Things You Should Know Before Selling Your Car

Published On Apr 14, 2021 10:00 AM By InsuranceDekho

Here are a few things that you should know before selling your car.

When it comes to selling an old car, it's important to remember that there are no shortcuts. You must complete the sale process in a systematic way to avoid future problems, such as legal issues that may arise as a result of an incomplete transfer of ownership. 

Things You Should Know Before Selling Your Car

To assist you, we've compiled a list of five important factors to consider before selling your car.

1. Complete The Required Documentation

First and foremost, documentation is critical, and you should begin the sales process by ensuring that all necessary documents are in place. Registration certificate (RC), valid insurance policy, pollution under control certificate, and no objection certificate from the bank if you bought the car with a loan are some important documents submitted during the sale process.

2. Car Maintenance

Before making a final purchase decision, a potential buyer may want to take a test drive in your vehicle. Any mechanical or cosmetic flaws might deter a buyer from making a purchase. Even the tiniest or most insignificant flaw could be enough to sabotage the deal. As a result, make sure you take the car to a workshop and have it carefully inspected to ensure it is free of any defects.

3. Have A Vehicle Valuation

Have a rough idea of how much your car is worth.Before you negotiate with the buyer, have a good idea of how much your car is worth. This would require some research, and you can also use the services of a car trader or other online platforms to estimate the current value of your vehicle. Model year, kilometres driven, type of fuel (petrol/diesel/CNG), transmission type (manual/automatic), and accident history are some key parameters that are considered when calculating a car's worth.

4. Look Of The Car

When it comes to cars, the saying "first impressions are lasting impressions" is certainly true. A good first impression goes a long way toward setting the tone for the transaction. So, before you go out to sell your car, make sure it's free of any dents, scratches, or other visual flaws, no matter how minor they appear to be. You may incur additional costs as a result of the makeover, but you can still recoup those costs by quoting a higher price for your vehicle. In fact, there are a variety of inexpensive methods for removing small scratches, ranging from using toothpaste to filler and compounds, all of which are readily available on the market.

5. Take Photographs

If you plan to sell the car through an online classified service, this is particularly important. Visuals that are appealing to the eye are more likely to attract real buyers. Directly negotiating with consumers to sell your car has its own set of benefits. You'll probably get the best price for your car, but it'll take a significant amount of time and effort, which many of us don't have in abundance. You can also sell your car using online trade platforms rather than classified services.

Take Away

Selling your car can be a simple and cheap process if done properly. You'll be able to turn your old car into cash, while the buyer will get a reliable mode of transportation - it'll be a bonus situation for everyone involved. So, if you follow the advice above, you're going to have a comfortable experience.

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