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What Is The Correct Time To Purchase An Endowment Policy?

Published On Dec 02, 2021 10:00 AM By InsuranceDekho

Endowment plans are life insurance plans which provide a maturity benefit at the end of the period in addition to ensuring a person’s dignity in the case of a calamity. They are intended to pay a single payment at the end of a set period of time, known as maturity. There are some obvious advantages to endowment life insurance policies.

To begin with, when the endowment insurance policy matures, the policyholder has a savings pool. He has the option of reinvesting the money or spending it after he retires. As a result, endowment policies are almost risk-free and provide a consistent amount on a certain date as long as the premium is paid.

You can put this money toward your monthly bills, your child's education or wedding, or even a well-earned holiday.

What Is The Correct Time To Purchase An Endowment Policy?

Below are a few things you must know if you want to purchase an Endowment plan:

1. Benefits Of An Endowment Policy

Maturity Benefit: When your endowment policy matures at the conclusion of the term, you will receive a significant amount.

Death Benefit: This is the amount of money your loved ones will receive if they file a claim in the event of your untimely death. This is the same as the coverage of a life insurance policy.

Endowment insurance schemes also provide tax advantages. According to India's Income Tax regulations, the premiums you pay can assist you to lower your taxable income.

Endowment plans with a maturity of 15 to 20 years are more advantageous since they allow you to accrue more money over time. This maturity amount can then be used to cover huge future expenses. Furthermore, some plans include guaranteed returns and bonuses in addition to the sum promised, which are credited to the policyholder's account on a yearly basis. These advantages, together with the tax advantages, make endowment life insurance a very attractive investment vehicle.

2. Are You Eligible For An Endowment Insurance Plan?

Do you want a low-risk plan that provides both insurance and investing benefits?

Are you seeking a long-term investment strategy that will pay out in a big sum?

If you answered yes, you should consider an endowment plan.

3. Purpose Of Buying Endowment Plans

One of the most essential benefits of purchasing an endowment plan is that it allows you to save money in a disciplined manner while also assisting you in managing your finances for the future. This policy also includes life insurance for the policyholder. Despite the fact that the plan may give lower returns, the policyholder can take advantage of tax benefits. This policy is appropriate for risk-averse investors because it includes both maturity and death benefits. In the event of a death, the policy's nominee can easily receive the death benefit.

4. Checklist For Purchasing An Endowment Policy

Endowment policies come in a variety of forms. As a result, based on your requirements, you should select insurance that is ideal for you. Different criteria such as income, risk appetite, personal requirements, current life stage, and so on should all be considered. Before investing a significant amount in an endowment plan, you should check prices from various insurance firms. It would be easier to find the best premium plan for you if you compare several premium plans. You should also look into the insurance firms' background or history. Endowment plans offer lower returns than conventional insurance plans, but they are safer. Rates of return can be very important when choosing your saving options. As a result, the rates of return should be known by the buyers.


Keep in mind that endowment plans have a surrender value, which is the amount you'll get if you decide to cancel the plan. However, you can only get this money if you've been paying your premiums for at least two years. In the event of a financial emergency, the surrender money may be useful. However, keep in mind that the surrender value is usually less than the total premium paid during the first policy years, so it's more of a partial reimbursement than a benefit.

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