How to Claim Car Damages Due to Natural Calamity under Car Insurance?

Published On Jan 13, 2021 11:00 AM By InsuranceDekho

Natural calamities are part and parcel of life and cannot be stopped. It not only destroys lives, harms people, and threatens the ecosystem but also affects the property. In the case of a natural disaster, many buildings and cars are destroyed. Although houses do not quickly turn into shambles, cars can be badly damaged due to a natural calamity that leads to substantial financial losses.

Natural calamities carry with them a lot of destruction and loss of life, and cars are similarly affected. This can be a cause of considerable anxiety as for most of us they are a substantial investment and essential. Amid such uncertainties, it is for peace of mind that we turn to insurance for our cars.

Having your car insured by the right car insurance is the safest way to remain safe from any financial risks resulting from natural disasters. Natural calamities are known as an 'Act of God' in financial terms, as such occurrences cannot be controlled by people. While avoiding the disaster is not in your hand, with the help of a car insurance policy, you can protect yourself from incurring any financial loss arising from such incidents.

How to Claim Car Damages Due to Natural Calamity?

Natural calamities can occur at any moment. In case your car gets destroyed due to a natural calamity, you need to be aware of the process of raising a car insurance claim settlement. Let us look at the process of claiming car damage from a natural calamity:

  • As soon as possible, inform the car insurer or Car insurance company of the damages over the telephone. You will find the number of your insurance agent or insurance company in the policy contract or the company's website
  • Take images from all angles of the damage caused to your vehicle.
  • To determine the damage caused by the vehicle, the car insurer will send a surveyor.
  • Cooperate with the surveyor and have all the details or documentation that the surveyor would require.
  • Following the survey, give the car for repair to the workshop/garage.
  • Send to the car insurance company all the documents necessary. for making a claim
  • The surveyor would submit the survey report to your car insurance company who will either accept or reject your claim.
  • If your insurance accepts and approves your claim, in the case of a network garage, the insurer will cover the repair bill directly.
  • You will have to pay the full repair cost if your car is repaired at a non-network garage and submit a reimbursement claim with your insurance company.
  • Your insurer or insurance company will check the claim and pay you the cost of the claim.

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