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Is Airbag Covered in Car Insurance Policy in India?

Published On Jul 24, 2023, Updated On Aug 18, 2023

Is Airbag Covered in Car Insurance Policy in India?

Ensuring road safety and protecting oneself from unforeseen accidents are paramount concerns for vehicle owners in India. Car insurance plays a vital role in providing financial security and peace of mind in the event of mishaps on the road. Among the many safety features in modern vehicles, airbags stand out as critical lifesavers during collisions. However, understanding whether airbags are covered in car insurance policies in India is essential for every vehicle owner. Here, we will delve into the intricacies of car insurance coverage, explore the role of airbags in vehicle safety, and shed light on how airbags are protected under various insurance policies in India.

The Role of Airbags in Vehicle Safety

Airbags are inflatable cushions integrated into vehicles that provide added protection during collisions.

Is Airbag Covered in Car Insurance Policy in India?

  • They form part of the supplementary restraint system (SRS) and work alongside seat belts to minimise injuries.
  • During a collision, crash sensors detect the impact and trigger rapid inflation of the airbags.
  • The inflated airbags create a cushioning barrier, reducing the force of impact on occupants.
  • Front airbags, when used with seat belts, have been found to reduce the risk of fatal injuries to drivers by about 52% and front-seat passengers by 29%.
  • Side airbags and curtain airbags have also proven effective, reducing the risk of fatal injuries in side-impact collisions by up to 45%.
  • Airbags are most effective when used in conjunction with seat belts and responsible driving practices.

Coverage in Third-Party Liability Car Insurance

Third-party liability insurance is mandatory in India and covers damages and injuries caused to a third party by the insured vehicle, but it does not cover airbags or damages to the insured car itself.

  • Third-party insurance solely focuses on compensating third parties for injuries, disabilities, death, and property damage caused by the insured vehicle.
  • If an accident occurs and airbags deploy, the cost of replacing or repairing the airbags and related components will not be covered by third-party insurance.
  • To have coverage for airbags and damages to the insured vehicle, vehicle owners need to opt for comprehensive car insurance or consider add-ons cover airbags that specifically cover.
  • Comprehensive car insurance provides broader coverage, including damages to the insured vehicle and its safety features, like airbags.
  • Vehicle owners must carefully assess their insurance needs and consider their budget while choosing the appropriate car insurance policy in India to ensure comprehensive protection during accidents.

Coverage in Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive car insurance is the most inclusive form of auto insurance, providing extensive coverage for the insured vehicle and third parties.

  • It covers damages to the insured vehicle, including airbags, as well as injuries, disabilities, death, and property damage caused to third parties.
  • Airbag coverage is typically included in comprehensive car insurance policies, ensuring financial support for repairing or replacing airbags and related components if they are deployed or damaged due to covered events.
  • Comprehensive policies also protect against non-collision incidents like theft, vandalism, natural disasters, and more.
  • Vehicle owners can customise their comprehensive policies with add-ons to enhance coverage for specific components based on their needs.
  • Factors that may affect airbag coverage include the age and make of the vehicle, as older models or those with outdated airbag systems might have limited coverage.
  • Additionally, the insurance company's terms, the policyholder's driving history, and the claims record can also influence comprehensive airbag coverage and the premium amount.

Add-On Covers for Airbags

Add-on covers, also known as riders, are additional benefits that can be purchased with a base car insurance policy, offering extra protection beyond the standard coverage.

  • Specific add-ons that cover airbags in car insurance include "Zero Depreciation" or "Nil Depreciation," "Return to Invoice," and "Engine Protection" add-ons.
  • "Zero Depreciation" cover ensures the policyholder receives the full claim amount without accounting for the depreciation of parts, including airbags.
  • "Return to Invoice" add-on guarantees the policyholder receives the original purchase price of the car, including the airbags' cost, in case of total loss or theft.
  • "Engine Protection" add-on covers damages to the engine and related components that could be affected during certain accidents, including those involving airbag deployment.
  • Adding airbag coverage as an add-on provides enhanced financial protection and peace of mind to vehicle owners, knowing their safety features are adequately protected.
  • It can be cost-effective considering potential expenses related to airbags during accidents.
  • The value and relevance of airbag coverage as an add-on may vary based on the vehicle's age and make, with newer vehicles with advanced safety features benefiting even more.
  • Carefully assessing insurance needs and considering available add-ons is crucial to making a decision and enjoying comprehensive coverage for the car's safety features.

In conclusion, some comprehensive car insurance in India may include vital airbag coverage, ensuring protection and financial support during accidents. Prioritising safety and informed insurance choices are key to embracing airbag safety and securing peace of mind on the roads. Opt for comprehensive coverage for a safer journey.


  • What is comprehensive car insurance, and does it cover airbags? 

Comprehensive car insurance is a policy that covers damages to both the insured vehicle and third parties. Yes, comprehensive insurance typically includes airbag coverage, ensuring financial support for airbag repairs or replacements during accidents.

  • What is the importance of airbag coverage in car insurance policies? 

Airbag coverage is crucial as airbags play a vital role in reducing injuries and fatalities during accidents. Having this coverage provides vehicle owners with peace of mind and financial protection for the safety features of their cars.

  • Can I add airbag coverage to my existing car insurance policy? 

Yes, you can add airbag coverage to your existing policy if available as an add-on. There are specific add-ons like "Zero Depreciation" or "Nil Depreciation" that cover airbags and related components.

  • What documents are required to make an airbag-related claim?

When making an airbag-related claim, you will need documents such as a copy of the car insurance policy, filled and signed claim form, valid driving license, vehicle registration documents, FIR (if applicable), and repair estimates from authorised service centres.

  • Is the age and make of my vehicle relevant for airbag coverage? 

Yes, the age and make of your vehicle can be relevant for airbag coverage. Older vehicles or those with outdated airbag systems might have limited coverage, and the policy may exclude airbag-related claims for certain vehicles.


This article is issued in the general public interest and meant for general information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as conclusive in nature and should research further or consult an expert in this regard.

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