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8 Ways to Check Whether Your Bike Insurance Policy is Fake or Genuine

Updated On Sep 23, 2023

How to Check Bike Insurance Policy is Fake or Genuine?

Did you know that there has been an increase in the prevalence of fraudulent operations and the sale of phoney insurance policies in India's quickly expanding insurance sector? As a result, it is critical that customers exercise caution and arm themselves with the information needed to differentiate between a legitimate and fraudulent bike insurance policy. This protects one's financial interests and guarantees that, in the event of an accident or catastrophe, you will receive the appropriate coverage.

We will go into 8 reliable methods in this comprehensive guide to help you verify the legitimacy of your bike insurance coverage, allowing you to avoid scams and make sure your valuable ride is properly insured.

8 Ways To Check Whether Your Policy Is Genuine Or Fake!

1. Examine the Policy Document 

A real policy document will have the official letterhead and logo of the insurance provider written on premium paper. It shouldn't show any indications of tampering or changes. Here's how to carefully review the document:

  • Print Quality

There is a chance that fake insurance documents have shoddy printing. Make sure the content is printed clearly and that the logos' colours are appropriate.

  • Grammar and Spelling

Writings that are counterfeit frequently have grammatical and spelling mistakes. Be sure to thoroughly review the paper to look for any anomalies of this kind.

  • Branding

Verify the authenticity of the insurance company's logo to make sure it is real and unaltered in any way.

  • Policy Details

The insurance paper should provide clear information about the terms, conditions, and coverage. The inclusions and exclusions should be carefully specified as well.

  • Contact Details

A legitimate policy document will have the insurance company's official contact information, such as a working customer service number and official address.

8 Ways to Check Whether Your Bike Insurance Policy is Fake or Genuine

2. Check the Policy Number

Each legitimate bike insurance coverage comes with a special policy number. This number is crucial since it makes it easier to locate and monitor policy details in the insurer's database. To verify that your policy is authentic, use the policy number as follows:

  • Check Online 

To confirm the specifics of your policy, use the policy number to visit the insurance company's official website.

  • Check via Customer Care

Make a call to the insurance company's customer service line to confirm that the policy number listed in your paperwork is real.

3.  Examine the QR Code

Recently, policy documents from insurance firms have begun to include a QR code. Here's an infallible way to verify the legitimacy of your policy:

  • Using a QR Code Reader

To scan the code, use your smartphone or a QR code scanner. It ought to take you to the insurance company's official website, where the specifics of your policy are shown.

4. Check the Specifics with the Regional Transportation Office (RTO)

Every insured bike in the area is listed in a thorough database kept up to date by the RTO. To confirm the legitimacy of your bike insurance policy, you can go to the RTO:

  • Head to the RTO Database

To find out if the information about your bike insurance is accurately entered into their database, you can either visit the closest RTO or use their online portal if one is available.

5. Verify the Licence of the Insurer

Be sure to verify the insurer's licence before purchasing insurance coverage. Legitimate insurance companies are granted licences by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI):

  • Head to the Official IRDAI Website: 

Check if the insurance provider is listed as a licenced insurer in India by going to the official IRDAI website.

  • Ask for a Registration Certificate

To ensure authenticity, ask the insurance business to present their IRDAI-issued certificate of registration.

6. Speak with your agent

Here are several ways to verify the authenticity of your insurance if you bought it from an agent:

  • Agent Licence

Verify the agent's licence to make sure they are licensed to offer insurance.

  • Agent's Details on Policy

If the insurance was obtained through an agent, the agent's details will be prominently included in a legitimate policy document.

7. Check the Receipt

A premium receipt is provided to you as evidence of payment when you buy insurance. Here's how to confirm its legitimacy:

  • Check the Formal Receipt 

Make sure you obtain a formal receipt that explicitly states the payment details, such as the policy number and the total amount paid.

  • Check the account statement

Verify that the payment was sent to the insurance company's official account and not to a private person by checking your bank statement.

8. Ask for Help from Outside Verification Providers

Third-party verification services are available to help confirm the legitimacy of your policy:

  • Use External Verification

Should you want to confirm that your bike insurance policy is authentic, you can use third-party verification services.

  • Seek Expert Guidance

If you believe there are any inconsistencies or fraudulent activity pertaining to your coverage, get professional help.

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In summary

In the modern world, where technological improvements have contributed to an increase in fraudulent activity, particularly in the insurance industry, protecting oneself against fake bike insurance plans has become critical. You may protect your peace of mind and verify the legitimacy of your bike insurance policy by following the previously given steps.

Strong defences against potential scams include being watchful and proactive in double-checking the accuracy of your policy paperwork, confirming the legality of the agent and insurer, and requesting assistance through legitimate means.

Furthermore, cultivating a culture of attentiveness and knowledge serves to both safeguard your financial interests and support a safer and healthier insurance environment in India. Recall that your bike is more than simply a means of transportation; it's an investment and a reflection of your personality. Thus, every bike owner should prioritise protecting it with legitimate insurance coverage.

Let's all do our part to establish a safe and reliable environment. It is essential for all bike owners to take advantage of real insurance coverage, avoid scams, and prudently protect their interests.

By using these eight reliable techniques to verify the validity of your motorbike insurance coverage, you can ride on Indian roads with assurance. Nothing beats knowing that your priceless asset is sufficiently covered and safeguarded against unanticipated events.

Never forget that awareness is your best friend when it comes to insurance. Keep yourself informed and safe!


  1. What is the first step I should take to verify the authenticity of my bike insurance policy?

Answer: The first step is to carefully scrutinise your policy document. Check for a legitimate logo, correct spelling and grammar, and high-quality print. The document should also contain comprehensive details of the policy including the terms, conditions, coverage details, and the contact information of the insurer.

  1. How can I use the policy number to confirm the legitimacy of my bike insurance policy?

Answer: You can use the policy number to verify the legitimacy of your bike insurance policy by entering it on the official website of the insurance company or by contacting their customer service to confirm the details associated with the policy number.

  1. How reliable is a QR code in authenticating a bike insurance policy?

Answer: A QR code is a highly reliable tool for authenticating a bike insurance policy. By scanning the QR code present on the policy document using a smartphone or a QR code scanner, you can be directed to the official website of the insurance company, where the details of your policy should be displayed.

  1. Can the Regional Transport Office (RTO) assist in verifying the authenticity of a bike insurance policy?

Answer: Yes, the RTO maintains a comprehensive database of all insured vehicles in the region. You can either visit the nearest RTO or check their online portal, if available, to confirm if your vehicle insurance details are correctly registered in their database.

  1. How can I check the insurer's license to verify the legitimacy of the policy?

Answer: You can check the licence of the insurer on the official website of the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) to confirm if the company is a registered insurer in India. Additionally, you can request the insurance company to provide their certificate of registration issued by the IRDAI.

  1. How can I verify the authenticity of an agent selling bike insurance policies?

Answer: To verify the authenticity of an agent, you can check their licence to confirm if they are authorised to sell insurance policies. Additionally, the details of the agent should be clearly mentioned on the genuine policy document if the policy was purchased through them.

  1. How can I confirm the legitimacy of the premium receipt provided?

Answer: To confirm the legitimacy of the premium receipt, ensure that it mentions the details of the payment clearly, including the policy number and the amount paid. Additionally, you should cross-verify the transaction details with your bank statement to confirm that the payment was made to the official account of the insurance company.

  1. Are third-party verification services reliable for checking the authenticity of bike insurance policies?

Answer: Yes, third-party verification services can be a reliable resource for confirming the authenticity of your bike insurance policy. However, it is advisable to use reputable services and seek professional advice if you encounter any discrepancies or suspect fraudulent activity related to your policy.

  1. What should I do if I find out that my bike insurance policy is fake?

Answer: If you discover that your bike insurance policy is fake, it is essential to report it to the police and the IRDAI immediately. You should also inform the insurance company whose name has been used fraudulently. Following this, you should procure a genuine policy as soon as possible to ensure that your bike is adequately insured.

  1. How can I protect myself from purchasing a fake bike insurance policy in the future?

Answer: To protect yourself from purchasing a fake policy in the future, always buy policies from reputable sources such as the official website of the insurance company or authorised agents. Additionally, take time to verify the credentials of the insurer and the agent, and scrutinise the policy document carefully for any signs of forgery or tampering.


This article is issued in the general public interest and meant for general information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as conclusive in nature and should research further or consult an expert in this regard.
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