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How to Renew Your Driving Licence Online in India?

Updated On Oct 15, 2023

Driving Licence Renewal in India: Online & Offline Process

In today’s digital age, the Indian government has simplified many bureaucratic processes, including the renewal of driving licences. All it takes is a few clicks for you to easily renew your driving licence from the comfort of your home. This blog aims to guide you through the seamless process of online driving licence renewal in India. So, keep reading!

Importance of a Valid Driving Licence in India

Having a valid driving licence is not just a legal requirement but also a social responsibility. Below are the reasons why keeping your licence updated is of paramount importance:

1. Legal Requirement:

A driving licence is mandatory for operating any vehicle on Indian roads. Driving without a valid licence is illegal and attracts hefty fines and penalties as per the Motor Vehicles Act.

2. Identity Proof:

Apart from its primary use, a driving licence also serves as a widely accepted form of personal identification.

3. Financial Security:

In case of an accident, having a valid driving licence is crucial for insurance claims. Most insurance companies require you to have a valid licence to process any claim successfully.

4. Travel Convenience:

For those who love hitting the road frequently, an up-to-date licence ensures you can drive without worries, and it is also accepted as a valid document in many countries around the world.

5. Legal Compliance & Peace of Mind:

Renewing your driving licence on time helps you avoid unnecessary legal hassles and gives you peace of mind while driving.

How to Renew Your Driving Licence Online in India?

How to renew a driving licence online?

Wondering how to renew a driving licence? Renewing your driving licence online is a straightforward and time-saving process. Below are the steps of the driver's licence renewal process:

Step 1. Visit the Official Website:

Go to the official Sarathi website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH).

Step 2. Select Your State:

Choose the state in which your driving licence was issued and where you currently reside.

Step 3. Navigate to “Driving Licence Related Services”:

Find and click on the ‘Driving Licence Related Services’ tab.

Step 4. Choose “Services on Driving Licence”:

Select this option and enter your driving licence number and date of birth to proceed.

Step 5. Select “Renewal”:

Among the available services, choose ‘Renewal of Driving Licence’.

Step 6. Fill the Form:

Complete the form with accurate information and upload the required documents such as a passport-size photograph, a scan of the original driving licence, and proof of address.

Step 7. Pay the Fees:

Pay the renewal fees online using any of the available payment options.

Step 8. Acknowledgement:

Once payment is successful, you will receive an acknowledgement receipt and a reference number that you can use to track the status of your application.

Steps to Renew Driving Licence Offline

For those who are not comfortable with the online process, offline renewal is also available. Here’s how to renew a DL

Step 1. Visit the RTO:

Go to the Regional Transport Office (RTO) where your driving licence was issued.

Step 2. Obtain Form 9:

Collect and fill out Form 9, which is the application form for licence renewal.

Step 3. Attach Necessary Documents:

Attach a passport-size photo, your expired driving licence, and a medical certificate (Form 1A) if you are above 40 years of age.

Step 4. Pay the Renewal Fee:

Pay the applicable renewal fee at the RTO counter.

Step 5. RTO Verification:

Your documents and application will be verified by RTO officials.

Step 6. Receive Renewed Licence:

After successful verification, you will receive your renewed driving licence by post or you can collect it in person, as per the policy of the specific RTO.

Documents Required for Driving Licence Renewal

When renewing your driving licence, whether online or offline, it’s vital to have the necessary documents ready. Below is a list of required documents:

  • Application Form: Form 9, which is the application form for renewal.
  • Expired Driving Licence: Your expired or soon-to-expire driving licence.
  • Passport-size Photographs: For offline applications, you’ll need to affix these on the form.
  • Proof of Age: Any valid document that verifies your age, such as a birth certificate, PAN card, or passport.
  • Proof of Address: Documents like utility bills, passports, voter ID, or Aadhar cards can serve as proof of address.
  • Medical Certificate: Form 1A & 1, required if you’re above 40 years of age, filled and signed by a certified physician.

Driving Licence Renewal Fees

The fees for renewing a driving licence vary slightly from state to state due to the inclusion of Smart Card fees, and it’s crucial to check the exact amount with your respective RTO. Here’s a general idea:

  • Renewal Fee: The standard renewal fee across India is approximately INR 200 to INR 300.
  • Late Renewal Penalty: If you’re renewing after the expiry date, a penalty of INR 50 to INR 75 per year is charged for each year of delay.
  • Smart Card Fee: If your RTO issues Smart Card driving licences, an additional fee of around INR 200 will be levied.

Grace Period for Renewal of Driving Licence

Driving licences in India have a validity period, post which they need renewal. However, there's a grace period provided for the convenience of licence holders:

Grace Period Information:

  • Duration: After your driving licence expires, you have a grace period of 30 days to renew it without facing any penalties.
  • Penalty Post Grace Period: If you fail to renew within the grace period, you'll be charged a late fee for each year delayed. The renewal process remains the same, but the penalty increases with the delay.
  • Validity of Expired Licence: It's crucial to note that driving with an expired licence is illegal, even within the grace period. The grace is only for renewal purposes, not for driving.

How to Check Driving Licence Renewal Status?

Monitoring the status of your driving licence renewal is a straightforward process. You can track the progress online, keeping you informed every step of the way:

  1. Visit Sarathi Website: Go to the official Sarathi website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.
  2. Select Your State: Choose the state where you have applied for driving licence renewal.
  3. Navigate to “Application Status”: Click on the ‘Application Status’ tab on the homepage.
  4. Enter Details: Input your application number and date of birth, and then click ‘Submit’.
  5. View Status: The status of your driving licence renewal application will be displayed on the screen.

Validity of a Driving Licence

For Private Vehicle Owners:

  • Validity Period: A Driving Licence for private vehicles typically remains valid for 20 years from the date of issue or until the licence holder turns 50, whichever comes earlier.
  • Post-Expiry: After this period or once the holder turns 50, the licence needs to be renewed every five years.

For Commercial Vehicle Drivers:

  • Validity Period: Those who hold a licence for commercial or transport vehicles need to renew their licence every three years.
  • Medical Fitness: Given the nature of their duty, they are required to ensure and certify their medical fitness at the time of each renewal.

Learner’s Licence Renewal

  • Initial Validity: A Learner’s Licence is valid for six months from the date of issue.
  • Renewal Process: If you can’t upgrade to a permanent licence within this timeframe, you might need to renew your Learner’s Licence.

For renewal,

  • Visit your nearest RTO and fill out the relevant application form. 
  • Submit the necessary documents, including your expired Learner’s Licence and proof of age and address.
  • After submitting the form and documents, you need to pay a nominal fee.

Final Thoughts

Navigating through the legalities and procedures of driving licence renewal in India might seem daunting, but with the advent of online services, the process has become significantly streamlined and user-friendly. Whether you're renewing a permanent driving licence or a learner’s licence, understanding the nuances, from the required documents to the applicable fees and validity periods, is crucial for a hassle-free experience.

In addition to being required by law, a valid driver's licence serves as a passport to the freedom and accountability that come with being permitted to operate a motor vehicle. Having this advice at your disposal will make renewing your driving licence simple, letting you enjoy the freedom and excitement of driving.

Never forget to renew your licence on time to prevent needless fines and penalties—but more importantly, to keep yourself and other drivers safe while driving. To everyone, happy and safe travels!


  1. If my driver's licence has expired, may I renew it?

Yes, you are free to renew your expired driver's licence during the 30-day grace period. A late fee is assessed beyond this time.

  1. What is the price of an online driving licence renewal in India?

If a Smart Card is issued, there will be additional fees in addition to the usual renewal fee of between INR 200 to INR 300.

  1. Is a medical certificate required in order to renew a driver's licence?

It is required that you have a medical certificate (Form 1A & 1) if you are over 40 at the time of renewal.

  1. Can I operate a vehicle while my licence is being renewed?

No, you shouldn't drive until your licence has been renewed because it's against the law to drive while your licence is expired.

  1. What is the turnaround time for a renewed driver's licence?

Although the processing period may differ, it usually takes two to four weeks to acquire your updated driver's licence.

  1. Can I use the internet to renew my learner's licence?

Usually, in order to renew a learner's licence, you have to go to the RTO. If you want to renew your licence online, check out the RTO services offered by your state.

  1. Is there a grace period before renewing a learner's licence?

No, there isn't a grace period before renewing a learner's licence. When it ends, you must apply for renewal.

  1. Can I renew my driver's licence from a state other than the one where it was first issued?

Oh, but it may be a more involved process. Before renewing, you would have to transfer your driver's licence to the state in which you currently reside.

  1. What occurs even after the grace period if I neglect to renew my driver's licence?

For every year that you are late, you will be assessed a late fee. You could have to repeat your driving test, though, if the wait lasts a very long time.

  1. Can I use the internet to renew my commercial driver's licence?

Indeed, the online renewal procedure for a business driver's licence is comparable to that for a private driver's licence; however, extra paperwork, such as a medical certificate, can be needed.


This article is issued in the general public interest and meant for general information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as conclusive in nature and should research further or consult an expert in this regard.

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