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Gold Rate In Kurnool Today

The "Gateway to Rayalaseema" is Kurnool, which is located in Andhra Pradesh. From 1953 until 1956, it served as Andhra Pradesh's capital. A census taken in 2011 places it as the seventh most populous city. The area is home to several stunning temples and caverns that draw tourists. The area is also well recognised for its mineral resources, which include quartz, dolomite, limestone, iron ore, and limestone. Gold is a different metal that is quite well-liked in Kurnool. Kurnool residents, like those in the rest of India, are enamoured with gold and view it as both a commodity and an investment. In Kurnool, both gold jewellery and other gold investments are common.

Today Gold Price in Major Indian Cities

City22 Carat Gold Price Today24 Carat Gold Price Today
Lucknow ₹57,600₹60,480
Jaipur ₹57,600₹60,480
Mysore ₹57,600₹60,480
Madurai ₹57,600₹60,480
Coimbatore ₹57,600₹60,480
Ahmedabad ₹57,600₹60,480
Kolkata ₹57,600₹60,480
Vijayawada ₹57,600₹60,480
Pune ₹57,600₹60,480
Delhi ₹57,600₹60,480
Hyderabad ₹57,600₹60,480
Bangalore ₹57,600₹60,480
Chennai ₹57,600₹60,480
Jodhpur ₹57,600₹60,480
Ambala ₹57,600₹60,480
Gorakhpur ₹57,600₹60,480
Berhampur ₹57,600₹60,480
Kolhapur ₹57,600₹60,480
Vizianagaram ₹57,600₹60,480
Ratlam ₹57,600₹60,480
Varanasi ₹57,600₹60,480
Faridabad ₹57,600₹60,480
Ghaziabad ₹57,600₹60,480
Khammam ₹57,600₹60,480
Shimla ₹57,600₹60,480
Kakinada ₹57,600₹60,480
Kumbakonam ₹57,600₹60,480
Ranchi ₹57,600₹60,480
Allahabad ₹57,600₹60,480
Nizamabad ₹57,600₹60,480
Kozhikode ₹57,600₹60,480
Shimoga ₹57,600₹60,480
Jhansi ₹57,600₹60,480
Jammu ₹57,600₹60,480
Hosur ₹57,600₹60,480
Udupi ₹57,600₹60,480
Karur ₹57,600₹60,480
Amravati ₹57,600₹60,480
Rourkela ₹57,600₹60,480
Jabalpur ₹57,600₹60,480
Udaipur ₹57,600₹60,480
Latur ₹57,600₹60,480
Gurgaon ₹57,600₹60,480
Belgaum ₹57,600₹60,480
Ahmednagar ₹57,600₹60,480
Cuttack ₹57,600₹60,480
Kurnool ₹57,600₹60,480
Nanded ₹57,600₹60,480
Karimnagar ₹57,600₹60,480
Gold Price in Kurnool
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Day22 Carat24 CaratChange
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Today 22 Carat Gold Rate in Kurnool

Day1 gram8 gram10 gram100 gramChange
Today Price₹5,760₹46,080₹57,600₹5,76,0000.0%
Yesterday Price₹5,760₹46,080₹57,600₹5,76,0000.0%

Today 24 Carat Gold Rate in Kurnool

Day1 gram8 gram10 gram100 gramChange
Today Price₹6,048₹48,384₹60,480₹6,04,8000.0%
Yesterday Price₹6,048₹48,384₹60,480₹6,04,8000.0%

Best Places To Buy Gold In Kurnool

Typically, the price of gold is expressed in grammes. The quality of the gold is one of several criteria that determine the price of gold, among other things. The price of 24 karat gold, which is thought to be the purest kind of gold for jewellery creation, is different from the price of 22 carat gold. The cost of gold in Kurnool in 22 and 24 karat purity is listed below.

So, here is a list of some of the best places in Kurnool from where you can purchase gold -

  • Tanishq Jewellery - Tanishq Jewellery is one of the best jewellers in Kurnool. They have an outstanding reputation for offering kind and knowledgeable customer service. Tanishq Jewellery offers a variety of stylish jewellery for every occasion. Please feel free to ask any queries of their kind personnel.
  • Kalyan Jewellers - Kalyan Jewellers is a well-known company for its gold and diamonds. To win over customers, they strive to provide a seamless jewellery experience. The shop sells a wide variety of jewellery in gold, platinum, silver, diamonds, and other precious metals. At Kalyan Jewellers, a knowledgeable sales staff is happy to help consumers. Explore their magnificent jewellery collections made of precious gold and diamonds.
  • PC Jewellers - Pc Jeweller is one of the Indian jewellery firms with the fastest development. It has a number of very large showrooms in 67 cities and 17 states. The company only sells jewellery that is hallmarked and has diamonds that have been certified. At PC Jeweller, every piece is skillfully crafted to the highest standards. If you want to celebrate wedding jewellery or reasonably priced wearables, PC Jeweller has produced spectacular designs with unmatched quality.
  • NBFCs - Gold is available via trustworthy NBFCs like ICICI Home Finance, Fullerton India Credit Co. Ltd., and others in addition to jewellery stores.

Gold Rate / 10g in Kurnool for Last 10 Days

Date22 Carat Gold Price Today24 Carat Gold Price Today

Historical Gold Rates in Kurnool

MonthsLowest Price (24 Carat) Gold rate/ 10gramHighest Price (24 Carat) Gold rate/ 10gram

Gold As An Investment

Market value and gold purity are two indicators that gold traders use to forecast future gold prices. Prices for gold are significantly influenced by the purity of the metal. There are several elements that go into these gold prices. And one of the most important criteria is the market value. These days, the gold market value varies greatly. Following are the benefits of gold as an investment -

  • Helps During Inflation - Millions of individuals nationwide have made this their preferred investment, and you won't look back on a gold investment with regret. The web resources that offer information on such commodities may be used to find out the current market price of gold. This will enable you to keep track of market fluctuations and begin your investments methodically.
  • Easy Loans - In most situations, a loan based on the whole value of the gold may be obtained within a single day. After you pay off the loan in the future, the banks will return the identical jewellery in perfect condition. Since this loan is secured, the interest rate will be considerably lower than for unsecured loans.
  • Secure Investment - When you decide to purchase real gold, you won't need to be concerned about your investment because it won't vary too much in the market. When you contrast the current price of gold with previous rates, you'll see that it is more or less steady when compared to other market assets.

Things To Remember While Buying Gold In Kurnool

Given its durability, gold will always be valuable in both good and bad times. So, listed below are the things you need to while buying gold in Kurnool -

  • Research - Gold jewellery is more expensive to purchase than just about everything else. Given the size of the expenditure, some preliminary study is important. Find reputable jewellers and gold shops by asking around. Look around for the most recent, conventional, or modern styles that you want to purchase. Additionally, contrast a few retailers and look at their most recent gold prices.
  • Purity - The finest kind of gold is 24 karat, and the term "karat" is used to describe its purity. For coins and bars, 24 carat gold is favoured in India. But when it comes to gold jewellery, 22 karat is more popular. It is combined with other metals to make gold jewellery 22 carat, giving it its robust and solid shape.
  • Invoice - Keep a close eye on the retail invoice for any gold jewellery you buy. The cost of creation, gold's cost, carat age, hallmark information, etc. should all be mentioned. Always store the bill in a secure place! You'll require it if you want to purchase the same item from the same jewellers and resell it for more money. Being in possession of this receipt will maintain you in a stronger position for future negotiations.

Factors Which Affect The Price Of Gold In Kurnool

There are various things you need to know before purchasing gold jewellery. These consist of certain factors affecting gold. The purity of the gold may range from 20 to 24 karat gold. Additionally, Kurnool's gold rate is significantly influenced by gold purity. Following are the factors that can affect the gold price -

  • Demand & Supply - The primary determinant of the price of any marketable good, including gold, is supply and demand. The price of gold will increase if there is a greater demand for it than there is supply, and it will decline if there is a greater supply than there is demand.
  • Inflation - Inflation is the term used to describe the rise in a nation's prices for goods and services. Since gold is a store of wealth, it is a great tool for hedging against inflation. That implies that during periods of inflation, its value doesn't decline as much as that of other forms of money. One explanation for the frequent increase in gold prices during periods of high inflation is the increased demand for the metal.
  • Interest Rates - Gold prices decrease as interest rates rise, but they increase when interest rates decline. This is due to the fact that investors put less money into gold when interest rates are high because they have more opportunities to make a return on their investment elsewhere.

News and Articles


  • How to check for the hallmarked 916 22 karats gold in Kurnool?

    You can check the hallmark symbol on the back side of the gold ornament. 


  • Do I need to pay tax on bringing gold into Kurnool from abroad?

    Yes, there are additional taxes applicable when bringing gold from abroad to Kurnool. 


  • How to check the purity of gold in Kurnool?

    The purity of gold is measured in karats, while 24 karats of gold indicate 99.9% purity, 22 karat gold on the other hand is 92% pure.


  • What is the difference between 22 karats and 24 karat gold?

    The difference between 22 karat and 24 karat gold is in terms of purity. 22 karat is 92% pure and 24 karat gold is 99.9% pure. 


  • How do you double-check your BIS hallmark in Kurnool?

    The HUID number is used to double-check the BIS Hallmark in Kurnool and elsewhere.