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Exide Life Insurance Plans

Exide Life Insurance has an exotic range of insurance plans for its customers, depending on their requirements. The company classifies its various insurance plans under the following broad categories.

  • Term Plans
  • Investment and Savings Plans
  • Retirement and Pension Plans
  • Group Insurance Plans

Exide Life Insurance Term Plans

Exide Life Insurance Term Plans offer life insurance cover, thereby securing the financial future of your family members when you are not there to take care of them. Exide Life Insurance offers five-term insurance plans to cater to the various demands of its customers situated throughout India.

1. Exide Life Smart Term Pro: This simple term insurance plan helps to secure the family's financial future under unforeseen circumstances. This plan provides life insurance with 100% return on premium options. While allowing you to pay a premium for a limited term, you get insurance until you reach 80 years of age.

2. Exide Life Smart Term Edge: While providing life insurance cover, this term insurance plan offers three different plan options, Classic, Step-up, and comprehensive. This unique insurance plan provides up to 150% return of premium and also allows enhanced protection through riders.

3. Exide Life Term With Return Of Premium: This term insurance plan is unique because it offers life insurance cover for the individual and also returns the premiums paid by the customer on the plan's maturity. It offers flexible premium payment options, and there is no need for a medical test.

4. Exide Life Elite Term Insurance Plan: While insuring your life, this plan rewards you for maintaining a healthy lifestyle throughout by enhancing the life coverage at no additional cost. While you can extend the term by five to ten years, the family gets a range of payout options.

5. Exide Life Term Rider: The Exide Life Term Rider plan offers double life protection at a nominal additional premium. Individuals can avail of this benefit by opting for a term rider when purchasing a traditional term insurance plan.

Exide Health Insurance Plans

Exide Life Insurance offers two exciting health insurance plans with various benefits:

1. Exide Life Sanjeevani: This health insurance is the first fixed benefit health insurance plan that offers comprehensive coverage against heart and cancer-related ailments. It provides a double claim benefit in addition to any other existing health insurance.

2. Exide Life Critical Illness Rider: This rider allows people an add-on benefit to their existing Exide Life Insurance policies. It provides a lump sum payout in the case of diagnosis of specific major illnesses. As it is a rider, it is available at a nominal cost.

Exide Life Insurance Investment and Savings Plans

Exide Life offers a collection of 14 plans in this category to the clients. They cater to requirements that range from child’s future planning, investment planning, and pure saving solutions.

1. Exide Life New Creating Life Insurance Plans: This sub-category comprises two plans that provide financial security to your child to enable it to pursue its career in your absence. You can select from two options, Exide Life New Creating Life Plus, and Exide Life New Creating Life Regular Pay.

2. Exide Life Saral Jeevan: This savings cum insurance plan ensures a guaranteed sum assured at the end of the policy term. You can choose your payout option as a lumpsum amount, or in monthly/annual instalments.

3. Exide Life Saral Bachat: This plan is similar to the one discussed above where you get insurance cover throughout the policy term and a guaranteed sum on maturity. You have options to choose your payout mode as a lumpsum amount or monthly/annual instalments.

4. Exide Life My Assured Income Plan: This savings plan allows you to save for a limited period of five or eight years and receive life cover for ten or 16 years, respectively. Besides, you can choose from three exciting payout options.

5. Exide Life Secured Income Insurance Plans: This endowment plan offers financial security to your family in your absence. You have two plan options to choose from, Secured Income Plus, and Secured Income Regular Pay.

6. Exide Life Guaranteed Income Insurance Plan: This plan is unique because you pay a regular premium for a few years and get guaranteed benefits like a steady income, lump sum amount on maturity, and life insurance cover throughout the policy term.

7. Exide Life Wealth Maxima: This unit-linked insurance plan offers higher life cover at every new phase in your life.

8. Exide Life Assured Gain Plus: This traditional insurance-cum-investment plan is a popular one as you pay a premium for five years and enjoy full life cover over the entire policy term. It provides you with a lump sum amount on survival at the end of the policy term.

9. Exide Life Wealth Builder: This investment plan is a single premium ULIP where you pay the premium once and enjoy life insurance for a maximum of ten years. Besides, it offers 50% mortality charges in the case of a 10-year policy term.

10. Exide Life Wealth Elite: This plan is suitable for investors who want to ensure higher financial protection for their families as their responsibilities grow. Comprehensive death and maturity benefit is available under this plan.

11. Exide Life Secured Income Insurance Plus: This limited pay plan offers life cover as a lump sum amount and assured monthly income for the next 60 months.

12. Exide Life Sampoorna Jeevan: This plan is unique as it provides life insurance till the age of 75 years or 100 years, while offering different payout options, thereby enabling you to save for your various family expenses, like child’s education, marriage, etc.

13. Exide Life New Fulfilling Life: This money-back investment plan offers life cover until the age of 85 years. You get four payment options at regular intervals.

14. Exide Life Income Advantage Plan: This plan is different as you pay the premium during the first half of the plan and receive income during the second. Meanwhile, you get life insurance cover for the entire policy term.

Exide Life Insurance Retirement and Pension Plans

These three unique retirement plans offer you the opportunity to enjoy the golden years of your life in full comfort while ensuring comprehensive live cover.

1. Exide Life New Immediate Annuity: It is an immediate annuity plan with an option for return of purchase price. You can choose the annuity payout and start getting regular income from the end of the selected period.

2. Exide Life Smart Pension Plan: It is a unit-linked insurance plan that allows you to build a retirement corpus while you are earning. The life cover available is up to 10% of the premiums paid.

3. QROPS: This Qualified Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme allows you to transfer your pension funds from the UK to India without paying inheritance tax. You have the option to withdraw up to one-third of the vesting amount and use the remaining amount to purchase an annuity guaranteed for life.

Exide Life Insurance Group Insurance Solutions

Exide Life Insurance offers five excellent group insurance solutions that help you to take care of your employees and ensure their family’s financial security.

1. Exide Life Group Micro Term Insurance: This plan provides life cover to group members at a nominal cost. It also offers joint coverage for the spouse at attractive rates. This plan is ideal for employees of micro-finance institutions and cooperative organisations.

2. Exide Life Group Loan Suraksha: This single premium insurance policy offers loan insurance to protect your family from your loan liabilities in the event of your unforeseen demise. Your family does not have to repay your loans as the insurance company takes care of the liabilities.

3. Exide Life Group Gratuity Product: The plan enables employers to save and create a corpus to meet their employees’ gratuity benefits.

4. Employees Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme: This plan protects all members enrolled in the PF scheme of the company for amounts ranging from Rs 5,000 to Rs 10 lakhs, depending on the employee's salary and the number of years of service rendered by them.

5. Exide Life Group Illness Rider: It is a group health term insurance policy that covers up to 25 major critical illnesses. This policy is subject to annual renewal.

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  • Customer Satisfaction

    When I was buying the Exide life plan from InsuranceDekho, the InsuranceDekho customer team was extremely helpful. I genuinely didn’t face any problems when I was buying the Exide life insurance plan from InsuranceDekho.

    By Priya Mohini
    On: Dec 18, 2023
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    I have absolutely no regrets choosing InsuranceDekho for my Exide Life Insurance Policy. Their platform simplifies the entire process and makes it a breeze.

    By Kaushik Lal
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    InsuranceDekho offered me competitive rates for my life insurance policy. I compared with other websites, and they had the best deals. Happy with my choice of securing the Exide Life Insurance Policy.

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    InsuranceDekho simplifies the complex world of insurance. They broke down the jargon and helped me make an informed decision to buy Exide Life Insurance Policy

    By Hardik Bhatia
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    I've seen my Exide Life Insurance Policy's bonus and dividend benefits grow over the years, which is a testament to InsuranceDekho's financial stability.

    By Priyanka Rai
    On: Sep 13, 2023

Claim Process at Exide Life Insurance

  • 1

    Claim Intimation

    In the event of the death of the life assured, the insurance company should be intimated as early as possible.
  • 2

    Submission of Documents

    For easy claim settlement, claim form, original policy document, death certificate and others documents should be submitted on time.
  • 3

    Claim Evaluation

    After successful submission of documents, the insurance company will thoroughly evaluate the claim filed.
  • 4

    Claim Settlement

    If claim request is approved, claim is settled within 30 days. In case of additional investigation, claim process may take 120 days.

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  • How does Exide Life Insurance reach out to its customers?

    Exide Life Insurance adopts a multi-channel approach to reach out to its 15 Lakh+ customer base. It includes the agency network, corporate agency and broking, bancassurance channels, direct, and online channels. 

  • What are the various types of plans offered by Exide Life Insurance?

    Exide Life Insurance categorises its plans into four groups, Protection plans, Savings and Investment Plans, Retirement Plans, and Group Insurance Plans.

  • What is the QROPS plan offered by Exide Life Insurance?

    QROPS is a unique plan where you can transfer the pension received in the UK to India. 

  • What is the primary benefit of Exide Life Insurance child insurance plans?

    Child insurance plans offer full financial security to cater to your child’s needs when you are not around to do so.

  • Does Exide Life Insurance offer the facility to purchase insurance online?

    Yes, Exide Life Insurance offers facilities where customers can purchase insurance products online. 

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