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What Riders Are Suitable For Money Back Policy?

All insurance companies have optional add-on riders that the insured can ‘add on' to their money-back policy, as the name implies. These riders may be associated with specific medical situations such as serious diseases, personal accidents, or a term rider. Some money-back insurance policies also allow you to keep the life insurance coverage even after the policy has matured. Using our booking engine, you can research, compare, and purchase your money-back insurance. Well-chosen insurance coverage provides you with advantages such as decreased risk, increased tax benefits, and more. 

Common Riders Available in Money Back Policy

Following are some of the most commonly opted riders with money back plans - 

1. Accident or Disability Benefit Rider: This rider assists in covering any costs that may occur as a consequence of an accident that results in disability or even death. The amount paid by the insurance company to the insured or nominees is typically determined by the type of injuries sustained. The insurance company will pay a portion of the sum promised for temporary or partial incapacity while paying the entire sum assured amount for total or permanent disability or if the worst happens.

2. Waiver of Premium: The waiver of premium rider protects against the loss of the money-back plan's insurance coverage if the insured is unable to pay the premium for any reason. The rider is particularly beneficial to the individual who is ill or unable to pay the premium for whatever reason.

3. Accelerated Amount Guaranteed: This rider is useful since it allows the policyholder to get the sum assured if they are diagnosed with any of the critical diseases listed. When the insurance company pays the sum promised, the primary policy is canceled. This rider is beneficial since it allows the insured to receive the sum promised without having to continue paying the premium or waiting the entire term of the money-back plan to receive the insurance amount.

4. Term Rider: A term rider is comparable to a term life insurance policy in that it allows the insured to arrange a term insurance payout to the nominees if he or she does not survive the money-back policy period. Similar to a term policy, the insured or their nominees do not get any money if the policyholder survives the period of insurance.

Critical illness: The critical illness rider protects against a variety of serious illnesses that may occur throughout the insured party's life. The rider permits the insured to receive a lump sum payment if they are diagnosed with a severe illness. The money can be used by the insured to pay off medical expenses, renovate a home for critical illness patients, or any other purpose. Some severe illnesses against which riders are offered include coronary problems like heart attacks and bypass surgery, certain forms of cancer, paralysis or strokes that may be temporary or permanent, and major organ transplants such as heart and liver transplants. 


One of the smartest ways to organize your life investment cover is with money-back insurance. You not only get money returned at regular intervals during the policy term, a sum assured after the policy term, and bonus amounts as stipulated by the insurer, but you also get appropriate insurance coverage for the duration of the policy. Furthermore, some firms offer the option of maintaining coverage for the duration of the insured's life, subject to certain limits. Buying a money-back plan makes sense for an investor seeking a cover that provides assured returns as well as benefits at various periods of life to help pay for crucial future expenses.

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