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Exide Life Insurance FAQs

Term Life Insurance Premium Calculator


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Disclaimer :
1. Premium has been calculated for coverage till 60 years
2. Eligibility depends on income, occupation and educational qualification


  • How is the Exide Life Insurance term insurance policy beneficial to the policyholder?

    The Exide Life Insurance term insurance offers high coverage at a low premium. In the case of the insured person's untimely demise, the family gets adequate financial security. Besides, you can also opt for riders as an additional benefit. Exide Life Insurance term insurance policies also offer the option of return of premiums paid until the end of the insurance policy term if the insured person survives until that date.

  • How is the Exide Life Insurance retirement benefits policy better than the bank deposits?

    Bank deposits do not provide life cover, whereas Exide Life Insurance retirement benefit policies do so. Though the returns are similar, the provision of life insurance makes it a better option.

  • What is the benefit of the limited premium payment in some Exide Life Insurance policies?

    Exide Life Insurance offers a range of plans where the insured person can stop paying the premium after a specified period but still receive insurance cover until the end of the term.

  • How does one benefit from Exide Life Insurance ULIPs?

    Exide Life Insurance ULIP invests in top-rated companies to maximise your returns as much as possible. The professional expertise of the people running the company makes these ULIPs, one of the most attractive in the market.

  • Does the policyholder have to pay an additional premium for including riders in their Exide Life Insurance policies?

    Yes, the inclusion of specific riders increases the risk factor for the company. Hence, policyholders have to pay an additional premium.

Claim Settlement

  • What is the average time taken for deciding on claims by Exide Life Insurance?

    Exide Life Insurance processes the claims and conveys the decision promptly as quickly as possible.

  • What factors affect the Exide Life Insurance claim process?

    The nominee/claimant should submit proper documents completed in all respects for speedy claim processing.

  • Can the life assured lodge the claim with Exide Life Insurance?

    Yes, the life assured can lodge the accidental disability and dismemberment claim, critical illness and terminal illness claim.

  • Where does Exide Life Insurance credit the claim proceeds?

    Exide Life Insurance credits the claim amount to the bank account of the claimant.

  • Can Exide Life Insurance reject any insurance claim?

    Yes, if the documentation is not proper, the company can reject the claim. The company can also decline the claim if there is any misrepresentation at any stage by the nominee/claimant. No claim is payable on lapsed insurance policies.


  • How does Exide Life Insurance reach out to its customers?

    Exide Life Insurance adopts a multi-channel approach to reach out to its 15 Lakh+ customer base. It includes the agency network, corporate agency and broking, bancassurance channels, direct, and online channels.

  • What are the various types of plans offered by Exide Life Insurance?

    Exide Life Insurance categorises its plans into four groups, Protection plans, Savings and Investment Plans, Retirement Plans, and Group Insurance Plans.

  • What is the QROPS plan offered by Exide Life Insurance?

    QROPS is a unique plan where you can transfer the pension received in the UK to India.

  • What is the primary benefit of Exide Life Insurance child insurance plans?

    Child insurance plans offer full financial security to cater to your child’s needs when you are not around to do so.

  • Does Exide Life Insurance offer the facility to purchase insurance online?

    Yes, Exide Life Insurance offers facilities where customers can purchase insurance products online.


  • What is the prime benefit of buying term insurance plans offered by Exide Life Insurance?

    The primary benefit of buying term insurance plans offered by Exide Life Insurance term insurance policy is that it provides the facility to get high cover at low premiums.

  • How is the Exide Life Insurance child insurance plan helpful?

    Child insurance plans offer financial security to your child in your absence and allow it to realise its career goals.

  • Do all Exide Life Insurance policies require medical check-ups?

    No, some term insurance and group insurance policies do not require medical check ups.

  • Are tax benefits available to the insured person in Exide Life Insurance policies?

    Yes, Tax benefits according to section 80C and 10D of the Income Tax Act are available to the insured person in all Exide Life Insurance policies.

  • Which is the better Exide Life Insurance option, term insurance or endowment?

    Both these Exide Life Insurance policies have their significance. Term insurance provides high insurance cover, whereas endowment policies let your money grow and provide maturity benefits besides life cover for the policy term.

Premium Calculator

  • Can you calculate your Exide Life Insurance premium without using a calculator?

    No, it is not possible because you have to factor in various variables. The premium calculator makes it easy for you.

  • Can the Exide Life Insurance premium calculator determine the premium amount I can afford to pay?

    No, this premium calculator is a simple tool that calculates your premium amount depending on your inputs.

  • Why does the Exide Life Insurance premium calculator seek details of my smoking habits?

    Smoking cigarettes is a high-risk activity that affects your life. Hence, the premium amount for a smoker is higher than that for a non-smoker.

  • Does the Exide Life Insurance premium calculator determine the premium if the customer chooses the single payment option?

    Yes, the Exide Life Insurance premium calculator determines the single payment amount.

  • What factors determine my Exide Life Insurance premium amount?

    The sum assured, the policy term, gender, your age, and smoking habits determine the Exide Life Insurance premium amount.

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  • Customer Satisfaction

    When I was buying the Exide life plan from InsuranceDekho, the InsuranceDekho customer team was extremely helpful. I genuinely didn’t face any problems when I was buying the Exide life insurance plan from InsuranceDekho.

    By Priya Mohini
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    I have absolutely no regrets choosing InsuranceDekho for my Exide Life Insurance Policy. Their platform simplifies the entire process and makes it a breeze.

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    InsuranceDekho offered me competitive rates for my life insurance policy. I compared with other websites, and they had the best deals. Happy with my choice of securing the Exide Life Insurance Policy.

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    InsuranceDekho simplifies the complex world of insurance. They broke down the jargon and helped me make an informed decision to buy Exide Life Insurance Policy

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  • Bonus and Dividend Benefits

    I've seen my Exide Life Insurance Policy's bonus and dividend benefits grow over the years, which is a testament to InsuranceDekho's financial stability.

    By Priyanka Rai
    On: Sep 13, 2023

Claim Process at Exide Life Insurance

  • 1

    Claim Intimation

    In the event of the death of the life assured, the insurance company should be intimated as early as possible.
  • 2

    Submission of Documents

    For easy claim settlement, claim form, original policy document, death certificate and others documents should be submitted on time.
  • 3

    Claim Evaluation

    After successful submission of documents, the insurance company will thoroughly evaluate the claim filed.
  • 4

    Claim Settlement

    If claim request is approved, claim is settled within 30 days. In case of additional investigation, claim process may take 120 days.

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