Technology to Play a Pivotal Role in Decision Making: Rakesh Jain

Published On 10 Apr 2019 By Prashant Srivastava

Rakesh Jain, ED & CEO, Reliance General Insurance, said in an exclusive interview with Express Computer that technology will play a big role in supporting human decisions in the future and the insurance industry will use it for the improvement in customer experience and real-time service delivery. He also stated that the technology will help the insurance industry meet customer’s expectations. 

When asked about the experience of Reliance General Insurance with virtual assistant RIVA, Jain replied that RIVA (Reliance Interactive Virtual Assistant), which is the company’s interactive chat-bot on its Facebook Messenger and the website, is doing exceptionally well. He revealed that RIVA is offering the company plenty of services on its platform. Some of the services include accepting claim intimation, generating a policy quotation, providing claim status and policy copy in less than a minute to customers. 

In the interview, Jain also stressed the key challenges that the general insurance industry is facing these days. These major challenges include lack of awareness about insurance products in the Indian insurance realm. According to him, this is a ripple effect that leads to an under-penetrated insurance market. Further, Jain stressed the importance that people must understand the policy coverage before choosing any policy as all policies don’t come with the same features and benefits.