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Gold Rate In Allahabad Today

Many notable individuals have lived in Allahabad, a historic city in Uttar Pradesh. From Jawaharlal Nehru to Amitabh Bachchan, Allahabad has been a centre of activity known for its prestigious universities. Like the rest of eastern Uttar Pradesh, Allahabad has cultural linkages to Kanpur, Lucknow, and Varanasi.

Small enterprises and those employed in the public sector have a significant role in driving the city's economy.

Today Gold Price in Major Indian Cities

City22 Carat Gold Price Today24 Carat Gold Price Today
Belgaum ₹57,600₹60,480
Gurgaon ₹57,600₹60,480
Nagercoil ₹57,600₹60,480
Erode ₹57,600₹60,480
Solapur ₹57,600₹60,480
Meerut ₹57,600₹60,480
Thrissur ₹57,600₹60,480
Chandigarh ₹57,600₹60,480
Raipur ₹57,600₹60,480
Amritsar ₹57,600₹60,480
Surat ₹57,600₹60,480
Proddatur ₹57,600₹60,480
Jalgaon ₹57,600₹60,480
Mangalore ₹57,600₹60,480
Ludhiana ₹57,600₹60,480
Bhopal ₹57,600₹60,480
Thane ₹57,600₹60,480
Nellore ₹57,600₹60,480
Bhubaneswar ₹57,600₹60,480
Nashik ₹57,600₹60,480
Kochi ₹57,600₹60,480
Visakhapatnam ₹57,600₹60,480
Salem ₹57,600₹60,480
Nagpur ₹57,600₹60,480
Patna ₹57,600₹60,480
Indore ₹57,600₹60,480
Lucknow ₹57,600₹60,480
Jaipur ₹57,600₹60,480
Mysore ₹57,600₹60,480
Madurai ₹57,600₹60,480
Coimbatore ₹57,600₹60,480
Ahmedabad ₹57,600₹60,480
Kolkata ₹57,600₹60,480
Vijayawada ₹57,600₹60,480
Pune ₹57,600₹60,480
Delhi ₹57,600₹60,480
Hyderabad ₹57,600₹60,480
Bangalore ₹57,600₹60,480
Chennai ₹57,600₹60,480
Jhansi ₹57,600₹60,480
Udaipur ₹57,600₹60,480
Kurnool ₹57,600₹60,480
Jodhpur ₹57,600₹60,480
Ratlam ₹57,600₹60,480
Vizianagaram ₹57,600₹60,480
Ambala ₹57,600₹60,480
Khammam ₹57,600₹60,480
Kozhikode ₹57,600₹60,480
Varanasi ₹57,600₹60,480
Allahabad ₹57,600₹60,480
Nizamabad ₹57,600₹60,480
Kolhapur ₹57,600₹60,480
Karur ₹57,600₹60,480
Gorakhpur ₹57,600₹60,480
Berhampur ₹57,600₹60,480
Rourkela ₹57,600₹60,480
Latur ₹57,600₹60,480
Shimoga ₹57,600₹60,480
Ghaziabad ₹57,600₹60,480
Ahmednagar ₹57,600₹60,480
Jammu ₹57,600₹60,480
Faridabad ₹57,600₹60,480
Cuttack ₹57,600₹60,480
Udupi ₹57,600₹60,480
Shimla ₹57,600₹60,480
Nanded ₹57,600₹60,480
Kakinada ₹57,600₹60,480
Hosur ₹57,600₹60,480
Karimnagar ₹57,600₹60,480
Jabalpur ₹57,600₹60,480
Kumbakonam ₹57,600₹60,480
Ranchi ₹57,600₹60,480
Amravati ₹57,600₹60,480
Gold Price in Allahabad
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Day22 Carat24 CaratChange
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Today 22 Carat Gold Rate in Allahabad

Day1 gram8 gram10 gram100 gramChange
Today Price₹5,760₹46,080₹57,600₹5,76,0000.0%
Yesterday Price₹5,760₹46,080₹57,600₹5,76,0000.0%

Today 24 Carat Gold Rate in Allahabad

Day1 gram8 gram10 gram100 gramChange
Today Price₹6,048₹48,384₹60,480₹6,04,8000.0%
Yesterday Price₹6,048₹48,384₹60,480₹6,04,8000.0%

Best Places To Buy Gold In Allahabad

Due to its popularity as an investment choice, gold may be found in Allahabad in a variety of forms. The locals' most preferred financial alternative is gold savings, which is another common financial option. Allahabad was not immune to the rising demand for the yellow metal as a result of the decline in gold prices across the board. Following is a list of some of the top locations in Allahabad where you can buy gold -

  • Malabar Gold & Diamonds - Malabar is probably the fifth-largest jeweller in the globe. On the website, you can get genuine gold and diamond jewellery in addition to ordering specially made jewellery in the style of your choice. Designs feature floral, peacock, butterfly, and geometric themes that are both classic and modern.
  • Voylla Jewellers - A renowned retailer of stylish jewellery is called Voylla. The shop offers a wide variety of styles at affordable prices. For both men and women, there are several designer collections available.
  • Reliance Jewels - Since 2012, Allahabad residents have heard about Reliance Jewels. This company, which has a wealth of expertise in the gem and jewellery industry, is renowned for its exquisite designs and collections. They are renowned for the hand-selected and unique designs that are featured in their collections of gold and diamond jewellery.
  • NBFCs - In addition to jewellery stores, renowned NBFCs like Meet Finance, Mahindra Finance, and others also sell gold.

Gold Rate / 10g in Allahabad for Last 10 Days

Date22 Carat Gold Price Today24 Carat Gold Price Today

Historical Gold Rates in Allahabad

MonthsLowest Price (24 Carat) Gold rate/ 10gramHighest Price (24 Carat) Gold rate/ 10gram

Gold As An Investment

For a variety of reasons, gold is a favourite among investors, and it has advantages over more traditional investments like bonds and stocks. Despite the fact that gold is an asset that doesn't generate cash flow, they nevertheless view it as a store of value. Following are some benefits of gold as an investment -

  • Hedge Against Inflation - Due to its potential to increase in value when the cost of living rises, gold has historically been a great inflation hedge. Investors have just witnessed the stock market crash and skyrocketing gold prices that occur during periods of rising inflation. This is due to the fact that gold is typically valued in the units of currency that lose buying power due to inflation, and as a result, tends to rise along with everything else.
  • Demand - A lot of these nations have a rich cultural history with gold. India is the second-largest consumer of gold in the world, and it is used for a variety of purposes there, including jewellery. As a result, the month of October generally sees the largest global demand for gold due to the Indian wedding season.
  • Geopolitical Commodity - Geopolitical uncertainty, especially alongside monetary uncertainty, supports the price of gold. It is also described to as the "crisis commodity" since people seek for its relative safety haven as international tensions rise. It frequently performs better during these periods than other assets.

Things To Remember While Buying Gold In Allahabad

In a society where using gold is so common, it is obvious that anybody may commit blundering errors. So, regardless of the type of gold jewellery purchased, doing a few quick checks might guarantee that the buyer receives the most value for their money. Following are some listed things an individual needs to check while buying gold in Allahabad -

  • Know The Cost - First, verify that the platform where you purchase your gold jewellery is legitimate and adheres to all legal requirements. Before making any in-person or online purchases, the next step is to verify the current gold price per gramme. Make sure to visit numerous websites, not just one, to find out the current gold price. Although it may change somewhat for other jewellers and states, the difference will be negligible.
  • Weight Check - A gold piece's weight has a direct impact on its price as well as its strength. Grams are typically used to measure gold jewellery. The jewellery item will cost more the higher the value. Additionally, larger and thicker gold pieces are more durable since they can survive wear and tear from daily use.
  • Festive Season - When buying gold, it's also crucial to take the season into account because the price of the metal might unexpectedly increase during the holiday season or even during an Indian wedding. This is due to a mismatch between supply and demand, as the demand for gold jewellery increases normally during this period.
  • Keep A Check On Purity - Verify the gold's purity in the jewellery piece. The hallmark on the item is the greatest place to look for that. A hallmark identifies the gold's purity and the quantity of gold that was actually utilised to create the item. The Bureau of Indian Standards is the government body in charge of endorsing and hallmarking gold jewellery in India (BIS).

Factors Which Affect The Price Of Gold In Allahabad

The following variables should be taken into account when purchasing gold in order to help investors better understand why the price of gold fluctuates constantly. Scroll through the section to learn more about the elements that influence the price of gold -

  • Inflation - The value of money typically declines when inflation is occurring. Since gold protects against inflation, many individuals prefer to invest in it.
  • Interest Rates - The price of gold varies inversely with interest rates. This implies that the price of gold will decline if the interest rate rises.
  • Import Duty - India is one of the biggest gold users, yet compared to other nations, it produces very little gold. This means that the cost of import has a significant influence on the price of gold in Indian cities. The price of gold increases significantly as import costs rise.
  • Demand And Supply - The supply and demand of gold are two significant factors that have an influence on the price of gold in Patna. As a result, the price of gold changes anytime there is a discrepancy between the demand for and supply of gold.

News and Articles


  • Where can I purchase gold in Allahabad?

    Any professional jeweller in Allahabad will sell you gold. Think about buying gold from one of the many reputable jewellers or even from a small jeweller. You must, however, be sure that the gold you buy is hallmarked and has the required paperwork and authentication.


  • What does Hallmark Gold mean in Allahabad?

    The Bureau of Indian Standards, often known as BIS, uses a standard to certify gold. This accreditation is known as Hallmark.


  • What does Allahabad’s 22 karat gold mean?

    22 carat gold is one of the standards used to gauge the purity of gold. Gold is fragile and prone to shattering when it is at its finest.


  • What considerations should I make while buying gold in Allahabad?

    When purchasing gold in Allahabad, you should examine a number of things, including the weight of the metal, the hallmark, and the source of the gold.


  • Will the price of gold in Allahabad rise or fall?

    The price of gold is influenced by a wide range of factors, such as inflation, supply and demand, interest rates, and others. Any modifications to these factors would have an effect on gold rates.


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