Zero Depreciation Cover Versus Comprehensive Car Insurance

Published On 18 Jan 2019 By Megha Raha

Zero Depreciation Cover or Comprehensive Car Insurance - What Will You Choose?

Comprehensive Plan or Zero Depreciation Cover - What is Your Pick?

Is zero depreciation and comprehensive car insurance related? - This is counted as one of the most popular questions, springing up in the minds of customers. A lot has been blabbered about the importance of having a car insurance. Describing it in a nutshell, the cover functions as a protective aid to your favorite asset - the car of your dreams. When deciding to fix upon an appropriate insurance plan, quite a lot of terms come into use. Zero depreciation car insurance is one such term. Comprehensive insurance plan on the contrary, steps up as a popular choice of vehicle insurance. Why? Well, the title says it all. Comprehensive - meaning a concise rider that offers optimum protection against mishaps and accidents. Your vehicle stays clear from danger and in case of collision, the damages and labor expenses are well covered. There’s a lot to be spilled about a comprehensive car insurance plan. Similarly, there’s tons to be told about zero depreciation. To clear the air once and for all, both zero depreciation and comprehensive insurance are very different. While the former guarantees absolute coverage for settlement, the latter puts up estimations based on the prevailing value of your car. Let’s get straight to the point - how different is comprehensive insurance and zero depreciation?

A comprehensive insurance policy cover the losses and damages incurred by a vehicle in unfortunate circumstances like theft, fire, vandalism, accidents and all forms of natural and man-made calamities. The query that pops up here is - why is it known as a comprehensive insurance if protection against own damage is all that the rider covers. Well, the question is partially correct. A comprehensive policy does offer coverage against own damage. However, it also pairs up with the mandatory requisites of third party car insurance online or liability cover. It does not sum up here. The policy brings on boards a variety of add-on options. Wondering how is it helpful? Well, to begin with, availability of add-ons helps expand coverage and save you big money in case of accidents.

Buy comprehensive car insurance policy and save money.

Zero depreciation cover on the other hand is a classic add-on. Car being a depreciating asset undergo a cut-back in value over years. Opting for this cover ensure that the vehicle is protected from the obvious consequences of depreciation. Wear and tear is quite common in vehicles. This is reckoned as a prominent consequence of depreciation. Having a zero depreciation cover in pair steps up as a rescue to the car owner. Of-course the Q that pops up next is why? First brought into action in the year 2009, the add-on offers optimum coverage against depreciating factors that tarnish the car’s current value.

Zero Depreciation Cover versus Comprehensive Car Insurance!

Zero Depreciation Cover Comprehensive Car Insurance

Settling claims for a cover paired with zero depreciation offer absolute coverage. No cut-backs in the form of depreciation rates are included.

Clinching final claims against a comprehensive car insurance is pretty dissimilar. The claim amount depends on the current value of the vehicle and factors in the prevailing rates of depression too.

Offer coverage to new vehicles up-to 5 years.
**Some insurers offer coverage to vehicles for as long as 7-9 years, depending on the customer's claim history**

Cater protection to vehicles as old as 15 years.

Premium amounts charged are pretty swanky.

Comprehensive car insurance plans demand moderate to low premiums.

Repairing expenses and costs of damage in plastic parts are covered. At-least the policy holders bears little to no brunt of the expenses.

It is completely different in case of comprehensive car insurance. The insured party shells out riches to bear the cost of repairing and damages in plastic parts.

Zero depreciation car insurance can save you a lot of money.

A term that has been referred to over and over again in the post is ‘Depreciation’. Almost everyone has a vague idea of what depreciation is all about. Whereas, there is much to know about the concept.

Depreciation - What does it mean?

In the words of a rookie, depreciation indicate a steep decrease in the value of assets. In this case, the asset is a vehicle or your very own car. Think first and figure second - is a new car priced high or an old vehicle? The answer is pretty straightforward - a new vehicle. This is because the value of cars depreciate or lessen with age.

Depreciation is not just confined to the vehicle only. Crucial parts like metal, plastic and glass that make up for the body of the vehicle undergo a cut-down in value too. However, what’s worth knowing is that the rates of depreciation are different for the different parts.

A fact worth the read!

Clinch the best deal on your favourite car. Shop the same from a showroom. Enjoy the handover and drive the car out of the showroom. The value scales down right-away. Regardless of how deep holes you’ve burned in your pockets to purchase the car of your dream, it is valued much lesser than the price you’ve just paid out.

Comprehensive Insurance Policy - The Targeted Clients!

Comprehensive car insurance plans are almost for all and sundry. People looking to rack up complete protection of their car can go for it. However, you must also be certain that depreciation factors and rates are not looked upon since it casts an impact on the amounts of money, received as claims.

Who should purchase a zero depreciation cover?

Comprehensive plans cover for almost every damage in the vehicle. Zero dep policy on the other hand is an additional rider that guarantees you freedom from financial burdens by large. How? Depreciation, that is compulsorily accounted in vehicles is not factored, causing no cut-backs in the claimed amount.

This is a very useful cover for those looking to save big bucks in circumstances of accidental damage. There’s no overlooking the fact that expenditures burgeon up due to the rising costs of labor and prices of parts. Having a zero depreciation policy ticks all boxes in terms of protection and amplifies value of an ordinary comprehensive plan.


Pair your four wheeler insurance with a zero depreciation cover and pay less or nothing for any of the damages in your car. Let your insurer cash in for your losses. Visit for any other needful advice. We are just a click away. Now learn about car insurance while you choose the right insurance for your car.

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