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Gold Rate In Raipur Today

In today’s time, gold is one of the most sought-after metals. The popularity of this yellow metal is such that people use it in different ways such as gold ETFs, gold jewellery and so many more. Moreover, the significance of gold as an investment tool has also increased manifold, which is why investors today prefer investing in gold rather than anything else. An investment in gold not just reduces the risk factors but also offers guaranteed returns in the long run. Owing to its benefits as an investment tool, it is also important to discuss the gold rate in Raipur today. Read on to learn more.

Today Gold Price in Major Indian Cities

City22 Carat Gold Price Today24 Carat Gold Price Today
Vizianagaram ₹53,250₹55,910
Ratlam ₹53,280₹55,940
Khammam ₹53,250₹55,910
Kozhikode ₹52,350₹54,970
Karur ₹53,250₹55,910
Rourkela ₹53,900₹56,600
Varanasi ₹53,450₹56,120
Ghaziabad ₹53,450₹56,120
Shimla ₹53,450₹56,120
Nizamabad ₹53,250₹55,910
Shimoga ₹53,500₹56,180
Jhansi ₹53,450₹56,120
Udaipur ₹53,490₹56,160
Kurnool ₹53,250₹55,910
Jodhpur ₹53,490₹56,160
Ambala ₹53,450₹56,120
Gorakhpur ₹53,450₹56,120
Berhampur ₹53,900₹56,600
Kolhapur ₹53,280₹55,940
Allahabad ₹53,450₹56,120
Ranchi ₹53,900₹56,600
Kumbakonam ₹53,250₹55,910
Karimnagar ₹53,250₹55,910
Kakinada ₹53,250₹55,910
Nanded ₹53,280₹55,940
Cuttack ₹53,900₹56,600
Faridabad ₹53,450₹56,120
Ahmednagar ₹53,280₹55,940
Latur ₹53,280₹55,940
Amravati ₹53,280₹55,940
Jabalpur ₹53,280₹55,940
Hosur ₹53,250₹55,910
Udupi ₹53,500₹56,180
Jammu ₹53,450₹56,120
Belgaum ₹53,500₹56,180
Gurgaon ₹53,450₹56,120
Nagercoil ₹53,250₹55,910
Erode ₹53,250₹55,910
Solapur ₹53,280₹55,940
Meerut ₹53,450₹56,120
Thrissur ₹52,350₹54,970
Chandigarh ₹53,450₹56,120
Raipur ₹53,280₹55,940
Amritsar ₹53,450₹56,120
Surat ₹53,490₹56,160
Proddatur ₹53,250₹55,910
Jalgaon ₹53,280₹55,940
Mangalore ₹53,500₹56,180
Ludhiana ₹53,450₹56,120
Bhopal ₹53,280₹55,940
Thane ₹53,280₹55,940
Nellore ₹53,250₹55,910
Bhubaneswar ₹53,900₹56,600
Nashik ₹53,280₹55,940
Kochi ₹52,350₹54,970
Visakhapatnam ₹53,250₹55,910
Salem ₹53,250₹55,910
Nagpur ₹53,280₹55,940
Patna ₹53,900₹56,600
Indore ₹53,280₹55,940
Lucknow ₹53,450₹56,120
Jaipur ₹53,490₹56,160
Mysore ₹53,500₹56,180
Madurai ₹53,250₹55,910
Coimbatore ₹53,250₹55,910
Ahmedabad ₹53,490₹56,160
Kolkata ₹53,900₹56,600
Vijayawada ₹53,250₹55,910
Pune ₹53,280₹55,940
Delhi ₹53,450₹56,120
Hyderabad ₹53,250₹55,910
Bangalore ₹53,500₹56,180
Chennai ₹53,250₹55,910
Gold Price in Raipur
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Day22 Carat24 CaratChange
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Today 22 Carat Gold Rate in Raipur

Day1 gram8 gram10 gram100 gramChange
Today Price₹5,328₹42,624₹53,280₹5,32,8000.0%
Yesterday Price₹5,328₹42,624₹53,280₹5,32,8000.0%

Today 24 Carat Gold Rate in Raipur

Day1 gram8 gram10 gram100 gramChange
Today Price₹5,594₹44,752₹55,940₹5,59,4000.0%
Yesterday Price₹5,594₹44,752₹55,940₹5,59,4000.0%

Places To Buy Gold In Raipur

The capital city of Chattisgarh, Raipur is one of the largest consumers of gold in the state. It is due to this reason that the city has a number of places to buy gold. Some of the best places to buy gold in Raipur are listed below:

  • Kalyan Jewellers: Kalyan Jewellers is one of the few brands in India that has built its reputation in the jewellery industry. It has its outlets spread across different parts of the country. In Raipur, Kalyan Jewellers is located on Jeevanbima Marg. The expert team members of Kalyan Jewellers are always ready to guide their customers in making the most informed decisions regarding jewellery purchases.
  • Sumeet Jewellers: Another go-to place for buying gold in Raipur is the famous Sumeet Jewellers. The Sumeet Jewellers in Raipur was established in the year 2005. At Sumeet Jewellers in Raipur, you can take the help of the staff who will help you in selecting the best jewellery as per your budget. So, satisfy your wish to get your favourite jewellery from Sumeet Jewellers in Raipur.
  • Tanishq Jewellers: The famous jewellery brand, Tanishq takes great pride in serving it's customers. Offering a blend of modern and traditional touch in their jewellery, the Tanishq Jewellers has the attention of customers from all over. Even in Raipur, Tanishq Jewellers has managed to build a wide customer base. Irrespective of what the occasion is you are sure to find something of your choice here.
  • NBFCs: Some of the NBFCs in Raipur that are known for selling digital gold include Muthoot Finance, Manappuram Gold Loan, etc.

Gold Rate / 10g in Raipur for Last 10 Days

Date22 Carat Gold Price Today24 Carat Gold Price Today

Historical Gold Rates in Raipur

MonthsLowest Price (24 Carat) Gold rate/ 10gramHighest Price (24 Carat) Gold rate/ 10gram

Gold As An Investment

Over the years, gold has outperformed most of the other investment options such as stocks, mutual funds, etc. So, let us also discuss the benefits of gold as an investment in detail:

  • Hedge Against Inflation: Inflation refers to the rate due to which the price of goods and services in general rise. However, unlike other investment options, gold is seen to act as a hedge against inflation. This is why investors try to put their money in gold investment so that they are protected against the rise of price during inflation.
  • Ensures Protection Against Financial Crises: During some unfortunate events, financial crises are sure to arise. However, in order to stay protected against financial crises, it is very important that you invest in gold. As selling gold can offer immediate cash during a financial crises, investing in gold is a good choice.
  • Stable Price: You can refer to the online website for checking the gold price in recent years. Doing so will help you understand how the price of gold is relatively stable and does not vary a lot.

Things To Remember While Buying Gold In Raipur

Listed below are some of the factors that you must consider when buying gold in Raipur:

  • Making Charges: Making charges are levied when you buy gold from any jewellery store in Raipur. Making charge basically refers to the labour charges that go into the making of any jewellery. So, to avoid being charged an extra amount, make sure to understand all about the making charges from your jeweller.
  • Hallmark: For any gold jewellery that you buy in Raipur or from anywhere else, it is a must that you cross-check whether it is hallmarked or not. You can refer to the back side of the jewellery to check the hallmark stamp and also confirm from your jeweller whether the jewellery is hallmarked or not. Moreover, apart from a hallmarking symbol, also check the year of hallmarking which is generally denoted in the form of alphabets.

Factors Which Affect The Price Of Gold In Raipur

The price of gold depends on several factors. So, we have compiled a list of factors which mainly affect the price of gold in Raipur:

  • Indian Jewellery Market: The Indian Jewellery market has a huge role to play in determining the price of gold. For instance, whenever there is an increase in demand for gold, especially during the wedding or festive season, it becomes difficult to meet the demand and supply chain. So, during such times, the price of gold increases.
  • Import Duty: India tops the list when it comes to gold consumption in the world. Being a key consumer of gold in the world, India imports a large part of its gold from abroad. As such, import duty impacts the gold rate in the country. This means that whenever there is an increase in the import duty, the price of gold in Indian cities like Raipur also accordingly increases.

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News and Articles


  • How to check for the hallmarked 916 22 karats gold in Raipur?

    A hallmark symbol helps you identify whether the gold that you are buying is authentic and pure or not. So, whenever you buy gold, check the inner side of the jewellery for checking the hallmark symbol.

  • Do I need to pay tax on bringing gold into Raipur from abroad?

    Yes, there are additional taxes applicable when bringing gold from abroad to Raipur. 

  • How to check the purity of gold in Raipur?

    The purity of gold is measured in karats. The higher the karat, the higher would be the purity index of your gold jewellery. 

  • What is the difference between 22 karats and 24 karat gold?

    The difference between 22 karat and 24 karat gold is in terms of purity. 22 karat is 92% pure and 24 karat gold is 99.9% pure.

  • How do you double-check your BIS hallmark in Raipur?

    The HUID number is used to double-check the BIS Hallmark in Raipur and elsewhere. 

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