Always maintain an electronic copy of your insurance policy via email or your phone. It makes sure you always have an electronic copy on hand in case you misplace the physical copy.
  2. Renew Prior to Expiration: Make an effort to renew your insurance a few days prior to its expiration. By doing this, you can guarantee ongoing coverage and prevent the last-minute rush.
  3. Regular Updates: To guarantee effective communication, notify your insurer of any changes, such as a change of residence or phone number.
  4. Examine Coverage: Spend a few minutes going through your coverage each time you renew. Verify whether the insured amount is adequate and whether you require any further coverage.
  5. Leverage No Claim Bonus: You are qualified for a No Claim Bonus if you haven't filed any claims throughout the policy year. When it comes time to renew your premium, this can drastically lower it.
  6. Compare insurance: Examine insurance offered by several providers prior to renewal. It is plausible that another insurer may provide superior coverage at a commensurate cost.
  7. Remain Up to Date: Ensure that you are aware of any modifications to the laws pertaining to insurance for two-wheelers. By doing this, you can be confident that you will always be in compliance and get the most out of your insurance.

Through strict adherence to these recommendations and frequent review of your bike insurance policy, you can guarantee that you're always covered and ready for any unanticipated situations that may arise while riding your bike.

Final Thoughts

More than merely a requirement by law, bike insurance serves as a barrier to shield riders from unanticipated accidents, monetary hardships, and legal issues. Checking your bike insurance policy on a regular basis can guarantee that you stay legal, make use of all the benefits of your coverage, and feel safe on the roads. There is no justification for being ignorant or under informed in the modern digital era, especially since there are numerous ways to confirm and renew policies online. Whether you ride your bike on the weekends, on a daily basis, or just occasionally, the importance of having an up-to-date policy cannot be overstated. Enjoy the ride with the knowledge that you and your cherished two-wheeler are well-protected; remain covered, and stay safe!


  1. Why is motorcycle insurance mandatory in India?

In India, it is legally required to obtain a minimum of third-party liability insurance for your bicycle. In addition to fulfilling the legal need, it shields the owner from possible financial obligations brought on by mishaps, harm, or theft.

  1. What occurs if I ride a bike without a current insurance policy?

A motor vehicle act infringement occurs when a rider is not in possession of a proper insurance policy. If you are discovered, you may be subject to harsh punishments, fines, and possibly even jail time.

  1. How can I find out when the term on my motorbike insurance ends?

You can use the websites of your state transportation agency, IIB, VAHAN, or your insurer to find out when your policy expires. As an alternative, the actual insurance policy includes a note of the expiration date.

  1. Is it dependable to renew bike insurance online?

Yes, renewing your bike insurance online is dependable and frequently speedier. To avoid scams, make sure you're utilising the official website or a reliable insurance aggregator.

  1. After my bike insurance coverage has ended, can I renew it?

An expired bike insurance coverage may be renewed, yes. But, the insurance provider may need to inspect the car, and you will forfeit any No Claim Bonus you have accrued.

  1. What does bike insurance's No Claim Bonus (NCB) mean?

A policyholder who hasn't filed any claims during the preceding policy year is eligible for a No Claim Bonus, which is a discount on the premium. It adds up annually and can result in large savings.

  1. How should I proceed if I misplace my actual copy of my bike insurance?

You can ask your insurance for a duplicate copy if you misplace the original. On their official website, the majority of insurance companies also let you download a digital copy of your policy.

  1. If I purchase a new bike, can I transfer my No Claim Bonus?

Yes, the policyholder, not the bike, is responsible for the No Claim Bonus. 

  1. If I make changes to my bike, do I need to purchase a new policy?

Changes may have an impact on coverage and price. Notifying your insurer of any substantial changes is imperative. In light of the modifications, it may be necessary to modify your policy.

  1. How frequently should I check the status of my bike insurance?

It's a good idea to verify the status of your bike insurance a few months before its expiration. You have plenty of time to renew or make any required adjustments thanks to this.


This article is issued in the general public interest and meant for general information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as conclusive in nature and should research further or consult an expert in this regard.

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