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Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance

Bajaj Allianz is one of the most trusted general insurance companies in India and was formed by the partnership of Bajaj Finserv Limited and Allianz SE. Founded in the year 2000, the company is based in Pune, Maharashtra. The company has become the most legitimate insurance provider because of its customer-focused insurance products. The company is completely focused on providing excellent coverage, customer support, and claim settlement experiences to its customers.

Though we save for our trip, somehow we can run short of funds while travelling due to mishaps such as medical emergencies, accidents, and more. A travel insurance policy by Bajaj Allianz comes in handy because it provides coverage for people who often travel to different parts of the world. Continue reading to find out more about Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance.

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Buy Best Travel Insurance Plans for your Overseas Journey from Just ₹552 Onwards*
Buy Best Travel Insurance Plans for your Overseas Journey from Just ₹552 Onwards*
  • Loss of passport
    Loss of passport
  • Emergency Medical cover
    Emergency Medical cover
  • Trip delay cover
    Trip delay cover
  • Loss of baggage cover
    Loss of baggage cover

*Standard Terms and Conditions Apply.

Why Choose Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance?

Why Choose Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance?

Whether you plan a trip to take a break from your busy lives or for business meetings, purchasing a travel insurance policy will keep you safeguarded in case of any mishap that may happen while travelling. Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance will let you enjoy your trip without any worries.

Listed below are some of the reasons to purchase travel insurance from Bajaj Allianz:

  • Comprehensive travel insurance is available for individuals, families, and students

  • Quick settlement of claims with an automated claim settlement procedure and 24*7 customer support

  • Enhance plan offers coverage with a wide variety of add-on covers such as loss of passport, trip cancellation cover, and more

  • Trip-related problems, flight-related adversities, and medical problems are covered

  • Get coverage while travelling in 200+ countries across the globe

Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance Contact Details

Toll-free Number

1800 209 5858

Registered Office Address

Bajaj Allianz House, Airport Road, Yerawada, Pune-411006

Official Website

Paid Number


Customer Care Email-id

Eligibility Criteria to Buy Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance Plans

The eligibility criteria for Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance is as follows:

Type of Travel Insurance Plans

Eligibility Criteria

Family Travel Insurance

Self, Spouse, and 2 children (dependent, between 6 months to 21 years of age)

Age of adults should be between 18 to 60 years

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

The age should be 70 years

Group Travel Insurance

Minimum number of members required: 10

Student Travel Insurance

The age of the insured should be between 16 to 35 years

Features Of Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance

Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company provides cheap travel insurance policies. In addition to the above, there are many other features of Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance. Some of them are mentioned below-

  • Easy Claim Settlement Process:

Bajaj Allianz provides a smooth and convenient claim settlement process. Without any paperwork, a policyholder can simply settle their claim online with ease.

  • Coverage For Flight Delays:

Nothing is more precious than time! Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance offers coverage for flights that are delayed by four hours or more in light of this.

  • Deductibles:

Under Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance, you do not need to pay any deductibles. Henceforth, you will not have to spend any money from your own pocket.

  • Customized Travel Plans:

Bajaj Allianz provides customized travel insurance policies to cater for the unique requirements of travellers. For instance, the company offers a long-term travel insurance plan for frequent travellers.

Travel Insurance Plans Offered By Bajaj Allianz

Listed below are some types of insurance plans that are offered by Bajaj Allianz.

  • Individual Travel Insurance:

This plan by Bajaj Allianz provides comprehensive coverage at a cost-effective premium and is most suitable for solo travellers. It is available in 3 variants: Travel Companion Plan, Travel Elite Plan, and Travel Prime Plan, among which you can compare and choose the most suitable for yourself.

  • Family Travel Insurance:

Under this plan, coverage is provided for the policyholder, a spouse, and two children. This is best suited for people who are planning a family trip. Some of the expenses covered under this plan include trip cancellation, medical expenses, emergency dental pain, a daily allowance, medical evacuation, trip cancellation, and more.

  • Student Travel Insurance:

Students aged between 16 and 35 aiming to study abroad can buy Bajaj Allianz travel insurance. Under this plan, high medical coverage is provided to the student. The starting price of the plan is Rs. 624 and includes coverage related to the loss of a passport, misplacing a laptop, medical evacuation, hospitalization allowance, and more.

Things You Should Know About Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance Plans

Before purchasing Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance Plans, it's essential to take note of the following factors:



Type of Trips Covered

Domestic and International

Claim Settlement Ratio


Claim Assistance

24*7 Available

Cashless Treatment


Countries Covered


Cashless Claim


Inclusions And Exclusions of Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance

Listed below are some of the inclusions and exclusions of Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance.


  • Loss of passport and home burglary

  • Trip cancellation and delay compensation

  • Medical evacuation

  • Loss of passport and luggage


  • Life-threatening diseases that were not disclosed at the time of purchasing the policy

  • Non-allopathic treatment

  • Any mental illness, such as stress, depression, or anxiety

  • Any injury that has happened due to the influence of alcoholic substances

How To Buy Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance with InsuranceDekho?

Just follow the simple steps below to get Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance through InsuranceDekho:

Step 1: Go to the InsuranceDekho website and click on the “Travel Insurance” section.

Step 2: Fill in details like how long you'll be traveling, where you're going, and information about the travelers.

Step 3: See a list of travel insurance plans based on your details.

Step 4: Pick the type of Bajaj Allianz travel insurance plan you want.

Step 5: Pay for the selected plan.

Step 6: Once the payment is done, you'll get an email with all the policy details.

If you have any questions while buying Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance, reach out to the InsuranceDekho support team at 755 1196 989 or email

How to Renew Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance Plans?

The steps to renew your Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance policy are as follows:

Step 1: Visit the official Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance website.

Step 2: Enter your policy number and policy expiry date see your policy information.

Step 3: Look for the option to renew and click on the Renew button.

Step 4: If needed, make required changes, like adding riders.

Step 5: Finally, pick up your renewal quote and pay for the renewal to complete the process.

How to Claim Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance?

Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance offers two kinds of claims: Cashless Claims and Reimbursement Claims. Now, let's go through the steps to file a claim with Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance:

Step 1: If something goes wrong during your trip, the first step is to inform the insurance company that you need to make a claim.

Step 2: Fill out the claim form, providing all the necessary details from your Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance Policy.

Step 3: Send in the completed claim form along with any additional documents the insurance company requires.

Step 4: The insurance company will review all the submitted documents to ensure everything is in order.

Step 5: After verifying the provided details, the insurance company will approve your claim.

Step 6: Once approved, the insurance company will settle your claim, providing the necessary support or reimbursement.

Documents Required for Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance

To claim Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance, you will need the following documents:

  • Original ticket copy

  • Passport copy

  • Original hospitalisation bills

  • FIR in the event of theft during travel

  • Completed and duly filled claim form

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Is it possible to buy a Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance policy on an immigration visa?

    Yes, you can buy a travel insurance policy from Bajaj Allianz if you are travelling on an immigration visa.

  • Can I buy more than one Bajaj Allianz travel insurance policy for the same trip?

    No, the insurance company will not issue more than one travel insurance policy, as you can only buy one travel insurance policy for the same trip.

  • Can I renew my existing Bajaj Allianz travel insurance policy?

    If your policy period is equal to or less than 360 days, you can renew your Bajaj Allianz travel insurance policy any number of times. 

  • How can I check the status of my travel insurance policy?

    Register yourself on the travel insurance portal and log in with your details, such as username and password, to check the status of your travel insurance policy.

  • Does a loss of credit cards is covered under the travel insurance policy?

    Yes, travel insurance policies provide coverage for the replacement costs of credit cards and compensation for fraud.

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