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Benefits Of Bumper To Bumper Car Insurance

Published On Aug 18, 2022

Benefits Of Bumper To Bumper Car Insurance

A form of auto insurance policy known as bumper-to-bumper insurance provides total coverage for your vehicle, regardless of the asset value on its individual parts. Just because of that, if your car is stolen or destroyed in an accident, the insurance provider won't deduct the residual value from the total amount covered. The best thing is that the full cost of repairing the vehicle's body pieces will be covered by your auto insurance.

Full-body insurance, also known as bumper-to-bumper coverage, offers complete protection for all metal, rubber, and fibre components of your automobile without reducing the depreciation value. However, it won't protect against engine damage brought on by water intrusion or oil leaks. Additionally not included are any costs for consumables, maintenance, or oil changes. There are also restrictions on how many claims you may submit in a calendar year. To know more about bumper-to-bumper insurance, read on.

 Benefits Of Bumper To Bumper Car Insurance

What Exactly Is Bumper-To-Bumper Insurance?

This is an insurance plan that provides whole or complete coverage for damages to your car and its components. It is not a part of the default auto insurance policy but is available as an add-on cover. It will come with a little higher cost if you decide to incorporate it into your auto insurance plan. But with this kind of coverage, the insurance provider is prevented from reducing the value of the parts before paying the claim. Practically, getting every dollar used to fix the automobile. You should be aware that this add-on excludes coverage for certain components.

Is Bumper-To-Bumper Insurance Worthwhile?

Nil devaluation cover is no different than other nice things in that it comes at a price. A no-frills automobile with comprehensive coverage will cost about 20% more than one with a 0% loss rider advantage. In order to avoid having to contribute to the future settlement of your auto insurance claim, you are therefore paying an additional premium. Essentially stated, you are making a prior payment for the expenditures associated with devaluation.

This can be a deal-breaker for someone looking for a cheap auto insurance policy. However, it will also appeal to clients who are prepared to spend higher premium rates in order to secure their piece of mind.

The people who have luxury automobiles, new cars, car models with expensive replacement parts, or those who live in or drive in accident-prone locations are the ones who should get zero depreciation add-on coverage. For older automobiles, bumper-to-bumper insurance is also available after five or seven years.

What Are The Features Of Bumper-To-Bumper Insurance?

Following are the features of bumper-to-bumper insurance -

  1. Nylon, plastic, rubber, and fibreglass parts are all covered by zero depreciation insurance.
  2. It is accessible during the purchase and renewal of an automobile insurance policy.
  3. You are permitted to make a complete claim under a bumper to bumper coverage. In contrast, impairment percentages between 0% and 40% are available in normal insurance.
  4. For new vehicles or vehicles with an age restriction of no more than five years, the 0% depreciation cover is advantageous.
  5. The amount of claims allowed here under the add-on coverage is restricted and varies from insurer to insurer.
  6. Regular wear and tear, as well as uninsured perils, are not covered by zero-depreciation insurance.
  7. To keep receiving the perks of the zero-depreciation policy, it must be renewed annually.

Advantages Of Bumper-To-Bumper Insurance

In the event of claim settlement, any automotive loss or damage might result in full payment. The sum is unquestionably more than the amount covered by a comprehensive auto insurance policy. This is due to the fact that the claim amount under a comprehensive auto insurance policy will indeed be paid based on the car's current market value after taking into account depreciation.

Additionally, there will be expenses related to the repairs that the automobile owner would have to cover out of pocket. In contrast, zero-depreciation coverage will cover all of your costs under the sum insured.


Among today's automobile customers, particularly those who buy high-end and elegant vehicles, this add-on cover is growing in popularity. Your insurance provider will be required to pay for nearly all damage sustained as a result of an accident or mishap when you file a claim with this cover included.

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This article is issued in the general public interest and meant for general information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as conclusive in nature and should research further or consult an expert in this regard.
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