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Gold Rate In Jhansi Today

In Jhansi, gold purchases are at their highest point around October, November, January, and February are the most popular months for weddings and other significant events. People in this city spend a lot of money on wedding jewellery since they consider it to be a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Compare prices and look at making costs if you plan to create a collection of gold jewellery. This is because even a small variance in the costs associated with creating the jewellery can have a big effect on its pricing.

Today Gold Price in Major Indian Cities

City22 Carat Gold Price Today24 Carat Gold Price Today
Jodhpur ₹57,600₹60,480
Ambala ₹57,600₹60,480
Gorakhpur ₹57,600₹60,480
Berhampur ₹57,600₹60,480
Kolhapur ₹57,600₹60,480
Vizianagaram ₹57,600₹60,480
Ratlam ₹57,600₹60,480
Varanasi ₹57,600₹60,480
Faridabad ₹57,600₹60,480
Ghaziabad ₹57,600₹60,480
Khammam ₹57,600₹60,480
Shimla ₹57,600₹60,480
Kakinada ₹57,600₹60,480
Kumbakonam ₹57,600₹60,480
Ranchi ₹57,600₹60,480
Allahabad ₹57,600₹60,480
Nizamabad ₹57,600₹60,480
Kozhikode ₹57,600₹60,480
Shimoga ₹57,600₹60,480
Jhansi ₹57,600₹60,480
Jammu ₹57,600₹60,480
Hosur ₹57,600₹60,480
Udupi ₹57,600₹60,480
Karur ₹57,600₹60,480
Amravati ₹57,600₹60,480
Rourkela ₹57,600₹60,480
Jabalpur ₹57,600₹60,480
Udaipur ₹57,600₹60,480
Latur ₹57,600₹60,480
Gurgaon ₹57,600₹60,480
Belgaum ₹57,600₹60,480
Ahmednagar ₹57,600₹60,480
Cuttack ₹57,600₹60,480
Kurnool ₹57,600₹60,480
Nanded ₹57,600₹60,480
Karimnagar ₹57,600₹60,480
Gold Price in Jhansi
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Day22 Carat24 CaratChange
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Today 22 Carat Gold Rate in Jhansi

Day1 gram8 gram10 gram100 gramChange
Today Price₹5,760₹46,080₹57,600₹5,76,0000.0%
Yesterday Price₹5,760₹46,080₹57,600₹5,76,0000.0%

Today 24 Carat Gold Rate in Jhansi

Day1 gram8 gram10 gram100 gramChange
Today Price₹6,048₹48,384₹60,480₹6,04,8000.0%
Yesterday Price₹6,048₹48,384₹60,480₹6,04,8000.0%

Best Places To Buy Gold In Jhansi

In Jhansi, gold investors typically choose either the traditional course of action of purchasing jewellery and other adornments or the more contemporary course of action of investing in paper gold. So, here is a list of some of the best places in Jhansi from where you can purchase gold -

  • Tanishq Jewellery - Tanishq Jewellery is the place to go for all of your special occasion jewellery requirements. You're invited to treat yourself to some of Tanishq's finest gold and diamond jewellery. Tanishq Jewellery's designers are masters in making Kundan, Polki, and other costly jewels. They provide a wide range of options, including magnificent bridal jewellery and men's jewellery, to surprise you. They have skilled staff that are eager to demonstrate several jewellery models for you. They offer free delivery to any Indian area.
  • Malabar Gold & Diamonds - There are 82 Malabar sites, including 52 in India and 30 in the Gulf Cooperation States. In addition to the US, UK, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and Sri Lanka, it hopes to grow to additional Indian states. They are one of the top five retail jewellery companies in the world and are vying for first place.
  • Ekta Abhushan - The beautiful jewellery and unusual designs of Ekta Abhushan are highly known. The shop is the perfect place to satisfy all of your jewellery demands. They want to provide their customers stunning, high-quality jewellery at fair prices. Ekta Abhushan offers gorgeous hand-finished collections of gold, diamonds, silver, and verified stones. Only the precise gold weight is charged. They hope that your decision will bring you a lot of happiness.
  • NBFCs - Gold is sold by trustworthy NBFCs like HDB Financial Services, Aditya Birla Finance, and others in addition to jewellery stores.

Gold Rate / 10g in Jhansi for Last 10 Days

Date22 Carat Gold Price Today24 Carat Gold Price Today

Historical Gold Rates in Jhansi

MonthsLowest Price (24 Carat) Gold rate/ 10gramHighest Price (24 Carat) Gold rate/ 10gram

Gold As An Investment

Gold is more liquid than other assets, such as real estate. This is only one of the advantages of holding gold as an asset. However, everyone should be aware that betting on gold and hoping it would maintain its value is not a certain tactic. Supply and demand factors have an impact on the price of gold, just like they do with any other financial asset or investment. Following are some of the benefits of gold as an investment -

  • Helps During Inflation - Despite price fluctuations, one of gold's main benefits is that it could help you protect against inflation. When interest rates continue at historic low levels, the bulk of bank accounts do not really increase in value. In contrast, regardless of how rapidly inflation occurs, gold maintains its value over time and can still be traded for a fixed sum of money.
  • Stable Valuation - Gold's value is complicated. It is restricted and unusual. While new gold is frequently mined, the majority of it is utilised in jewellery or other commercial applications. This implies that neither there will ever be enough gold to satisfy everyone's needs nor that the gold now in use will deteriorate or disappear.. There is value in actual gold by itself. It's worth can never be zero, unlike stocks or digital cash.
  • Risks - Purchasing gold may help you protect your money and keep it safe, which increases its value during difficult economic times like the one we are now experiencing. Investors scramble to add gold to their portfolios when significant political events rattle the economy or banks start to seem wobbly on their foundations in order to ensure they still have a firm platform from which to make investments. Therefore, in these turbulent and unpredictable times, gold is a wise investment.

Things To Remember While Buying Gold In Jhansi

Following are some of the listed things that an individual need to while buying gold in Jhansi -

  • Hallmarked Jewellery - Metals, notably gold and silver jewellery, are authenticated using an Indian method known as BIS Hallmark. It attests that the jewellery may be in compliance with the regulations set out by the Bureau of Indian Requirements.
  • Pricing - Indian gold prices generally change in response to market conditions elsewhere. Any change in the price of decorative metal on the global market, whether it is positive or negative, would have a direct influence on yellow metal pricing on the domestic market. The value of the dollar, interest rates, inflation rates, currency changes, levels of demand and supply, and economic circumstances are just a few of the factors that have an impact on gold prices on the worldwide market.
  • Weight - Furthermore, if the gold contains any studded items, it's crucial to confirm the weight of the gold. When you visit the jeweller, enquire as many questions as you can. This distinguishes buying gold from buying food. Due to its rising value, the price is fairly expensive. Do comprehensive research before making the purchase.

Factors Which Affect The Price Of Gold In Jhansi

People in India typically choose to invest in gold. Long-term investors are said to feel comfortable investing in the renowned yellow gold. But there's still a chance that the cost of gold might rise or fall. Since there are several steps involved in bringing gold from the mine to the final buyer, many factors are taken into consideration when establishing the price of gold. Following are the factors that can affect the gold price -

  • Inflation - Simply put, inflation is the decline in the purchasing power of money, which is reflected by an overall increase in the cost of goods and services across an economy. The value of currency decreases in direct proportion to inflation rates. This simply means that higher levels of inflation would most likely result in higher prices of gold since the value of the currency would be declining. In general, inflation tends to be strongly tied to variations in the price of gold. This may be explained by the fact that people desire to hold money in the form of gold during inflationary periods on the idea that gold's value would be stable over time compared to that of currency, making it the greatest inflation hedge.
  • Interest Rates - Typically, there is an inverse relationship between interest rates and gold prices. This may be due to people believing that investing in gold will provide higher returns when interest rates are low since they find it difficult to get sufficient returns on their current savings. The price of gold rises as a result of increased demand. In contrast, people typically sell their gold and put their money in deposits as interest rates rise in an effort to improve their income. As a result, there is less demand for gold, which raises the price of gold. However, there has never been a correlation between gold prices and interest rates in the past.
  • Gold Reserves - The impact of public gold holdings on India's gold prices. In addition to their currency reserves, the Reserve Bank of India and the central banks of numerous other countries all have gold. As a result, whenever such reserves start accumulating more gold, the price of gold tends to increase due to the increased demand that results.

News and Articles


  • How to check for the hallmarked 916 22 karats gold in Jhansi?

    You can check the hallmark symbol on the back side of the gold ornament.

  • Do I need to pay tax on bringing gold into Jhansi from abroad?

    Yes, there are additional taxes applicable when bringing gold from abroad to Jhansi.

  • How to check the purity of gold in Jhansi?

    The purity of gold is measured in karats, while 24 karats of gold indicate 99.9% purity, 22 karat gold on the other hand is 92% pure.

  • What is the difference between 22 karats and 24 karat gold?

    The difference between 22 karat and 24 karat gold is in terms of purity. 22 karat is 92% pure and 24 karat gold is 99.9% pure.

  • How do you double-check your BIS hallmark in Jhansi?

    The HUID number is used to double-check the BIS Hallmark in Jhansi and elsewhere.