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Everything You Need To Know About Tuberculosis Treatment In India

Updated On Apr 05, 2022

Tuberculosis is one of the most contagious illnesses on the planet. Mycobacterium tuberculosis is the bacteria that causes it. This bacterium mostly damages our lungs. Other critical organs, such as the brain and spine, may also be affected. TB is usually curable, but it can also be deadly. When a person comes into touch with polluted air or an infected person, they get this lethal disease. Tuberculosis, or TB, is still a major public health concern in India. It must be treated properly to ensure that the patient not only heals well but also that it does not spread to others. To cure tuberculosis, medicines will be given or surgery may be required. This is dependent on the infection's severity and the doctor's judgment. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about this condition.

Everything You Need To Know About Tuberculosis Treatment In India

Tuberculosis Types

Two types of tuberculosis can be identified in the patient. It is critical to make the proper diagnosis so that the appropriate therapy may be administered. It is also critical to get the advice of a licensed medical professional before giving any general therapy.

  • Tuberculosis of the Lungs

The patient's lungs are infected with TB germs in this kind of tuberculosis. Coughing, coughing up blood, chest discomfort, abrupt weight loss, exhaustion, and other strange body signs are some of the symptoms. It is a contagious condition that spreads quickly.

  • Non-Pulmonary Tuberculosis

When the infection from the bacteria that causes tuberculosis is concentrated outside of the lungs, it is known as non-pulmonary tuberculosis or extrapulmonary tuberculosis. As with pulmonary tuberculosis, it is frequently contagious. It affects organ systems other than the lungs and chest, and it can even harm newborns. 

Types of Tuberculosis Patients

Patients with tuberculosis are divided into groups based on the sort of therapy they will get. They will then be given the appropriate therapy based on whatever group they fit into.

  • New Patients with Tuberculosis

These are tuberculosis patients who have never had the disease before, which means they have never had to take any medications or go through any TB therapy. It does, however, take into account people who have used anti-TB medications for less than a month.

  • Patients Who Have Been Treated Before

This includes all patients who have previously had more than a month of TB therapy. There are further groups, such as repeat patients who have been previously treated. These are people who, after receiving therapy, have been tested and found not to be cured of their ailment. Other TB patients who fall into this group include those whose treatment has failed or who have not gone through with their therapy.

  • Patients Should Be Transferred

This is the group of tuberculosis patients who may be moved to a TB unit different than the one where they were first enrolled for treatment.

  • Tuberculosis (TB) detection

You can obtain a test if you think you're displaying signs and symptoms of tuberculosis. A skin test (TST) or blood testing are the two most frequent methods for identifying tuberculosis. Tuberculosis may be identified using any Rapid Diagnostic Molecular test. Essentially, the bacterium that may cause tuberculosis is being investigated. Between 4 and 10 days after being exposed to the illness, the infected individual might test positive for tuberculosis.

Take Away

It's critical to keep a watch on TB sufferers as well as those around them. The illness mustn't spread since it is an infectious disease. Patients might die from tuberculosis if effective treatment is not given promptly. As a result, it's critical to get the proper therapy at the right time.

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